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Crepes, Regular and Gluten Free. Who doesn’t like pancakes?

Crepes, Regular and Gluten Free

Let me rephrase that. Show me a kid (and that includes kids-at-heart) who doesn’t like pancakes and I’ll eat my…my…I’ll eat my…frying pan. But I’ll need some maple syrup on that, please. When my kids were small I never got louder cheers to the answer of “What’s for supper, Mom?” Than when I said “Pancakes”. Nobody needed to know that pancakes on the menu was usually a direct result of mom-forgetting-to-plan and quickly pulling something from the air, er, cupboard.

My kids loved all kinds of pancakes: banana-buckwheat, apple, cottage cheese, potato, plain,whole wheat, coconut, buttermilk, and those with who-knows-what kind of leftovers thrown in. For years we ate them spread with butter, sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon, then rolled up and eaten, with knife and fork or fingers, depending on the eater’s age and state of hunger. Now we are torn between two camps: the butter-brown sugar-cinnamon one and the Nutella one. Crepes Mix all in blender until smooth. Paella Party. This summer we were invited to a Spanish Paella Party.

Paella Party

What fun it was! I’ve always wanted to make paella but it’s one of those things that seemed to be forever on my food bucket list, that I never got to. Helping (and mostly watching, if truth be told) our Spanish/Mexican friend Gilbert make it was much better than stumbling through it myself. Senor Gilberto at work For me it was a chance to fulfill my insatiable thirst for learning to make new foods – for Gilbert it was a trip to his past. He grew up watching her, but like so many of us the world over. . . he never thought to learn how to make it from her . . . never asked his mother to write down her recipe or explain her technique, never hovered close at her side as she cooked it . . . just enjoyed the wonderful flavours of a much-loved family dish that was intricately bound to his childhood memories of food. getting a little coaching from his wife – all in good fun!

It worked. Gilbert serving the guests Salt the dish well, to taste. Rouladen, a Christmas Eve Tradition. What special food do you eat on Christmas Eve?

Rouladen, a Christmas Eve Tradition

Is it maybe a seafood feast, or fondue, or roast goose? Maybe it’s the twelve significant dishes of the Ukrainian tradition, or the Polish version? Is it the French tourtiere, or maybe the Scandinavian boiled cod and potatoes? Whatever it is, I wonder if just thinking about that food instantly brings back all the memories of your childhood Christmases – all the glorious, warm, crazy, love-filled, family times? It does for me. Fleisch Rouladen. Last week I made eighteen Fleisch Rouladen and put them in the freezer. This year will be the first time we eat Rouladen without him.

Remedy for a Cold or Flu - Hot Lemon Ginger Tea. Christmas is coming, a few gifts are hidden and waiting to be wrapped, more need to be got, the goose is in the freezer, Rouladen need to be made, cards didn’t get sent (again), tree needs to be put up and decorated, house needs cleaning . . . . . . and I’ve been lying on the couch, aching all over and sniffling.

Remedy for a Cold or Flu - Hot Lemon Ginger Tea

Clay Recipe. Here is a quick and easy clay recipe made using items you likely have in your pantry.

Clay Recipe

All the ingredients are edible, making this clay safe for kids of all ages! Homemade Clay Recipe This modeling clay is great for sensory exploration and for all sorts of projects for kids. It dries hard and can be formed into creations or used to make foot prints and hand prints. 2 Cups of Baking Soda1 Cup of Corn Starch 1& 1/2 Cups of Cold Water Method Mix the ingredients together in a large pot Cook over medium-high heat, stirring almost constantly. 23 Inventive Hacks That Every Parent Should Know. Life Parenting NEXT PAGE 23 Inventive Hacks That Every Parent Should Know by MichaelaSleeth from Aunty Acid 51k Page 1 of 5.

23 Inventive Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Know the Truth, & the Truth will set you FREE —John 8:32. DIY Custom Drawer Dividers using HOT GLUE! My Little House - Home. The Easter Story - My Little House. Sunday school activities for easter. Bible Study and Marriage. Living Together In Christ Bible study for couples is a way to share their faith with each other and share what God shows each one separately.

Bible Study and Marriage

Christian men and women should grow in Christ together, helping each other with patience, love and kindness. Ideally Christians should marry another Christian to avoid deep rooted problems that will surface when raising children or when dealing with problems and moral issues. If you are married to a non-Christian, pray God's love over them and study the Bible in a way that will not cause dissension. Keep practicing God's Word and keep peace in your household. Practicing Christianity together through God's Word insures a number of advantages over non-Christian marriages.

Bond husband and wife together in Christ keep the couple equally yoked with the same spiritual growth give husband and wife a means of positively dealing with problems keep both partners separate from the wrong influences There are many ways to work your Bible study together. Books. Draw me like one of your french girls by ZoranPhoto on deviantART. Family-Quotes-11. Family hold hand. Jesus life on Pinterest. Jesus life on Pinterest.