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Cordwood Construction welcomes you - Cordwood Construction. I've Been Ordered to Stop Building by the Police. 6 Months Building My Cabin Alone in the Woods / Building my dream house. (6) Pinterest. Small Cordwood Buildings – Earthwood Building School. Essential Cordwood Building: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide … by Rob Roy – Earthwood Building School. Essential Cordwood Building: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide … by Rob Roy – Earthwood Building School. Earthwood Building School – Teaching Cordwood Masonry Around the World Since 1978. Cordwood in Idaho, Montana, Utah. There have been many questions about cordwood in Idaho, Montana and Utah.

Cordwood in Idaho, Montana, Utah

There is quite a bit going on in Idaho and Montana, some with architectural plans and others doing it “by the seat of their pants.” True to form on this blog, there will be more pictures and fewer words. Cordwood Construction Basics - Green Homes. Cordwood is a building technique that is richly embodied in sweat equity and labor intensiveness.

Cordwood Construction Basics - Green Homes

The actual physical process of building is not seriously strenuous (the log ends are only 16" long), but it does take time and will-power to complete all the walls. The materials for cordwood walls are found in the forest and not in the building supply store, so it is not something one can order and have delivered on Monday. It requires planning, perseverance and patience. To start this cordwood blog I would like to offer some basic thoughts about cordwood and then provide some serious cordwood eye candy meant to interest and inspire. Getting into specifics and FAQ's and such will take place down the road. Cordwood Building With Paper-Enhanced Mortar – DIY – MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Cordwood masonry is an ancient building technique whereby walls are constructed from "log ends" laid transversely in the wall.

Cordwood Building With Paper-Enhanced Mortar – DIY – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

It is easy, economical, esthetically striking, energy-efficient and environmentally-sound. Cordwood Building: The State of the Art (New Society Publishers, 2003),edited by Rob Roy, is a key resource on cordwood building, bringing together the wisdom of 25 of the world’s best practitioners. The following excerpt is a chapter on paper-enhanced mortar, or PEM, also called “papercrete.” Yes, the writing is in the wall. It is winter 2002. Pinterest. Что такое глиночурка. - Home and Garden. Оригинал взят у khulinich в Что такое глиночурка.

Что такое глиночурка. - Home and Garden

Недавно обнаружила на просторах интернета удивительно милые домики с необычными стенами. Гугл внес ясность - это не просто симпатичные теремки, а отдельная технология строительства - кордвуд. Если дословно, кордвуд - это топливная древесина. Для строительства кордвуд-домов используется абсолютно любое дерево, вплоть до упавшего в лесу. Дом строится из поленьев, которые укладываются поперек стены, а промежутки между деревом заполняют цементным раствором или глиной. BRICOLAGE PAS CHER: LA MAISON EN BOIS CORDE. Cordwood walls - Recherche Google. Pinterest. Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack.

Do you love the taste of Maple Syrup?

Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack

Would you like to have your own Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack? Ted Amman answered YES to both questions. He wanted to build a “shack” to house his family maple syrup harvest. Graye. Cordwood For Beginners - Accidental Hippies. Cordwood Masonry is great for DIY builders but requires knowledge and practice to do successfully.

Cordwood For Beginners - Accidental Hippies

Here we’ll provide you the valuable resources we used to get our building off the ground and show you some tricks we learned along the way. CONSTRUCTION D'UN MUR EN BOIS CORDE - Halte d'accueil en éco-construction. Pour réaliser le mur en bois, des bûches de châtaignier, très sèches, de 40 cm de long ont été utilisées.

CONSTRUCTION D'UN MUR EN BOIS CORDE - Halte d'accueil en éco-construction

Il faut au préalable écorcer les extrémités jusqu'au bois sain. Choisir une construction en bois cordé, une solution alternative au béton ! Is Cordwood Masonry "Green?" By Rob Roy I write a Q and A column about cordwood masonry for Kelly Hart's excellent Green Home Building website, Recently, the following question came in, and I got so caught up in it that I called BackHome magazine editor Richard Freudenberger to see if he'd like to see it expanded into an article.

Is Cordwood Masonry "Green?"

So here it is. Question from Anonymous: How can you consider cordwood as "green" when it uses so much cement in the mortar? Great question, one I'm glad to have the opportunity to answer. First, I guess we have to come up with some sort of definition about what "green" means, with regard to building. Cordwood Construction. Nifty Homestead. Cordwood homes and barns: Also known as stack wall, log end, stovewood or cordwood masonry.

Nifty Homestead

If you do the labor yourself, and use wood from your property, this is a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to own a home. Design Ideas - This is absolutely amazing. Studio Gang – Merging a Traditional Building Method with Commercial Construction Technology. While we envisioned using glass for its transparency, we also wanted the design to resonate with the vernacular of the local architecture and relate to the Georgian brick language of the campus.

Studio Gang – Merging a Traditional Building Method with Commercial Construction Technology

Yet, while Kalamazoo College has a strong history of social justice leadership that dates back to its founding, much of its campus is comprised of buildings whose style evokes colonial- and plantation-era attitudes. Looking to identify more socially conscious and environmentally sustainable alternatives, we explored local building traditions. How to Build a Tiny, Off-Grid House for $2500 (Video) Paul Wheaton/Video screen capture From life inside a tiny, 7'x12' portable house to touring an infamous roundhouse, we've been pretty fascinated by the DIY tiny house movement. Here's a great video on how to build your own tiny, cordwood, off-grid roundhouse—including some detailed tips and ideas on both the drawbacks and strengths of this particular approach.

