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Home | Rally Up Structured process you must know to develop a web application Developing a web application is a hard work which requires much time you have to spend doing a myriad of things. If you don't use a methodic approach, especially in case of a complex project, you run the risk of losing sight of the project, not respecting times of delivery and wast your time for nothing. This post illustrates a structured process which helps you to simplify the approach to develop your web applications saving time and more efficiently. Download The Woork Papers N1 | Structured process you must know to develop a web application Process main phases In a generic web application developing process you can identify five main phases: 1. Planning and Monitoring is a "cross phase" which follows developing process defining a project plan composed from a list of activities which you have to monitor during project execution. - owner - duration - costs - ... How to organize a project planExcel Gantt chart templateImplement a project plan and manage activities with Google Spreadsheets 1.

mixxt EggCartel Makes Craigslist Look Even Older With The Fast, Mobile EggDrop (And Funding) When you visit Craigslist, it’s almost as if you’re visiting the early 90s web. Blue links. That’s it. Many competitors have tried to disrupt Craigslist in the past, and failed — often miserably. Their first product, EggDrop launches today on the iPhone and tomorrow on Android devices. That’s really the key to EggDrop. Location plays a huge role in EggDrop because there is no shipping allowed. With this human interaction in mind, EggDrop is also doing something a bit old school — they’re leaving it up to the buyers and sellers to handle the transactions. So how do they avoid spam and fraud? We first covered EggCartel when they launched as one of the initial AngelPad companies late last year. Zheng and co-founder Brian Lynch expect that most people will use EggDrop to sell electronics, furniture, kids items, and things of that nature at first. The seven person team also has one other bit of exciting news today: funding. You can find EggDrop in the App Store here.

EggDrop - Your neighborhood marketplace on mobile