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Agata Wawryniuk. Andrew R MacLean. Space Artist Ludek Pesek Website: Home : Astro Artist. 한석준[han90000] 한석준[han90000] concept artist / illustrator / 아틈강사.


James Harren. Q P. GALLERY - PAYNE SCULPTURES. Phantasmagora: The art of Sheri Groleau. Avner Geller Art. Andrea Blasich PORTFOLIO. Guillaume Bianco. Charles Muench. Nevada painter Charles Muench primarily paints landscape and figures, sometimes combining the two in paintings of figures or portraits in the landscape.

Charles Muench

Some of these take on the subject of nude figures wading in the shallow water of streams, in obvious admiration for the work of Swedish master Anders Zorn. Muench also shows his respect for great turn of the 20th century painters of California and the American West — like Maynard Dixon and Edgar Payne — with whom he shares a love of portraying the rugged and colorful mountains and rock formations of those territories. In all of Muench’s work, however, is his evident fascination with light, both in the rich colors his often brightly lit scenes provide, and particularly in values, the layers of contrasts of light and dark that play through his compositions. You will sometimes find dark foreground giving way to light middle grounds, only to find the effects of dark and light repeated again in the distance, muted with atmospheric effect. Aaron Miller. Aaron Miller is a Chicago based illustrator.

Aaron Miller

His focus is with fantasy and science fiction. Working in digital and traditional mediums Aaron creates illustrations for books, games, and the like. M.C.Barrett Concept Art. Tragically, my favorite doodlin' sketchbook was lifted along with a pawn-shop-bonanza of other goodies from the passenger seat of my car on a dismal, rainy Saturday.

M.C.Barrett Concept Art

Its replacement, fresh from sketchbook academy, is ready to fill its predecessor's boots. Fresh-faced and eager to serve alongside the army of brand new pens and pencils, Big Moleskine MK2 steps up... JAKUB ROZALSKI. “when you just want take your dog for a walk… but your favorite forest has just been burned by a huge airship🔥” Gunter and his dire wolf - Nacht, meet the hostile airship!


Copper. A Sketchy Past, The Art of Peter de Sève. SUNBAKEREY. Prescott Draw-Blog. Conor Nolan. Conor Nolan. Jonatan Cantero. Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler Episodes 46-50. These assets are from Ben 10: Omniverse episodes “Rad Monster Party,” “Charmed I'm Sure,” “The Vampire Strikes Back,” “Catfight,” and “Collect this.”

Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler Episodes 46-50

NOTE: I did not color these. That is the job of the color stylists. ^^ Our character/prop colorists are below! Figure Drawing Videos Chapter 1 - DrawingForce. The Vault - Mr Jake Parker. Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Andrew Haswell Green Boss Tweed. Introduction Like many of you I too am amazed by the story of how close New York City came to having a Paleozoic Museum built in Central Park.

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Andrew Haswell Green Boss Tweed

There are many well written accounts which follow the sequence of events as Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins arrives in New York, is invited to build the museum, and then is startled when his work is destroyed by politicians who just didn't get it. What I am going to do here then is not to necessarily tell the story again but to take a look at the view of New York City that Hawkins encountered, show the people he associated with, and to also point out where visitors can go to see for themselves those places still in existence. Part 1. Review of Hawkins Days in England He was a terrific artist, and had many commissions. He illustrated scientific works, and put out a few books on how to draw animals. Star_wars_visions_moebius.jpg (Obrazek JPEG, 1600×1178 pikseli) Mark Shultz on Pinterest. DrawCrowd. Digital Phase. Recently painted a bunch of bottle caps that are going to turn into badges!

Digital Phase

I hope I get to varnishing them soon and make them available for sale. Anyhoozles! On to the main part of this post, I'm having a digital phase sorta thing lately. Fun Character Design and Interactive Illustrations by Pinghua Chou. Pinghua Chou is a an designer, illustrator and animator based in California.

Fun Character Design and Interactive Illustrations by Pinghua Chou

She creates beautifully polished Flash animations that include humorous, interactive pages that are as much fun to play around with as her illustrations are to look at. If you head over to Pinghua’s website, you’ll find examples of her interactive illustrations like Exotic City, which won her best in show at her BFA exhibition. The hover-and-click animations are a fun way to work with sound and design, creating what are essentially a collection of funny little snippets for you to find. We also particularly like The Philosophy of Entropy, which works as an interactive book warning about the downwards slope of an unproductive lifestyle. As well as her moving images, we also like her quirky character designs and the sense of humour injected into them. I am currently a freelance illustrator and Flash animator. Aliens: Advent/Terminus. The Art of Oh Yeah Wow.

