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EARLY SCOTS SETTLERS FROM THE ESTATE OF HUGH MONTGOMERY 1617 & JAMES HAMILTON Lena McVea: Early Scots Settlers in the County of Down(from The Scots in Ulster - their Denization and Naturalisation by Rev David Stewart, Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast 1954) Estate of Hugh Montgomery Name Location Date Agnew, Andrew Carneyhill May 20 1617Agnew, Thomas Greyabbey May 20 1617Aicken, John Donaghadee May 20 1617Allen, Patrick Ballydoonan, Donaghadee May 20 1617Anderson, David Castleavery, Scrabo Nov 28 1617Barkley, John Ballyrolly, Donaghadee May 20 1617Barcklie, David ? Feb 18 1622Barcklie, Elizabeth (nee Cunningham) Feb 18 1622Blair, Beatrix (nee Hamilton, wife of Rev Robert Blair) 1632Boyd, Col. Estate of James Hamilton Approx 244 individuals are listed above. Further names might be found in the 1641 depositions (40 boxes are held in Trinity), and of course the rentrolls in the Hamilton MSS. Navigation [0] Message Index

MOORE Genealogy WikiTree is a community of genealogists on a mission to create a 100% free, single family tree. This is our current MOORE index. If you agree with our 9-Point Honor Code we'd love your help filling in the blanks and fixing mistakes. Do you have a GEDCOM? Display density: Please join us in collaborating on MOORE family trees. Genealogy Index > M Family Names > MOORE Kilkeel 4 Kilkeel County Down Raymondscountydownwebsite Paper Making at Ballymagart by Dorothea Nicholson Rags make paper, Paper makes money, Money makes banks, Banks make loans, Loans make beggars, Beggars make Rags. Ballymagart Mills are situated in a valley to the west of Ballyardel Road; near the White Water River (Grid Reference J 277143). Paper Making Undoubtedly the first paper makers were wasps. Cellulose is the basic material for making paper. A second pounding took place in another trough into which fresh water was added. From here, the vat man lifted some of the pulp on a wire-mesh mould, the top of which was framed by a deckle which acted as a fence to keep the pulp in shape. Having removed the deckle, the vat man passed the mould to the coucher who inverted what was now damp paper onto a damp woollen felt. A layman then removed the pressed sheets from the felts. The demands for rags was intense in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Ballymagart Paper Mill Subsidy Roll Down for 1663

Newtownards, a pictorial history - Cunningburn Townland Records Last Update - 12 August 201317th. Century known as KinningbourneListed by Surname then Name - 1901~1911 Census at bottom of page 1794 the Flax Mill and the Flour Mill were sold ... 1872 Oyster beds were beaing harvested 7th. June 1879 a Regatta was held 5th. September 1891 a determined suicide 24th. 1830 map showing part of Cunningburn inc. My ancestors came from somewhere around here ... 1850 map showing small part of the coastal area of Cunningburn Cunningburn Mill as seen today and now in residential use. Cunningburn Mill Cottage which appears on a 1777 map.Pic courtesy of Albert Bridge Cunningburn RoadPic courtesy of Albert Bridge Looking across the Ballyblack Road towards the Cunningburn Road from BallyhaftPic by Dean Molyneaux Acheson, Samuel - 1863 - Of Cunningburn - Leased a house and 1/2 an acre fo land from the Marquis of Londonderry Adderley, James - 1863 - Of Cunningburn - Leased a house and garden from Frederick and Patrick Boyd Atcheson, John - 23rd. Bailie, Allen - 27th.

NIR-DOWN-L [NIR-DOWN] Re: NIR-DOWN-D Digest V01 #183 Moore Kennedy From: "Alice Daniel" <> Subject: [NIR-DOWN] Re: NIR-DOWN-D Digest V01 #183 Moore Kennedy Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:52:46 +1000 References: <> I am so glad to Donaghadee as the Parish of the week Most of my family research centres around there. Names are John MOORE b. Co Down c.. 1846 Married Isabella TALMAN.Glasserton Wigtown 1853 Issue Sarah b..1874 Dalmellington, James b. 1877 Dalmellington m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) CAMPBELL b.. 1876 they married about 1897 in Donaghadee area George Talman b. Lizzie Campbell was the daughter of James CAMPBELL and Mary Jane MCDOWELL all from Donaghadee Their second son John MOORE(my father ) was born in Donaghadee 1904 and migrated to Australia 1926 Alice KENNEDY( my Mother) was born in Donaghadee in 1903 the daughter of James Frederick KENNEDY and Agnes BUNTING Alice

