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Keepsakes, memories, websites, etc. to stay connected with and have record of our family moments.

Family History. Genealogy sort. The Ultimate Resource Guide of Family Bonding Activities. Simple Secrets That Create Happy Family Memories. Did you know that research has found that doing simple rituals enhances our feelings of togetherness and family belonging by almost 20 percent? Whats more, those home traditions and customs also increase our kids social skills and development. Here are nine simple, no-cost secrets moms are using to create happy memories. What are you doing to preserve memories of your times together? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. When I surveyed hundreds of moms about what really matters in good mothering, creating family rituals and traditions always came up in the top of their lists. Four Steps to Creating Family Rituals and Increasing the Laughter In Your Family Step One: Begin by Making a List of New Traditions You'd Like to Start in Your Home.

Step Two: Now Choose One Idea You Want to Begin With. Step Three: Write Down the Tradition. Step Four: Plan It, Do It! Whatever ritual you choose to do, make it become a family habit. Creating Family Memories on Pinterest | 23 Pins. Home - Family Fellowship. Family Time Machine. 24 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend. Cousins are the perfect best friends to have. They are related to us, not around us all the time like annoying siblings, and yet, we meet them often enough to be really close to them and always look forward to meeting them again. While some of us might not be too close to our cousins, many of us are lucky to find a very good friend in them. Here are 24 tell-tale signs that you've found a best friend in your cousin: 1. The two of you have grown up together and know every little detail about each other. You know A-Z about each other.

Be it your love life, sex life, or family life! Source: Popxo 2. Both of you can happily bitch about your families. Source: GIFsec 3. Source: Gifsforthemasses 4. Source: Gluebomb 5. Source: 6. Source: Rebloggy 7. Source: Giphy 8. Source: Business2community 9. You look forward to a fun time! Source: pixshark 10. 11. They've known your past and have watched you grow up. 12. 13. 14. Source: Tumblr 15. No justification required. Source: Photobucket 16. 17. 18. 19. 15 Things You Get If You're Best Friends With Your Cousins. You know how a lot of people complain about spending time with their family? They dislike family events, dread holidays, and just generally don’t like being around their relatives. Well, I am so not one of those people. I love my family – and I don’t just mean my immediate family, but my extended family also.

In fact, some of my cousins are also some of my best friends. I grew up in a very large Italian family, so I have more cousins than I could ever count (mainly because I don’t know all of them). I’m so fortunate to say that I’ve enjoyed a really happy family life, and my cousins and I are all super close. It took me a long time to realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have their cousins also act as some of their closest friends. 1. You don’t really have to worry about growing apart… 2. It’s just that special cousin bond. 3. Because they are literally your family. 4. Family events = cousin time. 5. Your cousins make every place automatically awesome. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

17 Reasons Your Cousin Is Actually Your Best Friend. Family Time – Mini-Blogs. 15 Signs Your Sister Is Your Best Friend. 17 Reasons Why Sisters Are Absolutely the Best(est) Friends You Can Ever Have. 1. Your best memories, sad moments, first times, everything - have been with HER. After all you guys have been through together, she obviously understands you more than anyone else can EVER. 2. You grew up with her. Means she knows all your embarrassing secrets and habits but she'd never share those with anyone, no matter what. 3. Because she has ALWAYS been (painfully) honest about your dressing sense. 4. And see if she judges you or gets embarrassed because that'll happen NEVER because she's exactly the same. 5. The amount of time you have spent with your sisters because of your love for entertainment is unbelievable. 6.

But those fights were only a validation of how much you love each other since you both learnt to 'forgive and forget' (that only applies to each other and no one else). 7. Both of you care about how you BOTH look and not how you should look 'better' than the other. 8. "10 pancakes with lots of cream. 9. 10. ... because she never LET you. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Red Tricycle | Discover Coolest Family Adventures and Kids Activities. 16 Things That Happen When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend.

