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Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children Are 'Selfish,' Pope Says. Race/class in vaccination decision. Vaccines work.

Race/class in vaccination decision

Anti-vaxxers will argue otherwise, but if they’re given airtime, this will degenerate — like most vaccine discourse — into comparative science, misinformation, name-calling, and finally heated charges of baby-killing. Someone will say all anti-vaxxers should be locked up, and someone else will invoke Hitler. So we’re skipping that part. If you’re interested in reading it, see the comment sections of every vaccine article ever. Instead, let’s look at the parents who refuse routine childhood vaccinations — and what that means. There are two categories of kids without a full complement of routine vaccinations. Children without vaccinations, on the other hand, are generally referred to as “free riders”**: kids whose health gets a free ride from the immunity of the vaccinated people surrounding them (i.e.

Ouch. It doesn’t take a methodological study to make sense of these numbers. Science Has Great News for People Who Live Alone. The word "alone" has many negative connotations, but when used in the context of living without a mate, none apply.

Science Has Great News for People Who Live Alone

In fact, living alone may be one of the greatest joys a person can experience. Sure, having a roommate is a rite of passage for emerging adults. In 2010, Pew Research found that 15% of 18- to 29-year-olds live with roommates to save money. But for those who don't have to split the rent, immediate benefits ensue like not having to rush to empty the sink, compromise on Netflix choices, or having to wear pants, ever. But the benefits extend beyond laziness. The Woman Who Sold Her Baby For $435 To Buy Firewood : Goats and Soda. The poverty in Afghanistan takes a particular toll on children.

The Woman Who Sold Her Baby For $435 To Buy Firewood : Goats and Soda

These youngsters live in a mud-walled home in Kabul's Nasaji Bagrami camp for internally displaced Afghans. In the most dire of circumstances, a parent might abandon or sell a child. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption itoggle caption David Gilkey/NPR The poverty in Afghanistan takes a particular toll on children. More Than Two: Examining the Myths and Facts of Polyamory. Charter, private, and wealthy schools lead California vaccine exemptions. We need to know who’s driving this epidemic of non-vaccination so we can decide what to do about it.

Charter, private, and wealthy schools lead California vaccine exemptions

One key element of the pattern is that it’s a practice of groups, not (just) individuals. And one way such groups are organized and maintained may be by interacting in and around schools — hotspots for parenting fads and identity performance, as well as (one hopes) useful information. Kieran Healy the other day posted some visualizations of California vaccine exemption rates across schools and counties — then dug deeper on school type here. While he was writing his second post I followed his links to the data and did some more descriptive work, adding some more information on school type and now poverty levels. '3-Parent Baby' Law Moves Forward In Britain. The U.K. could become the first country to legalize the production of a human embryo from three donors.

'3-Parent Baby' Law Moves Forward In Britain

Here, the freezing platform for an embryo, top, also known as a straw, is seen at an in vitro fertilization lab. Jim Stevens/MCT/Landov hide caption. Supreme Court lets stand ruling that firing woman for breastfeeding not sexis... The Supreme Court has declined to overturn a lower court’s ruling that an insurance company was within bounds when it fired a breastfeeding mother.

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that firing woman for breastfeeding not sexis...

The woman’s suit was dismissed by the Eighth Circuit Court on the grounds that firing a woman for breastfeeding isn’t sexist because men can lactate, too. The ACLU’s Galen Sherwin wrote Monday that former Nationwide Insurance Company employee Angela Ames sued her employer when she returned from maternity leave to find that no allowances had been made to enable her to pump breast milk for her baby during the day. When Ames asked her supervisor for accommodations that would enable her to express milk and store it for her child, the supervisor reportedly responded that Ames should “go home and be with your babies” instead. That supervisor went on to dictate a letter of resignation to Ames that day, effectively forcing her to resign. Women under more stress in marriages, according to sociology professor.

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Caused by Distrust in American Society. A recent measles outbreak traced to Disneyland has put anti-vaccination advocates under the microscope once more.

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Caused by Distrust in American Society

With upwards of 80 people now diagnosed with measles, it’s worth asking why this preventable disease has again been allowed to endanger public health. According to The Los Angeles Times, only seven of the 39 patients whose vaccination status is known were fully vaccinated at the time of the outbreak. 3 Black Adoptees Speak About Growing Up With White Parents. The ad campaign for Kevin Costner’s new film Black or White definitely supports that idea, pushing the hashtag #LoveKnowsNoColor while promoting the transracial custody drama.

