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Subterranean & Earth Sheltered

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Earth-Sheltered Housing and Living Roofs – Earthwood Building School. My Underground house build (wofati and earth berm forum at permies) Underground housing (wofati and earth berm forum at permies) Paul invited me here, due to a beating I was taking at another forum.

Underground housing (wofati and earth berm forum at permies)

Closed minds simply couldn't get around the idea that I was bringing forth and the original purpose of my post turned into an argument, which I chose to stay out of. Paul stepped into the middle of it and argued in my favor, then sent me a PM to email him later. I did so, and was invited here to tell my story.... SO here goes. This is the original post with minor changes... I have posted parts of this on other forums, and have gotten a few answers here and there. I have been looking into a (relatively) cheap way to produce a home for the last few months and I have most recently been looking into the Post-Shoring-Polyethylene method pioneered by Mike Oehler (of the $50 dollars and Up Underground House fame.

Underground housing appeals to a lot of us for a lot of reasons. For those of you who aren’t in the know, I’ll summarize a bit. In short your heat is being bled off into the earth. The first wofati - allerton abbey- version 0.7 (wofati and earth berm forum at permies) We are calling the first wofati "version 0.7 beta".

the first wofati - allerton abbey- version 0.7 (wofati and earth berm forum at permies)

Well, I decided to call it that. This is a bit of a throwback to my old bananacom stuff. I uploaded "version 0.7 beta" to compuserve in 1993 or 1994 and in less than 24 hours I found that I had created a big winner. Plus "version 0.7 beta" implies "this is an unfinished experiment. " What we learn from this will help us to make a better version 0.8 and then move on to create version 1.0. Ant Wofati Progression (wofati and earth berm forum at permies)

Glenn Herbert wrote:It's good to see a design professional working on the wofati concept, bringing other ideas to bear that may not have occurred to the initial developers.

Ant Wofati Progression (wofati and earth berm forum at permies)

I do have thoughts on some of these topics. In no particular order, the concept of turning the rectangular space to expose the corners and have interior angles maximizing contact with the thermal mass is sound. It potentially gives more interior volume with less weather exposure, while still letting light reach directly to every part of the interior.

Cave homes

From Hobbiton to Tatooine: Earth Sheltered Homes Make Sense All Over the Universe. After our slideshow, Hobbit Houses We Have Known: A Tour of Underground and Earth-Sheltered Houses, a number of commenters pointed out that we had missed a whole lot of houses.

From Hobbiton to Tatooine: Earth Sheltered Homes Make Sense All Over the Universe

It's true; we were primarily showing projects that, as the title said, we have known. However, it inspired me to go out and find more. Probably the real reason Tolkien put the hobbits in earth-sheltered houses is that he knew them from Ireland and Iceland, two countries where people did it because it was much warmer in the winter. It so happens that it is also much cooler in the summer. Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House. $50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter.

Sod house

(192) Pinterest. Stoned and Green in Vietnam – The Owner-Builder Network. Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam – Vo Trong Nghia Architects Built: 2011Photography: Hiroyuki Oki If you have looked at ‘Wind and Water’, you’ll know why we really like the work of this firm of architects.

Stoned and Green in Vietnam – The Owner-Builder Network

Their use of natural materials makes every building both unique and immensely habitable. The wonderful green roof and stone walls in this home really separate it from its neighbours and the outside world. The views are inward and the design creates it’s own micro-climate, providing cool respite in a hot climate. Earth Sheltered Homes: How to Build an Affordable Underground Home. Energy efficiency doesn’t necessarily involve the newest of technologies.

Earth Sheltered Homes: How to Build an Affordable Underground Home

As you can see from these pictures and videos, a well-known building technique can easily do the task. The earth-sheltered homes can provide all the comfort and tranquility you seek. Also, the final result is a good weather-resistant dwelling which won’t disappoint you in terms of modern living conditions. Build The Most Beautiful Underground House Villa by Ancient Skills. Tiny Remote Norway Cabin - Hidden Natural Cabin. If you've ever craved some serious alone time, this just might be the place to do it.

Tiny Remote Norway Cabin - Hidden Natural Cabin

The architecture firm Snohetta created this completely remote cabin in Norway with escaping in mind. Built out of natural elements like rocks and grass, the home is not only secluded, but practically disappears into the landscape. But if you're worried about being too lonely, your hiking buddies can join you on your retreat. The 376-square-foot cabin can actually hold 21 people (or so the architects claim — we're skeptical). Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home. The caves of Guyaju, China.

