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Stuffed Fabric Turtles (with pattern pieces

Stuffed Fabric Turtles (with pattern pieces
We were shopping around, down in Florida, after we went to the zoo several weeks ago (yes, in Jacksonville…..some of you asked)……..and we stopped by a Pottery Barn Kids store. I’m a window shopper. Well, and an inspiration-seeker shopper. I love walking around and daring myself to find something I want to make. Ha. Want to go shopping with me? I might drive you crazy. Then you and my husband will have something in common. While we were there…..we saw some cute little stuffed turtles. So I snapped a picture with my phone, and I decided to try and figure it out at home. So, here’s my version…..a bit different, but just as sweet. They are soft and plump and are perfect for little hands. …..and the tail may be my favorite part. After making one, you better let your turtle explore outside. Would you like to make your own? Turtle pattern pieces found here. Cut out all of your turtle pieces, in whatever fabric and color choices you want. Then sew each piece closed, about a 1/4 inch from the end. Enjoy.

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Teddy Taggie Blanket Alice is almost 5 months old. Just the age when they start stuffing everything into their mouths. So I made her a taggie blanket with a soft minky backing and a crinkle layer in the middle, and attached some plastic rings for her to munch on. She is slightly obsessed with it! For the blanket: - The pattern (download it as a PDF and print to A4) - Fabric for the front, 10"x12" - Minky for the back, 10"x12" - An oven roasting bag (if you want a layer in the middle to make that cool crinkly sound that babies go nuts for), cut a 10"x12" piece.

DIY Typographic String Art Man Made DIY, is one of my favourite craft/DIY blog and they posted this tutorial. Which I am in love with! Its a very modern twist on the popular 7os trend of string art. It’s very simple to make, and looks amazing! 5147 Color dress Difficulty: * You will need: silk or viscose; lining; 1 invisible zipper (about 60 cm (24")). Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. First of all, print out paper patterns and lay them out at the width of fabric/ knit you plan to use, to see how much fabric you will need. When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide.

Matryoshka Doll Tutorial After all the fun I had making my matryoshka style dolls a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be mean not to spread the fun a little. So I am going to do my first ever tutorial and try to share with you how to make one! I have tried to be nice and clear, use lots of pictures and not to over-explain things (as I have a tendency to do) but do let me know if anything can be improved. When I was first starting out with mosaics and sewing and crochet I was desperate for free simple tutorials that made sense so constructive criticism will be most welcome and I promise not to sulk ;) Right, lets get started…

The Easiest Cheat for Binding a Quilt This Fall has been filled with quilt making projects and outings for us. We started off with the super easy and adorable cheater quilt, made quilt binding, and took a trip to the Quilt Market. Today we have a quilt project brought to you by Rae from Made by Rae. Rae is always sewing up new projects like the cutest baby tights, the dapper dillingers, and the prettiest chevron purse. Despicable Me Stuffed Minion Tutorial My Husband (and daughter) LOVE Despicable Me. My bother said that he wanted to teach his future children Latin first, and then English. But we joke that we will teach our daughter Minion as her first language, and then English. :) This Christmas I decided to make some "cousins" (aka minions) for my husband.

Inspiration: Origami Cranes It is said that when one folds 1000 origami paper cranes they are granted a wish. Source Source sew_loli: Apron tutorial Time for an apron tutorial! Hello! Thanks for coming to read my apron tutorial and I hope it can be of use to the cooking lolitas out there or just those that like to wear aprons :) Lets get our basics covered about this tutorial first.

Crafty Sheep » Blog Archive » Waldorf Doll Hair Tutorial A Waldorf Doll Hair Tutorial – Or: how to make Lina’s hair. What you need: - Yarn in the desired hair colour. This can be any yarn you like, from sock yarn to DK weight yarn to mohair. Quilt Binding Tutorial Binding a quilt is the final step in finishing. Before you bind, you need to somehow "quilt" your quilt. This means to attach the front and back, with batting in between. I usually machine quilt (or have someone else do it) my quilts these days. There are good tutorials for that here, here, and here.

felt monsters My four-year-old and I spent a few happy hours last week designing, cutting out, and sewing up a monster for him. We had such a great time that I created a free mix-n-match felt monster PDF sewing pattern, which includes five different monster bodies, five different sets of eyes, five mouths, and five different accessories. (Keep reading to download the free pattern!) It’s a pretty cute line-up, right? Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (12) Posted by: Cathy on Jun 03, 2012 Tagged in: Untagged Summer Lights Garland I loved this idea and who would not love to receive this pretty gift. With summer around the corner this would look amazing on a terrace on a warm summer's night when socialising with friends.

5203 Petit black dress Difficulty: ** You will need: gabardine; lining; fusing; 1 zipper; 3 buttons. Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment.

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