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Made by Joel

Made by Joel

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Make It? You are here: Home / Make it? I’ve received so many emails asking me how I made the backdrop for my little girl’s shabby chic 3rd birthday party, I decided to throw a quick tutorial together to show you how. It’s... [Read more] Contoured Changing Pad - Gingercake Although I think the full changing table is bit much, I did find myself using the changing pad with my other kids. Of course, I got rid of it 4 and a half years ago when I thought I was done with all that little baby stuff. So when I bought my boppy, I also bought a nice new changing pad. I had a really nice cover for my old pad- a nice cover but a bad fit! Washing it was a hassle since I really had to work to get it back on. bookhoucraftprojects Tuesday, 8 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs DIY Easter wooden gift tagwhat you'll need: *balsa wood*awl*cutter*paint (3D-liner suitable for fabrics, wood, glass)*designs of easter inspired theme*transferpaper*pen*cord, safety pin... Step 1:Print out a design of a bunny, or easter inspired theme.

DoorBot Lets You Answer Your Door With a Smartphone or Tablet Wouldn't it be great to answer your front door with a smartphone? That's the promise of Doorbot, a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that alerts you whenever someone pushes its button, sending audio and video to your smartphone. The battery-operated device installs at your threshold with four screws in a bracket. Once you've downloaded its free app and synced any iOS device or Android smartphone with it, you can see and converse with visitors at your door. The app will alert you whenever the button is pushed. There's a microphone on board the DoorBot that lets you talk with whomever's visiting you, even if you're thousands of miles away. paper mache boat And instructions. Epic instructions. They just go on and on. Newborn Baby Gowns Sewing Tutorial - Gingercake I have been searching stores for baby gowns and not loving the selection. I may be old fashioned (maybe it's because I am OLDER than other women having a new baby!) but I like for babies to look like babies and not mini adults. I also want plain soft fabrics and pretty little details.

Their Little World What: Saturday Film Club Where: V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Rd., E2 9PA, 020 8983 5200, When: Saturday, 11:00am Price: FREE About: Child friendly screenings of classic movies like this week’s holiday friendly Miracle on 34th Street. The Best Burp Cloths - Made By Rae Warning: Lots of blahdeeblahdeeblah in this post. Anti-readers should go elsewhere. BUT! There’s a tutorial at the end of it all if you can make it that far! When my sewing career started up again post-college with the purchase of a cheap Singer online (which is now completely worthless, a discussion for another time, another post), I began making baby gifts for friends.

Duplex Workspace Retractable Hooded Desk by Sophie Kirkpatrick No Peeping Tom Over My Shoulder Do you live in a crowded house and suffer from lack of privacy while working? Your lucky day today! Sophie Kirkpatrick has the perfect solution for your plight; The Duplex Workspace Desk. stephjacobson: fabric strip burp cloth tutorial Updated 2/16/12:I am currently hosting an "i spy" fabric charm swap! For more information, please see this post. Sew, Mama, Sew! is having a Scrap Buster Contest! I put my other sewing projects on hold this weekend to make a project for the contest and attempt to write my first tutorial. If ANYTHING about this tutorial is confusing, hard to follow, or just plain wrong, please let me know!

March of the penguins It's Sunday afternoon and the snow is falling like powdered sugar over a sweet dessert. My kiddies noses are pressed against the window as they watch this magical confetti turn the ground into a soft white blanket. Their excitement fills the air as they quickly gather their snow gear and prepare to step into a winter wonderland. Sometimes creativity blossoms out of the blue; sometimes it takes a little more effort; but if you just let inspiration take you away, anything can happen, including something like this....... Squaring Movable Bookshelf by Sehoon Lee At first, I took a look at this wall-mounted shelving system and thought, “so what? It’s just a bunch of boxes.” But it’s not. Read on… Created by Korean designer Sehoon Lee, this set of wall boxes does the unexpected. The boxes are actually hinged together so that they can flex and move around each other into different shapes.

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