SOLARNE SAMOGREJNE ZEMUNICE. Šta je solarna samogrejna zemunica?


Bringing the house down. Building a new country house has always been a balancing act.

Bringing the house down

The question of how you can build a house in a place you love without offending the landscape that enticed you there is something architects have grappled with for centuries. Now, in an era of rising eco-sensitivity, a new way of creating beautifully conceived but sensitively designed rural homes has begun to flourish. The country house is going underground. This move towards undercover homes is international, but in the UK it has assumed a particular importance. British towns and cities continue to grow, but building a one-off country house on a greenfield site has become close to impossible, particularly within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, given all of the planning restrictions in place to protect landscapes under pressure. In the Chilterns, within 150 acres of picture-perfect farmland, pasture and beech woods, Lady Helen Hamlyn has built a house, designed by Robin Partington with the lightest of touches.

10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World. Even though it’s uncommon, some people prefer to live underground, literary.

10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World

It’s an interesting alternative to regular homes and, whether it’s a decision based on style, personal preferences and the wish to recreate an image from a movie, living in any of these homes must be unique. You will be surprised to see how similar these homes are to those almost everyone has gotten used with. 1. An Underground Eco Home by Make Architects Designed by Make Architects for British football star Gary Neville, this structure manages to combine beauty with functionality in a new and unique way. The house was built with locally-sourced materials and using traditional building methods and a ground source heat pump provides heating while the photovoltaic panels and the on-site wind turbine generates renewable energy. The layout resembles a flower with rooms instead of petals, all organized around a central kitchen. 2. The Rural Landowner’s Guide to Earth Sheltered Homes.

Could an earth sheltered house be right for you? An expert explains how these affordable alternative, energy-efficient homes are built. One of the joys of owning your own rural land is the freedom to build whatever type of home and structures you want on it. Canopy Camping. Waikato Maybe you've just completed a North Island tour of the magical Hobbiton movie set or Waitomo glow worm caves - or maybe you just want to escape the modern world for a bit. In either case - we have just the thing... Step out of the hustle and bustle of your real life, and straight into a fairytale, with a stay at the enchanting Underhill Valley. (8) Facebook. (3) Underground dome house of the family who led geese to fly home. Earth-Sheltered Homes Save Energy. At first glance they may look like hobbit homes or Luke Skywalker's childhood home on Tatooine. But the architects behind earth-sheltered homes say the houses are designed to save money, as well as offer ultimate protection from extreme weather.

You can find earth homes in varying climates around the world from Kansas to Switzerland to Singapore. The main draw is the drastic savings on energy bills. Earth-Sheltered Homes Save Energy. Organic House by Javier Senosiain. (3) Top 3 Building Most Amazing Underground Secret house by Ancient Skill. Organic House by Javier Senosiain. Pinterest. World Amazing Hotels, Resturants, Buildings, Homes. (2) Pinterest. Arquitectura bioclimática - bioclimatismo - comportamiento… Earth sheltered homes, Earth homes and House. Earth-sheltered homes: effects of vegetation. Trees and shrubs on a building site have uses too numerous to mention, ranging from symbolic and aesthetic uses to erosion and noise control. However, in the context of an earth-sheltered building, the existence of trees and shrubs on a site as well as the planting of new vegetation can be considered as another potential energy saving feature. Although exact amounts of energy savings are difficult to predict, there are uses of vegetation that are known to have a significant impact on energy performance.

One effective use of trees in an earth-sheltered design is to shade windows on the south side of the house in the summer when the direct solar radiation is undesirable. If deciduous trees are used on the south side, they drop their leaves and allow the solar radiation to reach the windows in the winter when it is most needed. A second important uses of vegetation to reduce energy consumption is wind control. Earth Sheltered Homes and Berm Houses. Earth-sheltered homes are one of those creations by man, which brings him closer to nature. Unlike the normal traditional houses that are built on the ground, these earth-sheltered homes are built using the shelter of the ground. The aim of building this sort of home is to cut down on the humidity and heat (plus security) and for this reason, the homes are built "into the air".

This makes them cut away from the normal movements of the sun and the ground. This is what prevents the excess heat and humidity in the house and keeps the house cool in the heat. In this concept, the ground is used like an insulating layer and this protects the house from harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, heat and humidity. Windows to the Soul ... The construction of these earth sheltered homes can be done according to the shape of the area to be used and then the required modifications can be made according to the needs and choices of the owner.

