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Supercats: Episode 1 — The Funniest Cat Video!

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On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends When elephants retire, many head for the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn. They arrive one by one, but they tend to live out their lives two-by-two. "Every elephant that comes here searches out someone that she then spends most all of her time with," says sanctuary co-founder Carol Buckley. It's like having a best girlfriend, Buckley says - "Somebody they can relate to, they have something in common with." Debbie has Ronnie. Those are pachyderm-pachyderm pairs. That would be Tarra the 8,700 pound Asian elephant. Animal Odd Couple, Pt. 2 "This is her friend," Buckley says, scratching Bella's tummy. "Bella knows she's not an elephant. (Scroll down to watch the video.) Bella is one of more than a dozen stray dogs that have found a home at the sanctuary. "When it's time to eat they both eat together. Tarra and Bella have been close for years -- but no one really knew how close they were until recently. "She just stood outside the balcony - just stood there and waited," says Buckley.

22 Photos That Prove Why Babies Need Pets. Number 17 Especially A child’s development can often be accelerated by daily interactions with the family pet. Their young minds grow a great deal through their social and emotional bonds. Instead of providing scientific facts to backup this theory, here are 22 photos that without a doubt prove that it’s true. Monarch - Danaus plexippus Life Cycle Study On 2/25/2014, I observed a Monarch butterfly laying an egg on Mexican Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica. I collected the leaf and egg and brought them inside to do this life cycle study. I was impressed as to how fast the caterpillar would go from egg to eclosure, from eclosure to making a chrysalis, and then how few days it would remain in the chrysalis before emerging (it doesn't take long to produce a Monarch). Loss of wintering habitat in Mexico; and, loss of milkweeds (due mainly to herbicide spraying) in the U.S., has caused a dramatic decrease in Monarch numbers in the last 10 years. All photos on this site are by Jan Dauphin and are copyright protected and may not be used or published elsewhere without the permission of Jan Dauphin Mexican Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica is the dominant milkweed that is used as a caterpillar food/host plant in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) by both Monarchs and Queens, although it is considered to be a non-native. Mating Monarchs 2/25/2014.

Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs Most dogs love food, and they’re especially attracted to what they see us eating. While sharing the occasional tidbit with your dog is fine, it’s important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Take caution to make sure your dog never gets access to the foods below. Even if you don’t give him table scraps, your dog might eat something that’s hazardous to his health if he raids kitchen counters, cupboards and trash cans. For advice on teaching your dog not to steal food, please see our article, Counter Surfing and Garbage Raiding. Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark may contain a toxic principle known as persin. Birds, rabbits, and some large animals, including horses, are especially sensitive to avocados, as they can have respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even death from consuming avocado. Avocado is sometimes included in pet foods for nutritional benefit. Dogs are far more sensitive to ethanol than humans are.

Wildlife UPDATES: Get the latest updates and watch the nest from a second camera with infrared technology. Join us in celebrating a thriving bald eagle population in Pennsylvania. This brief peek into the lives of this bald eagle family in Hanover, Pennsylvania is brought to you by the coordinated efforts of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTap, Comcast Business, Friends of Codorus State Park and several other partners. Enjoy! And, be aware that, at times, nature can be difficult to watch. Images presented on this live stream are the property of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and may be used for educational and non-commercial purposes, and to assist news media in promoting Game Commission news and wildlife. Camera 1 (view Camera 2, time-lapse videos, and updates) A bit of history on the Hanover nest: The first record of an active nest in this area is from 2005. Eagle Watching During the nesting season, bald eagles are sensitive to disruptions such as loud noises and sudden movements.

Dog Does Yoga Workout With Woman A Boy Starts Dancing Alone – When The Girl Joins In, Everyone Stops To Look.Unsuspecting travelers got a wonderful surpri... What looks like another gymnastics routine, quickly changes into something incredible.Daria Kondakova performs her amazing routine ... Cameron Diaz, Channing Tatum, And Tom Hanks, Caused Everyone To "Shut Up And Dance"Ms. Tabularasa has created an amazing dancing... Cutting through a plastic bottle, his kitchen tip can help everyone.Nine new food hacks, Doug Armstrong finds new... Mom Leaves – And What These Two Did Had Her Laughing For Hours.This dad knows how to make memories and have ... Meet the Budweiser Clydesdale babies They're known as gentle giants - a breed of horses plucked out of the pastures of Scotland are now world-famous for their beer roots in St. Louis. Get an exclusive look into the world of Budweiser Clydesdales. KSDK BOONVILLE, Mo. – They're known as gentle giants – a breed of horses plucked out of the pastures of Scotland are now world-famous for their beer roots in St. The very first Budweiser Clydesdales were a gift from two sons to their beer baron father. When you visit Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville you may hear the sound of a whinnying baby Clydesdale out in the pasture. 1 of 15 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions For the past 35 years, his office has been a little slice of horse heaven. "They're really nice horses to work with," said Soto. He's a beautician. "We got all the tricks," said John as he uses a blow dryer on the "feathers," or long leg hair of a Clydesdale. He's also Mother hen. 1 of 22 1 of 30 1 of 11 Soto says he doesn't get too attached to his horses. 1 of 52

They Reunite An Elephant With Her Old Friend. Now Keep Your Eye On Her Trunk. Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting. Meet Shirley and Jenny, two elephants who met when they were used as circus elephants — both of whom became crippled as a result of the nightmarish experience. Back in 2000, PBS aired a special documentary on Shirley and Jenny, and filmed their epic reunion 22 years in the making. As soon as Shirley and Jenny were reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, the re-bonding began. Perhaps the most incredible moment occurs around the 3:45 mark. Sadly, Jenny passed away in 2006 from illness, surrounded by Shirley and her caregivers.

Love Nature 15 Very Important Jobs Every House Cat Is In Charge Of What sorts of important jobs does your cat take care of around the house? Coming up blank? That's because we tend to take for granted all of the impressive tasks our cats take care of on a regular basis. I often tell my cats I wish I had their life. Before you start thinking your cat is good for nothing, Last Lemon is here to remind us all just how many important jobs the average house cat tends to in a given day. Sure, we have to clean the cat box, supply the food and water and give plenty of attention, but those are only 4 different things. 1. Last Lemon 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.