Sisters are bound together by family and are stuck with each other for life. It’s not a given that your sister will turn out to be your best friend, but when it does happen, consider yourself very lucky. The sister best friendship is a magical relationship. But, it’s different than friendship. The two of you have been intricately intertwined throughout your lives (or, if you’re the older sister, most of your life). She was there before you asked her to be. It’s for these very reasons that sisters aren’t always best friends. But, if you’ve been blessed with the sister best friendship, these are 16 unique, irreplaceable elements of your lifelong sister love affair: 1. You’re constantly in awe of her. You are so proud that she’s your sister that you want to scream it from the rooftops.

Whether she got a job promotion, found a $20 dollar bill on the sidewalk or finally popped a stubborn pimple, you think it’s the greatest thing on the planet. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Should you post the Insta? 7. 8. 9. Welcome to Family Fave Websites, Best Sites for Families Chosen by Cozi. Exploring the Outdoors Ideas and information about places to explore with your family, in your own area or on vacation somewhere else. National Wildlife Foundation The National Wildlife Foundation offers loads of resources to help kids and adults appreciate the outdoors, including a line of kids’ magazines, including My Big Backyard and Ranger Rick. Why we love it: The National Wildlife Foundation website has a “Get Outside” section with plenty of inspiration to help families explore the outdoors. There’s a “Nature Find” section, a “Be Out There” campaign, even a section to learn about “Gardening for Wildlife!”

Check their site out now for information on teaching your kids to explore the outdoors safely, plus loads of photos and stories that’ll have you itching to pack up your sleeping bags and tents. L.L.Bean L.L.Bean is an outdoor retailer based in Freeport, Maine that has been helping families get outdoors with their great gear for almost 100 years. Why we love it: L.L.

Up Take The FlyLady. Family. 13 Great Family Websites. Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts and Activities. 5 Websites to Get Your Family Fit and Healthy. Reminisce — Sharing Memories of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and More. Scrapbooking and Memorykeeping Crafts | How To & Instructions. Advertisement No Thanks Keep In Touch With Sign up and we'll send inspiration straight to you. Martha Stewart takes your privacy seriously. Scrapbooking and Memorykeeping Crafts PinterestFacebookTwitterGoogle+ Scrapbooking Ideas Scrap your same-old, same-old approach to journaling. Family Memories Put your clan's precious moments on paper in the most delightful way. Discover family history straight from the source -- your relatives! Photo Projects These sweet "say-cheese" projects are anything but cheesy. Personal Digital Archiving | Digital Preservation - Library of Congress.

Overview How to Preserve Your Own Digital Materials NDIIPP publication: "Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving" (2013) This publication contains a series of blog posts, compiled from The Signal, on the subject of personal digital archiving. Specifically, the topics include guidance for such things as choosing file formats and adding descriptions to digital photos; first hand accounts of working with and preserving personal collections; descriptions of outreach activities and interviews with library professionals on the subject of personal digital archiving, and many others. Link to the full publication (PDF). Personal Digital Archiving Day Kit The Library of Congress has held Personal Digital Archiving Day events to provide this basic guidance to individuals about preserving personal and family memories in digital form. Are you interested in hosting your own personal digital archiving event? Learn More Take the quiz Learn interesting facts! Got a question? Why You Should Create a Family Website or Photo Book – P&G everyday | P&G Everyday.

Preserving your precious family memories has never been this simple or inexpensive. By: Madeline Glasser Time is one of the most valuable commodities for moms. All our big projects seem to fall through the cracks. One of the biggest is documenting our family memories. Sure, we have tons of pictures on our phones or posted on social media, but there’s something about having a dedicated place for family photos that feels safe. While sliding your finger across the screen of a mobile phone screen gives you access to hundreds of photos, creating something special — like a modern-day photo album — is just as easy. It’s amazing how hard it is to remember tiny details even after a day, so there’s no time to waste. 1. Blogs provide a way for all your family to feel like they’re part of your life. 2. Whether it is your baby’s first year, a family vacation or a school scrapbook, the sites make it easy to create a special book for your coffee table.

Online Memory Sharing - 5 Places to Collect and Preserve Family Stories. The easiest way to record your family stories. – StoryWorth. JustFamily | A simple way to collect memories with family. iMemories - One place for all your family videos and photos, from any decade. Free Family History and Genealogy Records — Free Family Journal to Capture and Share Family Memories. Free Family Website - Share your family memories. | Free Private Family Websites | Family Management Software.