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Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, doghouses, more! - Wooden Wonders' Hobbit Holes Bring the Magic of Middle-earth to Your Yard

Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, doghouses, more! - Wooden Wonders' Hobbit Holes Bring the Magic of Middle-earth to Your Yard

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Guy Turns 700 Year Old Abandoned Cave Dwelling Into Vacation Home The Rockhouse is a unique luxury cave retreat, hand sculpted from a Triassic sandstone escarpment near the Wyre Forest in rural Worcestershire. Set in 3 acres of woodland on the banks of Honey Brook, The Rockhouse has been occupied for over 700 years. When the site was deserted in 1962 it reverted back to its ‘natural state’ – until it was painstakingly and sympathetically refurbished in 2015 ‘almost single handedly’ by enthusiast and owner Angelo Mastropietro. Check out the Rockhouse below along with an interview with Angelo in a video segment by Barcroft TV. As much a sculpture as it is a dwelling, The Rockhouse has been carefully planned out and features stylish creature comforts such as under floor heating, rainforest shower and clever ambient lighting for a nurturing and natural ambience. The holiday retreat is currently available for rent through Airbnb or direct via their website.

The Next Real Estate Bubble: Farmland Eeyore should have been a farmer. It’s almost impossible to find a farmer happy about his situation. The weather’s too hot, cold, wet, or dry, and prices are too low or too high, depending on whether we’re buying or selling. We can’t, at least in front of our peers, admit to prosperity or even the chance of prosperity. Although we’d never admit it at the local coffee shop, the last few years have been good, at least for Midwestern grain farmers. Prices have been strong — strong enough to make up for much of the production lost to last year’s drought.

Chicken Coop Inspiration I lied to you. Again. I do not have any pictures or videos of chickens for you today. If you’re suffering from it, you can re-look at pictures from the day the chicks arrived. I will however, have them for you on Monday. You’d be shocked at what a time suck baby chicks are. A 3-D Printed House? Well, this may well be the coolest video you see today. It’s a TEDx talk from a fellow named Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is a professor of engineering at USC, where he directs something called the Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies. CRAFT has stated as its grand challenge “building a custom-designed house in a day while drastically reducing the costs, injuries, waste and environmental impact associated with traditional construction techniques.” The applications of such rapid-fire housing are endless: affordable housing for the poor; “extraterrestrial buildings constructed from in situ materials”; emergency FEMA-style housing, and the like. But don’t listen to me–listen to the guy who’s trying to make it a reality. If you’re short on time and want to focus on the tech, hop ahead towards the 4-minute mark.

"Earthship Biotecture": Renegade New Mexico Architect’s Radical Approach to Sustainable Living Guests Michael Reynolds creator of radically sustainable living options through a process called "Earthship Biotecture." This is viewer supported news Sheep 101: Dairy sheep Got milk? History Sheep have been raised for milk for thousands of years and were milked before cows. The world's commercial dairy sheep industry is concentrated in Europe and the countries on or near the Mediterranean Sea. The dairy sheep industry is in its infancy in the United States. There are approximately 100 dairy sheep farms in the U.S. They are found mostly in New England and the Upper Midwest.

A Classy A-Frame Tractor Hi! and welcome to my chicken tractor page. I hope you'll find some interesting ideas and inspiration from my design. I have a couple of innovations that I haven't seen in other designs like a simple "raccoon proof" latch design, adjustable ridge-vent ventilation system, both ends fold down to accept removable nest boxes, and make it easy to clean. Green Egg House Images credit Zhao Kang Rents in Beijing are high, so designer Daihai Fei built himself a wonderful little green home that may well become a new icon for the Tiny House Movement.Tipster Spooky writes: Daihai Fei built his amazing egg-house on a bamboo frame, covered with various insulating materials, and topped with a layer of stitched bag. The bags themselves are filled with sawdust and grass seeds, which he sprays with water regularly, to help the grass grow faster.

Dilapidated 1860s Barn Gets Revived Into Amazing Entertainment Space When their clients told him they wanted a barn on their property to compliment their 19th-century farmhouse and serve as their guesthouse and entertainment space, architect Douglas VanderHorn started the search process immediately. VanderHorn found this barn outside Albany, New York, via Heritage Restorations, a firm that scouts barns in disrepair for rehabilitation and reuse. According to Houzz, the timbers were already numbered and coded, as that was part of the original construction in the 1860s, when the barn was built. This made it easy to keep things organized during dismantling and rebuilding. The wood was tented and fumigated to get rid of any insects before builders began to put the barn back together. As part of the renovations, they replaced the barn’s original siding with fir reclaimed from another barn that was in better shape, and repurposed it elsewhere in the project.

Want Milk? Get Goats - Sustainable Farming Goats: Why Raw Goat Milk? Why raw milk? Why goat milk? 5 Innovative Chicken Coops by Portland Designers When you think of innovative architecture, you may think of the Netherlands, Barcelona or even Dubai, but those places can’t hold a candle to Portland, Oregon. At least not when it comes to innovative chicken coop design. It's no secret that animal husbandry is hot right now, but leave it to Portlanders to take chicken keeping to a new level.

Electric Camper: Tiny Geometric House on Wheels Not only is this highly unusual-looking vehicle a hand-made camper – it runs on electricity. Built from plywood, fiberglass, epoxy resin, bicycle parts and an electric motor, ‘Golden Gate’ by San Francisco artist Jay Nelson is reminiscent of all of those amazing hand-crafted house trucks from the 1970s, but with a very modern power source. The tiny camper measures just 96″x54″x64″, making it just large enough inside to lay down on the bed platform. By day, that platform also serves as the driver’s seat. There are no conventional gas and brake pedals here – the driver uses controls on the steering wheel to operate the vehicle. US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living Isaac Davis, StaffWaking Times Freedom in the United States today is a moving target, and when the government catches wind of an innovation that makes life easier and more affordable for ordinary people, it always steps in to take control. Take, for example, the growing effort to outlaw offgrid living in the U.S., as well as moves by local governments around the country to criminalize private rainwater collection. Now, the federal government is making a major move against the tiny house movement, seeking to give the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) authority to require tiny houses to conform to the standards of recreational vehicles (RV’s), of which one of the rules is that the vehicles may not be used or marketed for permanent living.

How to Milk a Goat Since "How to milk a goat" is not a topic that's likely to make you the hit of your next party, I assume you're reading this either because you're contemplating purchasing dairy goats, or you already have some new additions in your barn that are about to kid. To that, I say, congratulations! I remember being in the same position many years ago. Since I had planned to bottle-raise the expected kids on a CAE prevention program of heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk, I had fears of not being able to obtain the colostrum or milk from the does, resulting in the kids starving to death. Add to my misgivings about learning how to milk a goat the irreconcilable advice to both feed a newborn kid within half an hour of birth, and heat-treat the colostrum first--which would take a little over an hour--and it was more stressful than giving birth to my own children! As you probably guessed, though, it all worked out.