Uploaded by Paul Wheaton—the same chap who brought us videos on how to build "hugelkultur" raised beds, and making organic lawn fertilizer from moldy hay—what I like about this video is not just the tour of an awesome, unique dwelling. It's refreshing to also see full and frank discussion of the drawbacks and difficulties encountered on any particular project. The search for truly sustainable living is a journey, and nobody has it all figured out yet. For more information on the venue of this video, check out this blog post by Mr Kraft Does Life on Feral Farm's off grid way of life. Green Hamlet - Ecovillage of Natural Homes - Tiny House Design.

Oliver Swann, the fellow behind, sent me news today about progress at Green Hamlet, an ecovillage under construction in Pupki, Poland. They have planning permission to build four buildings but the best news is that tiny homes under 35 square meters (376 square feet) can be built without official permission. The larger buildings will serve as the shared spaces (main house, barn, meeting hall and workshop). The smaller buildings will be constructed using natural building methods like cord wood and straw bales. In July 2010 four 5-day construction workshops will be lead by Tony Wrench.

You can see the natural houses Tony builds on his website, That Roundhouse. The Beauty of Natural Building in Cord Wood. Cordwood construction (also called "cordwood masonry," "stackwall construction", "stovewood construction" or "stackwood construction") is a term used for a natural building method in which "cordwood" or short pieces of debarked tree are laid up crosswise with masonry or cob mixtures to build a wall. Walls are usually constructed such that the pieces of wood are "proud" of (protrude from) the mortar by a small amount (an inch or less). Walls typically range between 12 and 24 inches thick, though in northern Canada, some walls are as much as 36 inches thick.

Cordwood homes are attractive for their visual appeal, maximization of interior space (with a rounded plan), economy of resources, and ease of construction. Wood usually accounts for about 40- 60% of the wall system, the remaining portion consisting of a mortar mix and insulating fill. Eco friendly homes built with the cordwood construction method. - Living Outdoor.

Eco friendly homes built with the cordwood construction method. - Living Outdoor. Cordwood Construction. I received a delightful email from Whitney about her cordwood project: “I’d like to invite you to check out our cordwood cottage progress here in the Big Lost mountain range 26 miles east of Sun Valley Idaho…” Here are pictures and direct quotes from a most excellent and fun loving group of people building in the gorgeous backdrop of Idaho’s mountains. “Idaho BaseCamp is an Environmental Eco-Retreat Center 26 miles outside of Sun Valley, Idaho, dedicated to education, creative expression and the development of a sustainable relationship with nature. Our aim is to expand the understanding and create a working consciousness for the environment, community and Self. . Part of our master plan is to have several examples of sustainable building.

This cordwood cottage is our first permanent structure to go up on the land, where up to now, we have only had yurts.” The snowball test is a tried and true method of making sure the mortar is the right consistency. Whitney laying the first log end. Cordwood Homes. Cordwood Homes and Barns also known as Stackwall, Log End, Stovewood or Cordwood Masonry... cordwood house The Kruza House, built in 1884 in Shawano County, Wisconsin was ”built of stovewood laid in a bed of mortar.” Cordwood Sheds and Cabins. Cordwood Sheds and Cabins also known as Stackwall, Stovewood, Firewood or Cordwood Masonry. cordwood shed Short lengths of debarked trees (cordwood) are laid with a mixture of mortar and insulating materials - such as sawdust or spray foam - in between the mortar.

The longer the length of the logs, the better the insulation qualities. 12 inches to 18 inches is most common and wood species will also determine insulating value. Cordwood Sheds and Cabins - Beautiful And Simple To Build! Golden Ponds, a cordwood hotel in Ontario, Canada. Cordwood Log Cabins. Wooden cabins are really great, especially for spending your holiday. If you would like to build yourself such a cabin in order to have your own island of relaxation, then you should consider making some small changes in the basic wooden cabin structure. We are thinking about building the walls of the cabin out of stone.

You can of course create just one stone wall, but 4 such walls should offer you a much stable structure. Cordwood Sheds and Cabins - Rustic Fabulous. Bear Hermitage. Nestled in a glade of scrub oak on the site of a former moon lodge, the Bear Hermitage, a straw bale vault, designed and built by Women Build Houses under the loving guidance of Shay Salomon, offers womb-like seclusion. A tiny hermitage at the Lama Foundation in San Cristobal, New Mexico. A Peek Inside a Cordwood Cabin Prototype.

Building A Roundhouse With Woodhenge And Cobwood. Please Share This Page: Comfort In Any Climate. Warmth If you want heat, you admit the sun. The sun heats the mass, the mass stores the heat and the insulation won't let it escape. The more mass, the more storage capacity. When there is no sun, the heat stored in the mass radiates into the space, for heat travels to the cooler direction. Building a Roundhouse with woodhenge and cobwood. Tiny house / cordwood house / round house off grid. Cordwood Building: The State of the Art (Natural Building Series): Rob Roy: 9780865714755:

How to Build a Tiny, Off-Grid House for $2500 (Video) Cordwood Sheds and Cabins. Cordwood Building: The State of the Art (Natural Building Series): Rob Roy: 9780865714755: The Cordwood Roundhouse By Tony Wrench at Denmark Farm, Wales. CHG 2011 - Jarosław Szewczyk - Cordwood masonry, czyli podlaska drzewoglina.