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Earth-Sheltered Eco Hotel in Alps from Matteo Thun

Earth-Sheltered Eco Hotel in Alps from Matteo Thun
A radical new earth-sheltered design for the Bella Vista Trafoi hotel in the Italian Alps earns Italian architect Matteo Thun, one of the founders of the Memphis Group the Klimahotel designation, meaning “eco-responsible tourism”. Outwardly; these are just eleven lumps in the side of a mountain, but they provide guests with great views out and a warm and cozy stay within. There are many ecological advantages to earth sheltered designs like these. With no “outside” you get freedom from weather damage of the exterior, while in turn maintaining local habitat for the plants and animals in the region. Only the huge glass frontages remain as a sign of human habitations. Energy reduction is the main advantage to underground building. Source: Treehugger Related:  Subterranean & Earth Sheltered

Hobbit Houses: 15 Grassy Hill-Shaped Dwellings “In a hole in a ground lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing to sit on or eat: It was a hobbit hole and that means comfort.” This line by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the beloved The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fantasy novels, has inspired hundreds of copycat underground hobbit homes around the world – and is itself inspired by ancient Viking hill houses. The World’s First Hobbit Motel (images via: For tourists the world over, New Zealand will forever be associated with The Lord of the Rings, since it served as the filming and production location for the film version of the saga. Modern Hobbit Home in Switzerland (images via: toxel) From outside, this home is like any other hobbit hole: half-hidden in a grassy hill, sheltered from the elements and blending in seamlessly with its surroundings. Rent-a-Hobbit-Hole: Hebridean Earth House (images via: webecoist) Hobbit Shed

See That Tiny Hobbit-Like Entrance? Well, Just Wait Til You Go Inside… I’m So Jealous. It’s not every day that people are struck with the motivation to do something downrightawesome. Luckily for us, Ash Yeates of Torii Gardens decided he wasn’t playing around. Whether it was because he is a huge Hobbit fan or maybe he was bored, he decided to build his very own hobbit hole. Even if you’re not J.R.R. Tolkein fan, you may love this. This is the glorious finished product. First you’ll need to clear space. Then, they built a strong wooden frame within the cleared hole. There was lots of digging by hand. It took a long time to get ready, but they were finally able to close and seal the hole. “The roof was again over engineered to keep moisture out and includes a variety of layered barriers which tuck right around the internal watertight pod created for the interior.” They added turf to the roof and some finishing touches. Once the interior was finished, it was downright COZY. Even though though it looks to be a bit small.. There’s plenty of room for relaxing. One of the proud owners.

Solving the Earthship Enigma Since seeing my review of earthship design here, people have repeatedly asked me two questions that I would like to try and answer here: 1) What caused me to mistrust the earthship idea? Living in Taos, New Mexico, at the epicenter of the earthship phenomenon, I am awed by these structures every time someone new comes into town, because they inevitably want to visit them. I have many friends who have lived in them. I've visited them time and again. While I love and celebrate their successes (my favorite is the glass light walls), I also see... and listen to my friends bemoan... their flaws. That's the WHY. The second question people ask is: 2) What would I do to solve the design problem? Location Build an earthship in a temperate or hot environment with regular rainfall of over 50 inches per year (that falls on the ground – places like Tucson have nearly 80 inches of rain per year, of which 11 hits the ground after evaporation) and humidity less than 60%. Siting Design: Room Placement

Triple Dome Survival Shelter « Earthbag House Plans April 12, 2011 by Owen Geiger Triple Dome Survival Shelter (click to enlarge) Specifications: Three 16′ interior diameter domes with 603 sq. ft. interior, 3 sleeping lofts with 312 sq. ft., total 915 sq. ft. interior, one bedroom, one bath, Footprint: 38′ x 38′ Description: This Triple Dome Survival Shelter provides much more space than my first earthbag survival shelter. This design is for long term survival for a family. It is earthquake and fire resistant, bullet and nuclear fallout resistant. Like this: Like Loading... Seed - container housing clemson university caribbean SEED is a Winners of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, People, Prosperity and the Planet Awards The award ceremony was hosted by the National Academy of Sciences. SEED is also featured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Research. Check out the featured story! SEED on WYFF Channel 4 SEED is interviewed on WYFF Channel 4 News in response to the housing crises in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. SEED at IABR Opening of Parallel Cases tonight in Rotterdam as part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam!

MODERN HOMESTEADING A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency Planning a garden in advance can help you enjoy local, homegrown food year-round! Estimate how much to grow or buy and learn how to achieve food security with these guidelines. Backyard Chicken Facts - 5 Things No One Told Us A few facts that might help you decide whether or not to get chickens for your backyard. Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead Read guard dog training tips and advice on guard dog breeds best suited for your needs. Build This Predator-Proof, Portable Chicken Coop Our newest low-cost portable chicken coop plan makes raising backyard chickens easier for just about anyone. Deep Litter Chicken Manure Management Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the deep litter system and how you can manage a small flock’s manure easily and efficiently. Home Cheesemaking: From Hobby to Business Artisan cheesemakers who aspire to make their passion a profession will face many challenges on the way to establishing a successful business. Live on Less!

Subterranean Living Down a dirt road and between thickets of trees, Paul Queen lives inside a grassy, man-made hill. Deer try to stroll across his rooftop. Gopher tortoises attempt to tunnel into the walls. Stephanie Thomas-Rees, a research architect with the Florida Solar Energy Center, said the state's sandy soil and high water table make managing moisture difficult in an earth-sheltered home. "If some contractor came up with a bunch of model homes and put them all in one place where the general public would just walk through them, it would change a lot of people's minds in a hurry," he said. Now Take A Look At This One In Australia:

How To Build An Earthship An Earth Ship can be as simple as a one room with a loft or as complex as a multi-family apartment complex. One of the most famous Earth Ship homes was built by the actor Dennis Weaver and cost millions of dollars to complete. A small one can be constructed for a few thousand dollars, basically just the cost of the cement mix and if you are in a climate that is compatible with adobe type construction, and will do the labor for yourself, even less. So, how is an Earth Ship constructed? The design concept utilizes modules that can be mixed and matched to form a unique finished product. For those wishing to build on a shoestring, the modules can be added as you go, allowing for the expansion of your living space as money allows. The simplest way to describe how and earth ship is built is to walk you through the construction of the basic module called "The Hut".

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