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DART-Europe E-theses Portal

Oxford Open Oxford Open OUP Supports Open Access Oxford University Press (OUP) is mission-driven to facilitate the widest possible dissemination of high-quality research. We embrace both green and gold open access (OA) publishing to support this mission. Inbound Marketing for an "I'm too busy" world "Interruption Marketing" is dead OK, not completely dead, but certainly on life support. Sure you still get loads of direct mail. RSS Search Engine - Find Feeds with Instant Search Instant RSS Search engine will help you discover RSS feeds on the web around your favorite topics. You may use the tool to search RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts and more. It is instant search and hence the search results display as you type. You may use any of the Google search operators - like allintitle, inurl, etc. - for more accurate results. You can subscribe to the feeds in your favorite RSS Reader (like Feedly) or use the Preview link to see the 10 most recently published articles from that feed.

Digital Images Collections Guide Digital Image Collections Guide Updated - 12/5/2013 The Digital Images Collections Guide has continued going strong after 2 years! Thank you for the support. After two years, the Guide was in need of some TLC, so I have recently concluded a reconciliation project of the resources cited to insure that these websites are still live, that they navigate to the appropriate specific pages, and that these resources are indeed (generally speaking) digital image collections. Four Types of CMOs A lot is said these days about the CMO’s preparedness to navigate what is, even by most conservative measures, fairly extraordinary digital change. Today, the CMO is expected to meet the connected consumer on a self-directed buying journey with compelling, relevant and resonant offers and experiences. That’s no small task. Last year, I wrote “The Rise of the Digital CMO” to take a closer look at whether the CMO is ready. The conclusion? Today, there’s a conspicuous gap between expertise and authority: digital natives have the former; CMOs have the latter.

Scholarly Publishing - MIT Libraries Is it true that Open Access means an article is not copyrighted? No. Choosing to publish through an open access channel does not mean the article is not copyrighted. The same options exist when publishing through an open access channel as when an article is published through a controlled-access (or traditional subscription) model: the author may in some cases be able to retain copyright, or may be required to grant the journal publisher copyright. But in either case, the article is still copyrighted, either by you or the publisher. There is no direct and clean relationship between open access journals and copyright policy. What Social Media Platforms are Best for YOUR Business? [INFOGRAPHIC] Considering the proliferation of social media, the best advice I can give an organization is to focus on social platforms that are best suited for their business. LinkedIn is for people you know. Facebook is for people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.

Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too In my 28 years on this planet, I've come to accept two things as fact: The sun rises every morning. Marketers screw everything up. Seeketing - Home Results for any business with physical locations Our solution is designed to provide specific results to each business. No matter if you have one location or hundreds, Seeketing helps you to understand customers' and visitors' behavior, improve the in-store experience and measure the efficiency of mobile marketing campaigns

5 Proven Ways to Leverage Social Proof for Your Brand Does publishing engaging content make people want to buy from you? While this is important, effective content creation is only one piece of the puzzle. After your target audience has read your blog posts, downloaded your eBooks, and visited your website – they are looking for validation. They want to validate the thoughts and feelings they have already formed about your brand with consensus. 26 free social media analytics tools We’ve refreshed this post for 2017, check out the latest and greatest social media analytics tools below. ? Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing? I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media.

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