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Livraisons de l'histoire de l'architecture Anne Richard-Bazire The world exhibitions, Jean-Louis Pascal, a critic and a builder Weltausstellungen. Jean-Louis Pascal als Kritiker und Gestalter Anne Richard-Bazire The competition for the construction of the Sacre-Cœur in Montmartre, a disillusionment Der Wettbewerb zum Bau der Kirche Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre ‒ Pascals Desillusionierung Anne Richard-Bazire Works in the Saint-Apollinaire Basilica of Valence Die Arbeiten an der Basilika Saint-Apollinaire in Valence Anne Richard-Bazire The restorer of the cathedral of Our Lady of Doms Der Restaurator der Basilika Notre-Dame des Doms Anne Richard-Bazire The fight against the uniformity of styles Der Kampf gegen die Stiluniformität

Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch) Literary Resources on the Net These pages are maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers — Newark. Comments and corrections are welcome. Updated 7 January 2006. Search for a (single) word: Or choose one of the following categories:

Eurydice Mission and activities The mission of the Eurydice Network is: To provide those responsible for education systems and policies in Europe with European-level analyses and information which will assist them in their decision making. The Eurydice network primarily focuses on the way education in Europe is structured and organised at all levels. New in the Online Archive: Emigre Magazine – Letterform Archive In 2016, Letterform Archive was honored to receive the incredible donation of Emigre, Inc.’s archives. Emigre is the name of both this pioneering independent digital type foundry and the magazine they produced from 1984–2005. Issues 2–4 heralded the subtitle: “The Magazine that Ignores Boundaries.” Aiming to encourage international contributions and appeal, Emigre magazine was a forum for inspiration and design criticism. Their unconventional layouts and early adoption of the Macintosh computer were major influences on digital design.

Search Engines:Encyclopedias From Topical Search Wiki Open Licensed Academic D'architectures - Edition numérique D'ARCHITECTURES jeudi 7 mai 2020 Accueil > la revue d'a > N° 279 - Avril 2020 Oui Non Oui Non Oui Non Oui Non Oui Non Oui Non Oui Non FacebookTwitterLinkedinInstagram Contacts | Mentions légales | Qui sommes-nous ? JNUL - Jewish National & University Library Online Heritage JNUL Digitized Book Repository The Jewish National and University Library is proud to announce the first stage of a project to digitize rare and out-of-print monographs from its collection. The aim of this project is to make these works freely available not only to on site users but also to the public worldwide.