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3D Artist Tutorials

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Search. By: SketchUpProjecting and Embedding Textures in Dynamic Components by: Katya K.Follow-Me tutorial by M Brightman, repurposed by Katya by: ArchUnderstanding the Dynamic Component Axes.


Revit Tutorial - Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit. Punch Resources. - The background images used on this page are not royalty-free.

Punch Resources

Please use images from your own collection. . - The page SAMPLE is a "hidden" page that contains sets of elements grouped into "sections": Title + photo, Icons + text, text + icons + video, etc... Select the section that best fits the design desired and copy/paste it onto your page (to “paste” in a specific location, right-click and choose Paste). Be sure to take the entirety of the section by selecting its external container (the one containing the background image or color) - To change the order of elements - i.e. place an element below another in a "relative" positioned container (like most of the content in the sections), use the Element Explorer on the left: green "arrow buttons" will appear when it is possible to change the order. Autodesk Inventor 3D model usage in SketchUp for interior design.

How can I use Marvelous Designer in a ZBrush workflow? Making Money Using Marvelous Designer. Concept Art using ZB. Create a new object mesh.package from an existing mesh. Introduction This tutorial will show you how to make a clone of an EA object and then replace the original mesh with your own mesh.

Create a new object mesh.package from an existing mesh

It assumes you know how to create, map, texture, and recolor a mesh and will not go over those steps. You can use any 3D editor to make and map the mesh. The tutorial uses a mapped mesh in .obj format but the same basic method will work whether you use an existing .obj, create/map your new mesh in Blender, or import the mapped mesh using some other format that Blender has addons for. The .obj used in this tutorial was previously meshed in Blender and mapped in Milkshape but you can use any 3D editor to create and map your item. What you will need Sims 4 Studio (Love) or above. 3d coat vs Zbrush. 943 posts Quote from jagger : So the general idea is that 3d coat is good at everything but sculpting, where zb does better.So whats the best companion to Modo??

3d coat vs Zbrush

Would you choose Mari over 3d Coat to paint stuff? (I mean for stills, no super VFX stuff) Sylvain Riou. 3D-Coat From Scratch (Video Training) - Tutorials and New Feature Demos - 3D Coat Forums. 'Psmith', on 01 Jan 2011 - 12:39 AM, said: Tom:Mickey only temporarily lost his tail, I believe, in the 1940's.

3D-Coat From Scratch (Video Training) - Tutorials and New Feature Demos - 3D Coat Forums

He got it back, sometime later.Here's a quote from eHow:FeaturesMickey Mouse's first words were "Hot dog! " and spoken in the 1929 feature "The Karnival Kid. " Over the years, the voice of Mickey Mouse has been performed by Walt Disney himself, Jim McDonald and Wayne Allwine. Allwine's wife, Russi Taylor, became the voice of Minnie Mouse, Mickey's cohort, in the 1980s. Hey Greg...nice videos and narration. Unreal Engine Livestream - Characters for Paragon & Game Jam Kickoff.

DT: Creating Rock Structures for Games in ZBrush and Unreal Engine, Clinton Crumpler. An introduction to 3D on the Mac, Part I: models & textures. The landscape of CG applications is vast and very confusing to 3D graphics newbies.

An introduction to 3D on the Mac, Part I: models & textures

These apps span the gamut from free modelers to beefy, Python-scriptable animation packages, standalone renderers and a lot of little programs that glue them all together into a complex and intimidating workflow. People looking to get into game development know that ZBrush is popular, but Mudbox looks good, too, so they're at a loss over which to learn. Program X looks like it does everything, but does it? What's “ambient occlusion” and why would I ever need it? These questions and more will complicate life for the aspiring 3D newb. 3D magazines provide helpful tutorials, but since every application is also a potential advertiser, they tend to avoid saying that one package is best for a particular task, or that program X really sucks at particle animation, and so on.

Since this is a very broad approach, I have to limit the scope a bit. Part II of this series can be found here. Table of Contents. 3d modelling workflow "for dummies" This is one way to do it, it is not THE way to do it.

3d modelling workflow "for dummies"

Also this is one way for now, things change fast. I reckon we will see the death of manual uv organizing pretty soon which will change things a lot. Having said that though, 1 - CREATION OF A BASE MESH (aka THE ROUGH SHAPE) I have two options to create a base mesh: using a polygon modelling approach, through suites like Maya, 3D studio max or Modo or go directly to a sculpting program like Zbrush or Mudbox. The first approach is perfect to obtain good, deformable mesh which are needed for animation and games but with the advent of retopology plugins we can jump directly to the second approach, which gives to the artist a more similar approach to classical sculpture.

At the very beginning you can decide if the scale of your work is important. We use sculpting software because it is faster than any other method. W01Vid004_3ds max retopology 1. W01Vid003_3ds main retopo tools and problems. New DVD Release! ZBrush 3.5 - Character Production. An introduction to 3D on the Mac, Part I: models & textures. The landscape of CG applications is vast and very confusing to 3D graphics newbies.

An introduction to 3D on the Mac, Part I: models & textures

Xia Taptara. Sycra. Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified. Zbrush for Beginners Tutorial - Essentials to get Started with Sculpting HD. ZBrush and Maya Pipeline > Pluralsight. Features. One of the core functions of ZBrush has always been to provide artists the ability to create in an environment that allows for complete freedom of expression.


Professional Training for Artists. Evermotion - tutorials. Getting Started with VR in Unreal Engine 4 - Tom Looman. This guide is for anyone who is looking to get into developing for Virtual Reality projects in Unreal Engine 4.

Getting Started with VR in Unreal Engine 4 - Tom Looman

Covering Blueprint, C++, performance considerations and how to set up your VR kits for UE4. I highly recommend using the latest release of Unreal Engine 4 as VR is still being improved greatly with each new release. A few good places to reference are the official Oculus forums, the official VR documentation pages and the Unreal Engine VR Subforums. Unreal Engine 4.13 has a new built-in VR Template made in Blueprint.