Irish Ancestry Research Centre » Diploma in Genealogy Our diploma will get you on the road to practicing as a genealogist. This diploma is accredited by University College Cork (in Ireland) and is offered in conjunction with its Centre for Adult Continuing Education. It is a traditional course offered on-campus at UCC, specifically tailored for adult learners wishing to obtain third level qualification in history of family and ancestry research. It is a two year programme at NFQ level 7. This course offers the participant the opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary study of the past, while developing genealogical research skills. The course comprises field trips to archives, interdisciplinary training, supervision of written essays and a creating portfolio on topics of your choice. The diploma will be offered again this year (2014-2016), and comprises a three-hour class commitment once each week, over two years. Further information on this course is available from Dr David J. Full details of Diploma in Genealogy

Outline Descendant Tree: MOORE: From Ireland to Tennessee to Arkansas to Texas Page 15 of 15 [ Home Page | First Page | Previous Page | Next Page | Last Page | Index of Pages ] 3 George MOORE Born: Unknown in Ireland. Died: Unknown in U. S. +Sally RICE Born: Unknown Married: July 20, 1814 in Roane County, TN. Page 15 of 15 Grave Indices « Ballymoney Graveyards Names in Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard Book There are variations of the spelling of surnames and townlands and spelling errors on the gravestones themselves. The name index states the names of the people mentioned in the text, but not in the family trees. Names in St. Names in Derrykeighan Old Church Graveyard Book Like this: Like Loading...

Wigtownshire genealogy If you are uncertain of the location of a place in Wigtownshire, try searching the Where in Wigtownshire is ... ? pages which locate 1200 places in the county. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps. Archives, Libraries and Museums National collections, all with material concerning Wigtownshire: The ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh provides easy access to Scottish records for family historians. Return to top of page Internet collections: Google Books, the Open Library, the Internet Archive texts and HathiTrust all have scanned copies of historical books about Wigtownshire. Local collections: Most archive material concerning Wigtownshire is now held by Dumfries and Galloway Council in Dumfries - either in the Archive Centre or the Ewart Library. Bibliography Wigtown is Scotland's Book Town. Cemeteries Details of all cemeteries are given on the parish pages. Census

The Wigtownshire Pages: Census of 1851 Heads of Household Index, Glasserton Return to homeReturn to Parish Page Return to Census infoView other parishes - 51 IndexThe following census information was transcribed from Crown public records by Mr.John Roy. Though every effort was made to retain the integrity of the census, we assume no responsibilities for errors or omissions. This is a finding tool, carefully entered and generously donated by a fellow researcher. To read more about the Heads of Family Index, click here. To View Other Wigtownshire Parishes - [Glasserton] [Inch] [Kirkcolm] [Kirkcowan] [Kirkinner] [Kirkmaiden] [Leswalt] [Mochrum] [New Luce] [Old Luce/Glenluce] [Penninghame] [Portpatrick] [Sorbie] [Stoneykirk] [Stranraer] [Whithorn] [Wigtown] Return to top of page

User Home Page Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Sandra Kay Tallman [ Home Page | First Page | Previous Page | Next Page | Last Page ] Generation No. 5 16. George Tallman, born 1820 in Dartmouth, Devon county, England. He married 17. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Anglo Scottish Branch Page Scotch Irish search for names Search of THE SCOTCH-IRISH OR THE SCOT IN NORTH BRITAIN, NORTH IRELAND, AND NORTH AMERICA Source Information: Hanna, Charles A. The Scotch-Irish: The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America Vol.1 New York, NY: G. P. Putnam, 1902. [Boyd] [Bruce] [Eglinton] [Glencairn] [Kennedy] PrefaceChapter I The Scotch-Irish and the RevolutionChapter II The Scotch-Irish and the ConstitutionChapter III The Scotch-Irish in American PoliticsChapter IV New England Not The Birthplace of American LibertyChapter V Liberty of Speech and Conscience Definitely Established in America By Men of Scottish BloodChapter VI The American People Not Racially Identical With Those of New EnglandChapter VII American Ideals More Scottish Than EnglishChapter VIII The Scottish Kirk and Human LibertyChapter IX Religion in Early Scotland and Early EnglandChapter X Scottish AchievementChapter XI The Tudor-stuart Church Responsible For Early American Animosity to EnglandChapter XII Who Are The Scotch-Irish? Eglinton