3 Black Adoptees Speak About Growing Up With White Parents

Black or White pits a child’s white maternal grandfather (Costner) against her black paternal grandmother (played by Octavia Spencer) in a legal battle for custody. Think Losing Isaiah meets The Blind Side, dealing with the matter of white parents raising black or biracial children. Men And Women Prefer Egalitarian Relationships. In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama came out in full support of paid family leave, an option that's currently unavailable for most families in the U.S.

Men And Women Prefer Egalitarian Relationships

"It's time we stop treating childcare as a side issue, or a women's issue, and treat it like the national economic priority that it is for all of us," he said. New research suggests that, if these policies become a reality, the relationships of young Americans might look very different. A study out of the University of Texas at Austin and the University of California, Santa Barbara, found that, when given the option, the majority of men and women between 18 and 32 preferred egalitarian relationships, where the man and woman split financial and domestic responsibilities. Muslims Say Yes To Women's Rights And Muslims Say No To Domestic Violence. Family leave? Seven kids removed from Arkansas ‘prepper’ family’s home over use of bogus ‘m... Authorities removed seven homeschooled children from an Arkansas “prepper” family during a search for a bogus “miracle” cure their father uses.

Seven kids removed from Arkansas ‘prepper’ family’s home over use of bogus ‘m...

State troopers and Garland County authorities executed a search warrant Jan. 12 at the home of Hal and Michelle Stanley, and their school-age children were taken by ambulance for a medical examination after officers found containers marked “MMS.” Miracle Mineral Solution is touted as a miracle cure for cancer, AIDS, malaria, and possibly Ebola, but the Food and Drug Administration said the substance can be turned into a potent bleach and cause serious health issues if ingested. Users say they can tell the substance is working if they become nauseated – which the FDA argues will happen if it’s used as directed. “The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health,” the FDA warns. “The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. Montgomery County neglect inquiry shines spotlight on ‘free-range’ parenting.

Two days after the story of their children’s unsupervised walk home from a park became the latest flash point in an ongoing cultural debate about what constitutes responsible parenting, Danielle and Alexander Meitiv were still explaining their “old-fashioned” methods of child-rearing. They eat dinner with their children. They enforce bedtimes, restrict screen times and assign chores. What's Right About A 6-Year-Old Who Breast-Feeds : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture. Mothers breast-feed their children of different ages during the Second Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide event near Manila, Philippines, in October 2008.

Pat Roque/AP hide caption itoggle caption Pat Roque/AP Mothers breast-feed their children of different ages during the Second Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide event near Manila, Philippines, in October 2008. How secular family values stack up. More children are “growing up godless” than at any other time in our nation's history. They are the offspring of an expanding secular population that includes a relatively new and burgeoning category of Americans called the “Nones,” so nicknamed because they identified themselves as believing in “nothing in particular” in a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center. The number of American children raised without religion has grown significantly since the 1950s, when fewer than 4% of Americans reported growing up in a nonreligious household, according to several recent national studies.

That figure entered the double digits when a 2012 study showed that 11% of people born after 1970 said they had been raised in secular homes. This may help explain why 23% of adults in the U.S. claim to have no religion, and more than 30% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 say the same. The results of such secular child-rearing are encouraging. The Swedes have an unusual way of teaching kids about sex, don’t they?

Meet Snoppen and Snippan, they’re Internet sensations. It’s easy to see why this charming little children’s animation from Sweden has become such a massive hit there. It’s obviously the bright colors, the rather catchy tune that will have you singing along in a minute or two…and the…er…jolly bouncy characters who look, very happy with each other. The Craziest Parenting Advice Throughout History – P&G everyday. Let’s go seriously old school with some of the wackiest parenting advice of all time! Why This Woman Is Crusading Against Child Marriage. In the developing world, 1 in 3 girls are married before they turn 18, and 1 in 9 before they're 15.

Early marriage places girls at an increased risk of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and typically means the girl drops out of school and starts having babies, keeping the family entrenched in poverty. Can Connecticut Force A Teenage Girl To Undergo Chemotherapy? In Sickness and in Health ... but Not in Debt. Before and after, there’s the bachelor/bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner and the day-after brunch. Why I don’t breast-feed, if you must know. The mothers in my “Baby & Me Yoga Fit,” class looked down from their tree poses, surprised as I poured some instant formula into a bottle.

