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CoParenter - The #1 coParenting App. Foster Care Software. Start Your Filing Today. Online Family Dispute Resolution - video demo from Australia. Telephone Dispute Resolution Service. Home - Justice42. Family Resolve. Sorting out Separation web app. Getting Divorced Online: Procedural and Outcome Justice in Online Divorce Mediation by Martin Gramatikov, Laura Klaming. Martin Gramatikov Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems (TISCO); Tilburg University - Private Law Department and Faculty of Law; Tilburg Law School.

Getting Divorced Online: Procedural and Outcome Justice in Online Divorce Mediation by Martin Gramatikov, Laura Klaming

Online Negotiation System Smartsettle Family Resolution Center Pilot Results. VANCOUVER — Nov 29, 2011 — Smartsettle Family Resolution Center produces positive pilot project results BREAKING NEWS UPDATE (2012 May): Click here for the new Smartsettle Family website. iCan Systems Inc., located in Vancouver, BC, re-launched their Family Resolution Center in 2011.

Online Negotiation System Smartsettle Family Resolution Center Pilot Results

The Center ran as an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Pilot Project from 2003 to 2006. Early on, word of mouth became a productive source of new clients, more so than local print advertising. In 2011, Google AdWords has proven to be cost-effective. The Center helps couples that need to separate create agreements for that purpose using the Smartsettle eNegotiation system.

Smartsettle deals with a mixture of both numerical and optioned issues, including choices among alternative scenarios as described in the FFA. The Smartsettle software facilitates the negotiation with special features such as the following: The Couple Conflict Consultant.

Child-focused resources

OurFamilyWizard. Child Custody X Change software. New Inventors: Family Winner. Family Winner Family Winner is a conflict resolution software package that assists divorcees to rationally negotiate their disputes.

New Inventors: Family Winner

It does this by advising rational options for trade-offs of assets, between the opposing parties. CONTACT About the Inventor Both Dr. Contact For more information about Family Winner, contact the following: CONTACT Online Discussion Read what others have said or have your say. Family Winner is a software package that will assist divorcees to rationally negotiate their disputes. Through a series of trade-offs and compensation strategies, disputants can often achieve 70-80% of what they require, rather than the traditional 50-50 approach to resolving disputes. It is based on game theory techniques and subsequent algorithms developed by Nobel Laureate John Nash.

What the disputants see on the screen are graphically displayed trade-off maps. AssetDivider - Software Developed for Use in Family Mediation. 2010 Towards Online Family Mediation in Australia. Divorce Mediation and the Internet. The Internet is changing the way divorce mediation is practiced and experienced.

Divorce Mediation and the Internet

The Internet is becoming an ever more integral part of effective and affordable divorce mediation services and programs. Adapting Internet technologies to mediation is not accidental. Increased use is based upon the effectiveness, convenience and affordability of various Internet strategies. In addition to enhanced communication capacities, the Internet offers mediators and participants a vast knowledge base and discussion communities.

The Internet is for many a comfortable, if not preferred, and empowering means of research and communication. Developing Negotiation Decision Support Systems - FamilyWinner. ODR & Family Disputes Presentation Notes. New Frontiers in Cross Border Family Mediation. As globalisation progresses and migration increases, the number of bi-national and bi-cultural relationships and marriages is increasing.

New Frontiers in Cross Border Family Mediation

This brings a new richness and diversity to our society, but can also bring new challenges and difficulties when those relationships break down. One of the difficulties that can arise is international parental child abduction, where one parent brings the child or children to another country, often their country of origin, without the other parents’ consent.

This usually results in complex legal proceedings under the Hague Convention or Brussels II bis Regulation, and a time of intense anxiety and crisis for all family members involved. It is in this area, and the broader area of dealing with the fallout from the end of a bi-national relationship, that mediation is playing an increasingly significant part. Mediation however offers a number of specific advantages to parents in the context of a child abduction case. Biography. EU Intl Family Mediation Training Project - MiKK. Training in International Family Mediation In 2011 every European Union Member State has to implement the European Directive 2008/52/EG concerning mediation in civil and commercial matters in cross border conflicts, including family mediation.

EU Intl Family Mediation Training Project - MiKK

As yet, there is no harmonized European training with regard to international family mediation and – as a consequence – a lack of knowledge and an organizational vacuum. MiKK in cooperation with Child Focus, the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (KULeuven) and with the support of the Dutch Centre for International Child Abduction, created a training program for international family mediation. This project was co-financed by the European Commission. Cross-Border Family Mediation Book - Wolfgang Metzner Verlag. Introduction to Cross-Border Family Mediation Book. Where are the Children During the Distance Mediation Process? While discussing the concept of distance mediation, we – the Legal Information Counsellors at the BC Families in Transition – readily recognized the innovation of bringing mediation to all persons who desired this process.

Where are the Children During the Distance Mediation Process?

Yet we also became aware that children could easily “slip through the cracks” in distance mediation. Parents who are separating may consider it quite a convenience to participate in mediation right from their very homes, yet the responsibility to keep the children away from the close proximity of such an emotional and at times chaotic process becomes even more of a vigilant responsibility.

Let’s explore some relevant aspects. Time factors As a mediator, most of my cases have been face-to-face with parties. This requires that parties drive to and from my office, giving them some “before and after” transition time that acts as a buffer to integrate parties back into routines. Separation within families is always traumatic. Online Family Mediation.

BC Distance Family Mediation Blog. A Short History of Family Mediation in BC Although we tend to spend a lot of our time focusing on the future it is good to also consider and honour the past.

BC Distance Family Mediation Blog

I was asked recently to provide a short summary of the development of family mediation in British Columbia – “just four or five paragraphs”. …Well, as. Distance Mediator Process Explained. Mixing distance and technology into the Agreement to Mediate « BC Distance Family Mediation Blog. The Agreement to Mediate – every professional mediator uses one.

Mixing distance and technology into the Agreement to Mediate « BC Distance Family Mediation Blog

And, if what I’ve seen is any indication, the one they use is likely pretty similar to the Agreement to Mediate document that their mediator colleagues use. If you are a mediator who uses one of these “typical” Agreements to Mediate, there’s a good chance that you haven’t (yet) addressed in it the types of unique issues that distance mediation can present – for example, how the Agreement to Mediate itself will be signed when all of the participants in the mediation are in different locations, or how confidentiality will be managed when parties are in their own home where there could be Someone Else lurking in the background during the mediation session.

Or, my personal favorite, how participants will deal with process disruptions in the event the technology decides it’s going to have a bad day. Here, shown as italicized clauses, is what our team* came up with. The answer, I have to confess, is that there is no connection. Closing the Distance - Report on Phase 1 of Technology Assisted Family Mediation Project. Practice Guidelines for Family Mediators Mediating from a Distance. Online Dispute Resolution and Family Disputes by Melissa Conley Tyler, Mark McPherson.

Melissa Conley Tyler Melbourne Law School Mark McPherson affiliation not provided to SSRN Journal of Family Studies, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2006 U of Melbourne Legal Studies Research Paper No. 297 Abstract:

Online Dispute Resolution and Family Disputes by Melissa Conley Tyler, Mark McPherson

Research report on using Juripax for Divorce cases. Online Counseling, Therapy and Dispute Resolution - 2009 Briefing. You are in an archived section of the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) site. Publications in this section were produced by the former Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse which is now part of CFCA. This archived section will no longer be updated and may not meet the latest accessibility standards. If you are unable to access content in this archive please contact us and we will endeavour to provide it in a format that you can use.