Ryōma Itō Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Artwork Images. Sam Bosma's Portfolio. Markus Erdt - Artbook. Currently I am working on a portfolio for animation studios.Doing characters and creature designs is a lot of fun, so I will at least give it a try.Obviously influenced by the great art for Kungfu panda or How to train your dragon.

Markus Erdt - Artbook

(If you havent' seen both movies, do it right now!) The artbooks to those movies are pure candy. The stile of those designs is aldready pretty close to my sketching stile, but offered a nice idea I havent thought about: If you try to design a character, do it monochrome, why bothering with colors ? The design should already work without them. Elusive designs. VISUAL PHOOEY!

Magic art. Magic art Paintings Comic pages. James McKinnon on Behance. Glauco Longhi » Creature Design. Db. 36. Captain Moyen-Age !!! Andrew R MacLean. Bruce Timm screenshots, images and pictures. The Dracopedia Project. Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Dracopedia Art Contest. I am overwhelmed by the imagination and creativity of the entries, especially the diversity of so many great dragon enthusiasts.

I am very excited that we are able to bring together young artists from all over the world to share their ideas. Below you will find the galleries in each of the two categories. If you have positive comments on which are your favorites, please leave them in the comment space below. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions. Shawn Dickinson. Blackbird Illustration - Bartosz Kosowski's Portfolio. Card Search - Search: artist = +"Wayne Reynolds" Chris Rahn.

Illustrator. Famous illustrators - US and UK Artists, European Artists and Chinese Artists. Recent Portfolios. Elysium Artwork. Paperwalker. Rose-a-petits-pois. Rey Bustos. Braden Lamb Illustration. Kyle Marshall. One more plug for Jimmy Two Shoes before it premiere's here in Canada on Teletoon this Saturday at 7am!.... So, maybe go to bed now, so you can rest up real good for the 7am Saturday mourning viewing.

We had a talented crew directed by Jeff Barker (who also boarded one of the best episodes 'Masked Jackhammer') and Sean Scott, with designs by Josh Gay, Darren Ward, Dave Merritt, Dave Boudreau, Steve Harris and boards by Phil Lafrance, Jamie Leclaire, Helder Mendonca, Nick Cross, Riccardo Durante, Simon Paquette, Steve Stefanelli, Jose Pou, Jordan Voth, Mike Smukavic, Steve Whitehouse, Blayne Burnside, Ted Collyer and many more...........and animated by one of the best animation teams this side of the 49th! RobbVision Blog. Mutants, Monsters, and Cowboys: The extraordinary art of Rafa Garres — GeekDraw.

Concept. Waynebarlowe. RYANCHURCH.COM. Roger Dean. RETROSPECTIVE « The Art of Michael Whelan. The artwork of Paul Bonner. PORTFOLIO AND STUDIO SITES. PORTFOLIO AND STUDIO SITES. Charles Vess & Greenman Press » Paintings. Bob's ART du Jour. Fablog. William Sillin: Art and Illustration. Dalton James Rose's Illustration, Art, and Comics Portfolio. Creature by jaem - Jaemin KIM. Thomas Moran. Bonjour. MICHAEL KUTSCHE. Vincent Dutrait - Illustrations. Rusty Metal Fingers. Welcome to Dylan Cole Studio. AFU CHAN - ILLUSTRATION. James Robins Illustrator: Dinosaurs. Thomas Miller - Paleoart and Games. THE SPECTACULAR ART OF MIKE MIGNOLA: Archive. Scratchboard, Watercolor, Pen and Ink Illustrator. Illustration portfolio.

Mike Faille Illustration. News/FAQ. Pschopomp by LucasGraciano - Lucas Graciano. Matthew Stewart. Frank Frazetta - Fantasy Artist. In 1964 Frank Frazetta's painting of Ringo Starr for Mad Magazine caught the attention of United Artists (makers of James Bond) and was approached to do the movie poster for the 1965 film "What's New Pussycat? " and earned $4000 afternoon, roughly a years salary in those days. Movie Posters by Frank Frazetta. Db. Una by karlkopinski - Karl Kopinski. Terryl Whitlatch. One Hundred Thousand Bad Drawings.