Feeding our babies whenever they were in need was one of the most nurturing parts of the class. -70. From Foster Care To Freshman Year : NPR Ed. Let's Stop Giving Shit To Women Who Don't Want Kids  Long before the pill, American women put off motherhood until their 30s. 'Traditional' Families Are No Longer The Norm, According To Pew Report. Businessinsider. One Group Has a Higher Domestic Violence Rate Than Everyone Else — And It's N... New Evidence That Grandmothers Were Crucial for Human Evolution. Why We Martyr Single Dads, But Demonize Single Moms (And What To Do About It)

8 Socially-Constructed Parenting Roles and Why They're Problematic. Is marriage for white people? - Race. The-brotherhood-of-the-stay-at-home-dad.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&smid=fb-nytimes&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000&smtyp=aut&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT. Egg Freezing Isn’t the Feminist Issue You Think It Is. We Need To See What Childbirth Looks Like, and Facebook Isn't Helping. You Don't Need to Know Why I'm Not Breastfeeding, Because It Shouldn't Matter... Black Fathers, Present and Accountable. Women aren't just 'better' at housework but men might be better at avoiding it. Judge scolds Atlanta attorney for showing up in court with her baby.

Should employers pay for women to freeze their eggs? Training a Man for Marriage Is Not His Wife's Job. What Elizabeth Gilbert Wants People To Know About Her Choice Not To Have Chil... A Class Act? Stability and Instability in Children’s Lives Prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families » Council on Contemporary Families. Interview: Eula Biss, Author Of 'On Immunity' Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard' It’s not racist to sue over a mixed-race baby. How American parenting is killing the American marriage. Suit: Black donor's sperm sent to white woman - Chicago Tribune. CEO quit his job to be a dad and the response is troubling. Wedding-budget-cost-of-wedding.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 2016 pixels) - Scaled (49%) San Francisco May Be First City To Oppose Sex-Selective Abortion Bans.

Does Homogamy Matter? A Query by OKCupid. In Korea, Adoptees Fight To Change Culture That Sent Them Overseas : Code Switch. The Myth Of The Absent Black Father. The Decisive Marriage. He Was Raised By A White Mom And Didn't Think The Cops Were Out To Get Him. Until They Got Him. Couples who share housework have the most sex, study finds - Health. "Super parent" study: The pressure to do everything just right exacerbates postpartum depression. If you’re a lawyer or a cop, you’re seen as a bad parent. Offshore babies: The murky world of transnational surrogacy.

Why teaching “respect” won’t end violence against women. Why Can’t Conservatives See the Benefits of Affordable Child Care? How Colorado’s teen birthrate dropped 40% in four years. Global Parenting Habits That Haven't Caught On In The U.S. : Parallels. Paid Leave Encourages Female Employees to Stay - Wealth or Good Parenting? Framing the Privileges of the Rich. France Just Passed A Sweeping Gender Equality Law To Make It Easier To Get An... Study breaks perception about motives in looking for a mate Chicago tribune 8/3/14.

Bride school Chicago Tribune 8/3/14. EEOC Announces Tougher Rules Protecting Pregnant Workers. The Rise of Polyamory. WGBH News. How cultures around the world think about parenting. Saturday Stat: Who’s Having Babies Out of Wedlock? Is It Time to Lower Your Standards? Dads on Sitcoms. ‘Divorce class’ seems divorced from reality Chicago Tribune 6/29/14. The New American Man Doesn't Look Like His Father. 5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Women Who Don't Want Children. Paternal Parenting: Mentoring counters media messages on fathering. Bustle. Representations of Gender in Father’s Day Cards. Older new dads Chicago Tribune 6/15/14. Majority of “Stay-at-Home Dads” Aren’t There to Care for Family. Okla. to require divorce class for couples with kids Chicago Tribune 6/6/14. State joins debate over child custody battles Chicago Tribune 6/1/15. U.S. birth rate among teens reaches record low Chicago Tribune 5/30/14. Mobile. Baby at trade show raises working mom issues. Helping gay men navigate the path to fatherhood. Breakup Reasons. A Guy Who Took Time Off With His Wife And New Baby Responds To The Sports Ann... Stay-at-Home Mothers on the Rise among Low-Income Families. A Mother's Day Gift: What Men Really Want When It Comes to Work.