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Body parts,family menbers and Greetings

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Worksheets parts of body. Son fichas del cuerpo humano en inglés, con estas fichas de inglés descubrirán las diferentes partes del cuerpo y sus nombres en inglés.

Worksheets parts of body

Family member vocabulary - English vocabulary lessons. Family member vocabulary - English vocabulary lessons. Parts of the Body Learning Games For Kids. The Greetings Song. Body Parts Song - by ELF Learning (This is ME!) GREETINGS. Spanish tuition - FAMILY - word list. Basic Greetings. Spanish Phrases: Basic Greetings Here are some basic greetings in Spanish.

Basic Greetings

Note that a few of these are informal greetings, as indicated. Click on one of the audio icons to listen to the greeting spoken by a native Mexican Spanish speaker. The following may also be useful to help you learn these basic greetings: Spanish greetings flashcards: on-line tool to print your own greetings flashcards.

Parts of the body exercises.