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Onine Book On Green Building & Remodeling Information Every builder needs a niche – a way to find good work without butting heads against cutthroat competition. The new book Build Smarter with Alternative Materials by Leon Frechette explains how to get a leg up on the competition by working smarter, not just harder. This Web site includes dozens of excerpts from the book, including complete chapters designed to make or save you money on every job. You'll get the facts, not the hype on these materials – including what to do and what to avoid, installation tips and man-hour estimates. Click on any chapter title in the blue bar at the left to see the chapter contents. Building With Bamboo: 13 Super Sustainable Structures It’s 100% natural, thrives in diverse climates, grows up to a whopping 39 inches per day and is super-strong; why isn’t bamboo already used more often as a building material? While bamboo structures have long been common in Asia and the South Pacific, they’re only just gaining prominence in the rest of the world. From schools to disaster shelters, these 13 bamboo buildings prove just how strong, durable, eco-friendly and visually pleasing this perennial evergreen grass can be. Water and Wind Cafe, Vietnam

Bamboo shoots up in Eastern Cape Details 05 December 2011 Bamboo cultivation and its use in products ranging from furniture to biofuel and baskets, is set to take off in the Eastern Cape province. (Image: Wikimedia ) 2 Construction Manuals For Earthquake-resistant Houses Built Of Earth EARTH ARCHITECTURE — THE BOOK The groundbreaking survey Earth Architecture is available in a paperback edition or in the original hardcover edition Buy Earth Architecture if you live in the following countries:: | United Kingdom | Germany | China | France Bamboo Vacation Home Casa Atrevida Casa Atrevida is a luxurious bamboo vacation home located on Preciosa Beach in Costa Rica. The 240 m2 house is primarily build with Guadua Bamboo and Teak and is earthquake and flood resistant. It was constructed in 2011 and features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and can host up to 10 guests. Casa Atrevida floats about one meter above the ground on concrete pillars and is build this way to protect it from river floods and excessive rain during the wet season. The house is divided into two parts, each with two floors and an open corridor that connects the two segments. Guadua Bamboo dominates the design, being used both for decorative purposes and as a structural material.

Chiangmai Life Construction By Markus Roselieb Ancient Technique Rammed earth dates back thousands of years. Many European castles and the Great Wall of China were built using this technology. As the name implies, rammed earth construction involves the use of compressed earth. A mixture of earth consisting of the right amount of sand, gravel and clay is poured into a mould or formwork. Adobe Or Sun-dried Brick For Farm Buildings Ebook Download Search National Agricultural Library Digital Collections Back to Search NALDC Record Details: Adobe or sun-dried brick for farm buildings Permanent URL: Author(s):

Bamboo Buildings Bamboo Buildings Grow it, build with it. Phyllostachys aurea, Tetragonoclamus angulatus, Phyllostachys nigra f. punctuata,Phyllostaches bamb. violascens, Phyllostachys nigra f. 'Boryana',Phyllostachys viridis'Sulphurea', Phyllostachys bambusoides. (Illustration Photo by Wetterwald M.F.) Mason Lane Farm Equipment Building, Goshen, Kentucky made from locally grown bamboo by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop,

24H Architecture Architecture The 6 star hotel resort Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. At this unique site, 24H-architecture designed a series of ecological icons to contribute to Six Senses’ high ambitions in design and ecology. Most prominent is The Children Activity and Learning Centre, which will provide visiting children a wide range of entertaining activities as well as raise the level of ecological awareness with them. This Den provides an Auditorium/Cinema for films, lectures and plays, a library with books on permaculture and local traditions, an Art room, a Music room and Fashion room, thus giving children both creative and ecological education while playing. The Den is located at a rocky slope close to the sea.

Composting Toilet Systems - Oikos Green Building Library Waste Reduction and Recycling Composting toilet systems (sometimes called biological toilets, dry toilets and waterless toilets) contain and control the composting of excrement, toilet paper, carbon additive, and, optionally, food wastes. Unlike a septic system a composting toilet system relies on unsaturated conditions (material cannot be fully immersed in water), where aerobic bacteria and fungi break down wastes, just as they do in a yard waste composter.

Bamboo, Wattle & Daub Yurt Posted by Jeffrey | Posted in Earthen Yurt | Posted on 23-06-2012 Tags: aprovecho, bamboo, daub, earthen, kiko denzer, natual building, reciprocal roof, wattle, wattle and daub, yurt Project led by: Kiko Denzer Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: August 2012 This earthen yurt was built as part of the ‘sustainable shelter series’ at Aprovecho. The yurt is made from site harvested bamboo, lashed together using recycled bailers twine. Vo Trong Nghia Sinbadesign Vo Trong Nghia studied architecture as a student on the Japanese Government’s Scholarship. After graduation from Tokyo University and Nagoya Institute of Technology, he returned to Vietnam and created an energy-saving architectural style through using environmentally – friendly materials and architectural design. In 2006, he started his own architectural company in Vietnam, Votrongnghia Co. , Ltd . Alongside his architectural practice, Nghia has been invited to have lectures in several foreign countries such as China, Japan, Sri Lanka …

How to Make a Composting Toilet As my husband and I began mapping out the interior of our rustic shed-turned-cabin in Montana, he knew we wouldn’t have plumbing, and I knew I didn’t want to deal with chemicals or smells. With two small children and weather that can range from -20 to 85-degrees Fahrenheit, we also didn’t want to deal with schlepping outside for potty breaks. Building our own humanure toilet turned out to be our perfect solution.