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Colier Ingride super coloré by Célia Pale

Colier Ingride super coloré by Célia Pale

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Diy Eco Hobbit House Kit An American manufacturer offers a prefabricated DIY eco hobbit house kit reinforced fiber that is easy to install. It remains only to vegetate the top of the shell to live like the characters in the Lord of the Rings. From dream to reality Riding on the success of the Lord of the Rings, which is undeniable, an American manufacturer offers modular homes clearly evoking a Hobbit house, a nation of small creatures invented by J. R. R. Is Cordwood Masonry "Green?" by Rob Roy I write a Q and A column about cordwood masonry for Kelly Hart's excellent Green Home Building website, Recently, the following question came in, and I got so caught up in it that I called BackHome magazine editor Richard Freudenberger to see if he'd like to see it expanded into an article. So here it is. Question from Anonymous: How can you consider cordwood as "green" when it uses so much cement in the mortar? Great question, one I'm glad to have the opportunity to answer. First, I guess we have to come up with some sort of definition about what "green" means, with regard to building.

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns Everything Else Nov 2005 curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, etc Waverly Curtains archived mostly extremely strange dolls Doll Maker's Journey clothing, aprons, baby things, crafts, dolls, curtains, bed spreads, toys, etc Sewing.About baby things, bridal, charity, dolls, clothing, sewing organizers, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, purses, kid's stuff, pet stuff, etc

DIY Dry Creek Beds If you want to make a dramatic statement in your garden, without a lot of maintenence, a DIY dry creek bed is the way to go. It gives your yard a natural feel, without having to manage a real water feature. And they are surprisingly easy to DIY, but still have a professional look to the finished project. Earth Sheltered Homes: How to Build an Affordable Underground Home Energy efficiency doesn’t necessarily involve the newest of technologies. As you can see from these pictures and videos, a well-known building technique can easily do the task. The earth-sheltered homes can provide all the comfort and tranquility you seek. Also, the final result is a good weather-resistant dwelling which won’t disappoint you in terms of modern living conditions. There are two types of home design you can opt for when it comes to this type of homes: underground and bermed, meaning the earth covers one or more walls while the main structure can be built above grade or partially below grade.

The Zaky - A Comforting Hand for Your NICU Baby To this day one of the hardest things for me in having a NICU baby was not being able to stay with her and watch over her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We had a 2-year-old daughter who also needed our care and attention, so could visit for some time during the day, but had to leave her behind in the care of others in the ICN. One of the best ideas that I have found for helping support a NICU baby and support the NICU parent is the Zaky ergodynamic hand pillow. The Zaky Infant Pillow is a way to simulate mother's or father's hand to provide comfort to your NICU baby when you are not able to do so. Pebble Pathways Pebble Pathways"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain." Unknown. A pebble and stone path with gaps increases permeability.

Earth Sheltered Homes (Videos) posted Categories: Construction Methods If you are looking for a home with energy-efficient features that will provide a comfortable, tranquil, weather-resistant dwelling, an earth-sheltered house could be right for you. There are two basic types of earth-sheltered house designs—underground and bermed. When an entire earth-sheltered house is built below grade or completely underground, it's called an underground structure. Nifty Homestead Cordwood homes and barns: Also known as stack wall, log end, stovewood or cordwood masonry. If you do the labor yourself, and use wood from your property, this is a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to own a home. Alan Adolphson’s Cordwood Home in Hope, Maine The whole house is built with 14″ Aspen (poplar). All the walls are load bearing.

Preemie Isolette Shirts - Ginger Snaps Designs Preemie Isolette Shirts I - Ginger Snaps Sewing Pattern for Preemies Design, construction and embellishment recommended by neonatal nurses. Isolatte shirt features include front closing with velcro, open shoulder construction with velcro and approximate thigh length.