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Narcissists & Family Units

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NPD Parents

What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Father? - mobile wiseGEEK. I am so taken aback reading this article, and the previous comments.

What Are the Signs of a Narcissistic Father? - mobile wiseGEEK

For my whole life, I have suffered under the burden of living with a purely evil, self-centered, unloving, uncaring, abusive, horrible father. I never knew why he was this way, and I have always wondered why he couldn't show us love, or give us the emotional support we needed and so desperately carved from him. For my whole life, I have craved love and attention from this man, and have done everything I could to obtain it. I did well in school and went on to become a lawyer, but he has never been satisfied with anything I have done. I have never received a single compliment from this man. I'm sorry for those who have lived through these experiences, and yet relieved to find others who can identify with what I've been through, and to actually put a name to what my father is. It was hell growing up with this man as my father.

BLOG.THENARCISSISTINYOURLIFE.COM: Loathesome Narcissistic Daughters. Children of Narcissistics. I found a post on here which I felt I could really relate to and thought I'd share.

Children of Narcissistics

The Children of Narcissists Many say that narcissists' children are likely to marry narcissists. While I see where this idea comes from and have seen it happen myself, I have not observed any "co-dependence. " That's a fancy word for being a glutton for punishment. The truth is more complicated than that. In fact, I bet research would find that the normal children of narcissists are more likely to never marry. I can hear those gears in your head grinding. There are, however, some other things it is pretty safe to say about the normal children of narcissists.

One is that they are likely to tolerate narcissists. If you are a Baby-Boomer, you didn't even get a clue from TV. Yet tolerance of narcissists is not knuckling under to them. Nobody knows better than the normal children of narcissists that, to survive as a person, you must never let anyone own you. Sad? These behaviors persist through young adulthood. Daughter of Narcissistic Father - Family & Friends of the Mentally Ill Message Board. Thank you Reg and Sera, for your replies.

Daughter of Narcissistic Father - Family & Friends of the Mentally Ill Message Board

It is of some comfort to know that others have successfully dealt with this problem. My heart goes out to both of you for your struggles. As more information, I left home the moment I turned 18. Over time, I got myself through college, married an amazing man, and we are raising our two wonderful children. It was a struggle in the beginning, but cutting myself off financially from my N Father at age 18 was a great move.

I keep my parents away from my personal life as much as possible - which is not difficult, because they literally take zero interest in me. My N Father always makes elaborate promises to the children - of playsets and bikes and swimming pools. I have never left my children alone with my parents. The extended family believes I am "odd" and "crazy" and a number of other things. Since there is no way to effectively explain the Living Hell my parents have made of my life, I never bother trying to explain to anyone. The Relative Effects of Family Members with Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Mental Health -

In addition to looking at what is narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and the diagnostic criteria required for a diagnosis of the condition (see links below), today we are going to look at the damage caused by different family members who suffer from the disorder and the relative effects on the rest of the family.

The Relative Effects of Family Members with Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Mental Health -

The most devastating situation exists when the mother suffers from NPD. This makes sense because, despite changes in our society over recent decades, it is still the mother who is, and is expected to be, the primary source of love, caring and attention. This situation in itself is a source of much heartache for adult children of narcissists. Therefore if one’s mother suffers from NPD, life becomes extremely difficult for the child and later, the adult child, of this individual.

Consequently, most of the articles I have written about the subject of narcissism have usually revolved around the mother as the protagonist. Related Articles: Coping With A Narcissist - Information Guide to Narcissism. What It Means To Be With a Narcissist and One Way of Coping About You It isn’t easy being you.

Coping With A Narcissist - Information Guide to Narcissism

You might be unsure yourself if you are with an abuser because they can so easily turn on the charm or maybe they might say, “C’mon, aren’t you being too sensitive? What’s the matter with you?” And there you are again, back in the cycle of abuse. It isn’t easy being you whether the abuse is overt or not. So there you are, confused, or maybe not – perhaps you are sure at this point that you are with a narcissist. Doing Nothing Now is the time to do….nothing.