I Can't Have A Hobbit Home, Can I? - Modern Survival Living. Do you believe that a hobbit home can be build within 3 days? So many people in the western world have become sensitive to the effects that our lifestyle is having on our health and our environment. They’re seeking new lifestyles with positive health and environmental benefits. A large number of people are making conscious choices to draw away from lives that are cut off from the natural world and seeking to regain balance with the environment. Underground Houses: The Ultimate In Off-Grid Living? There seems to be some misconceptions about underground homes. What if home was a garden? prize winner... - Build Naturally with Sigi Koko. Zelišča Kolarič. Ambienti TV show - HOBBIT HOUSE. Untitled. $50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter. Here is what Home & Garden Network (HGTV) had to say about Mike Oehler's underground house, on a special called "The Subterraneans", which has aired frequently.

(Check your schedule for future airings): World Economic Forum - This is the Icelandic hobbit home built to survive earthquakes and use zero energy. Cody Lundin’s Sustainable Home. There is an increasing need for change when it comes to living conditions. Pinterest. Pinterest. Scandinavian Homes Like Real-Life Hobbit Houses. Curb appeal: cozy exterior, extensive windows, and a green roof? These adorable homes prove that a grassy canopy can make the perfect ceiling addition to any house.

Green roofs are traditional in many Nordic countries throughout Europe, so much so that there is an annual competition to determine the best green roof project, which is hosted by the Scandinavian Green Roof Association (SGRA). These images feature some of the most stunning living roofs that can be found around the area. These green coverings are not only an aesthetic trend however—the feature offers a variety of environmental and financial perks.

Earth Sheltered. Eccentric Aesthetics: DIY Eco-Friendly Earthbag Homes. The phrase “form follows function” has morphed in meaning over time and is, perhaps rightly, open to interpretation. Han byggde på sitt Hobbithus i 40 år. Nu förtrollas en hel värld av insidan. Looking for a new house? Eco-friendly underground home on the market in Md. Scandinavian Homes Like Real-Life Hobbit Houses. Earth Sheltered Homes. “Another type of building is emerging: one that actually heals the scars of its own construction. Going Green Underground: Eco-Retro Earth House Designs. They may look a bit dated at first, or at least more whimsical than required for functional living. Low-impact Hobbit home only cost US$4,650 to build. Build-It-Solar Blog: Cristian's Earth Sheltered Passive Solar Home in Romania. Our Process - Formworks Building, Inc.

Green Roof and Earth Sheltered Homes - Formworks Building, Inc. Edgeland House, une maison semi-souterraine contemporaine, par Bercy Chen Studio - Lalarchi. Residential, Commercial & Multi-Family Construction. CASE STUDY : Denison Home - - The Underground Home Directory - earth-sheltered and underground home resources. Hobbit house. Hobbit house underground house, How To Build an Underground Hobbit House That You Can Live In and Will Last 100's Of Years Home. 10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World. Interior : Underground Houses Pertaining To Splendid Fascinating Underground Homes Hillside Houses Youtube In Fascinating Underground Houses Fascinating Underground Houses Interiors. Shtfpreparedness. Earth Sheltered Homes: How to Build an Affordable, Super Energy Efficient, Underground Home.

Construction and DIY projects. I Built My Own Earth Home - A Beautiful Adventure. The Family Builds Earthbag Building with Underground Studio. Bunker Living in Modern World - HGTV. Idaho modern oldtimer builds underground & solar $50 houses. Dan Price’s underground home, art & philosophy on $5,000/year. Grim's House. Grim's House. Uma Ecovila Vegana e Auto-Suficiente. Conheça Benjamin Lesage - Pensando Ao Contrário. - The Shire (aka Hobbiton), where Peter Jackson... Semi underground house plans - House plans. Jane's Jewels: Not Just For Hobbits Anymore. ASK arkitektar. Eve Kushner, Freelance Writer » Blog Archive » Creating from a Deeper Place(Part 1 in a Series) Scandinavian Homes Like Real-Life Hobbit Houses. Plans d'autres types de construction. Looking for a new house? Eco-friendly underground home on the market in Md. Partially Submerged Modern Homes In Paraguay Are Both Efficient And Stunning! House of the Week: Cave House in Arizona.

Hurstwic: Building a Viking-age Turf House. Beautiful Tiny Turf House in Iceland - Full Tour & Interview. 1001 Gardens. GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever. Peter Vetsch - Earth Houses. Diy Eco Hobbit House Kit. Earth Sheltered Homes: How to Build an Affordable Underground Home. Earth Sheltered Homes (Videos) Loyn & Co's earth shelter against Gloucestershire hillside.