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Former Flip Video Execs Launch Hubble, A Private Network For Families Hubble, a new mobile application for private social networking created by the team that developed Flip Video, is launching today to serve as the secure hub (get it? Hubble?) for family communication. In an age when so many families have adopted smart devices – even the kids – it’s somewhat remarkable that no single service has managed to become a centralized place where family members go to connect with each other, share news, and generally communicate. One could argue that Facebook is exactly this place, but it’s not really. So for the team behind Hubble, the lack of a default winner in the private, family networking space is seen as a huge gap in the market which it aims to fill. Now parents with school-aged children themselves, the founders are newly motivated to build upon their previous experience and passion for private networking. Hubble’s Family Hub But while everyday communication is a central focus for Hubble, there’s another element to the service, too: memory making.

efamily The easiest way for your family to remember. A new home for your family. Create lasting memories by sharing daily moments. 100% private and secure. Share your favorite photos, videos, and stories with your family. All of your family photos organized in one place. Start the day right. Family birthdays, emails, phone numbers, and addresses, all in one shared place. On your desk or in your pocket. Our gorgeous apps are available on the web, iPhone, or Android devices.And we've made it really simple for your family to remember: just type your family domain in and go. eFamily is easy and intuitive to use on your web browser. Stay updated with mobile notifications and share even the largest videos on your camera roll. iOS6+ Built just for Android. Safe and private. Everything you share is 100% private, just between you and the family members you invite. Techcrunch: Y-Combinator Backed Origami Labs Acquired by eFamily But Service Lives On You and your family will love eFamily.

Everyme Has A New Project: Origami, A Private Sharing Service For Families Everyme, the Y Combinator-backed startup with an app focused on private social circles, is announcing a new product today called Origami, which customizes the private sharing concept for a specific group — families. Co-founder and CEO Oliver Cameron says he isn’t abandoning the Everyme product. In fact, the company just launched a version for Android tablets. But with six people, trying to work on both apps at once would be a strain, so the team will be focusing on Origami for the next few months before turning its attention back to Everyme. (Cameron’s also hoping to hire more people. After all, Everyme just raised funding from Tencent and others.) “We love Everyme,” Cameron says. For a while? As for why he’s building Origami in the first place, Cameron says the response to Everyme suggested that there was real interest in private sharing among families, but he thinks the use case “deserves its own product.” If you’re interested in testing Origami, you can sign up here.

hellotipi De l'autre bout du monde, grâce au tipi familial, j'ai pu admirer les photos de mon nouveau petit-fils dès sa naissance ! Sophie, utilisatrice depuis janvier 2008 Archivez et partagez vos PHOTOS et vos VIDEOS dans un espace sécurisé illimité. Recevez et donnez des NOUVELLES grâce à un blog facile à utiliser par tout le monde. Dessinez tous ensemble votre ARBRE GENEALOGIQUE partagé. Conservez précieusement vos DOCUMENTS, dessins d'enfant, bulletins de notes, lettres, etc. Ne ratez plus aucun ANNIVERSAIRE via l'annuaire de la famille ou les informations généalogiques. Ecrivez tous ensemble l’HISTOIRE de votre famille ou de votre groupe d’amis sur un « livre » commun. Gardez le CONTACT ! Hellotipi, au service des familles depuis 5 ans Sans publicité ni spam : c’est votre espace Internet privé et sécurisé ! Ils parlent de nous

Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles: Karoo App Review #doyoukaroo As a student nurse and mother, I have to leave Alea with a sitter roughly 20 hours a week. It's not ideal, as I would of course prefer to be with my babe every waking moment, but if I want to accomplish my goal if becoming a registered nurse, it's just something that I have to do! She absolutely loves it over at Jenna's house and loves playing with Evan who is just 6 months younger than her, but sometimes I still feel like I'm missing out on things. Not anymore though! In this day and age, time is everything and being able to update one another from this app while I'm in school or if I have something I forgot to tell her when I dropped Alea off, I can quick update her through this app! Not only can Jenna & I update each other, but we can also update my family who also download this app! Now come on, don't you want to Karoo too? I participated in this review as part of a social media promotion and was not compensated for this post. this month's featured ad: Launches Karoo App For Parents and Caregivers To Stay Connected has launched a new application called Karoo, which helps busy working moms stay in touch with their children on days that they cannot be around. is the world’s largest online care destination. Parents can receive updates on feeding, naps, videos, or photos from soccer practice. The application is free and you do not need a membership to use it. Karoo helps parents, caregivers, and relatives stay connected and share childhood moments as they happen. Karoo has a Digital Memory Book where you can capture and share moments for big milestones as they happen. The app has a private network so that you can share what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. For family members that do not have a smartphone, Karoo is available on the web so that everyone can participate. is an online care destination with 7 million users across 15 countries. Tags: , Karoo

Bijou LA FA MI: symbolise vos enfants, petits-enfants. Or 18K App of the Week – Karoo Whoever said ‘Tech is a great servant but a bad master’ had it right. We are bombarded with ways to use tech, while also receiving urgent messages to unplug and stay sane. So the trick is to find the technologies that can support and enhance our lifestyle as human beings and parents. Not so easy. Every now and then, however, a new app or service is announced, we take a closer look and we realize how wonderfully it fits with our lifestyle. Karoo is a private network of the important people in your life with whom you want to share photos and milestones of your kids. Karoo has also found enthusiastic fans among working parents, who may want to check in with daycare or baby sitters to find out what’s going on. Personally, I love the single mission of Karoo. We are off to a great start and my family is jumping in to embrace the idea. Seller: Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch. App Category: Lifestyle Price: Free The Online Mom Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Skitch 2.0, Karoo, Hallo - Social Voice - iPhone app article - Marty Gabel Here are three great iPhone apps to download. Skitch hit version 2.0 and also works on iPhone instead of exclusively on iPad. It now has much tighter integration with Evernote (the company purchased Skitch earlier this year). We’ve also got Karoo, a nice way for parents to share the progress of their children with select people. Finally, there’s an update to Hallo - Social Voice, a voice-messaging app which now lets you send free text messages too. Skitch (Free) What’s it about? What’s cool? Who is it for? What’s it like? Karoo (Free) What’s it about? What’s cool? Who is it for? What’s it like? Hallo - Social Voice update (Free, iPad) What’s it about? What’s cool? Who is it for? What’s it like? Download the Appolicious Android app

Karoo app keeps parents & caregivers connected Striking a work/life balance is easy when you’re single and childless and living on your own. It goes like this: work your ass off, and then come home and watch last week’s episode of “True Blood” on your laptop before hitting the sack. Maybe you need to post a sticky note to your bathroom mirror reminding yourself to feed your goldfish before you leave in the morning. When you become a parent (and I just did the “when you become a parent…” thing I always feared I would do some day after having a kid), finding a work/life balance becomes much more guilt-riddled. To help families stay connected when they can’t be in the same place all at once, there’s the Karoo app , launched by the caregiver search site . It’s a very timely launch, since so many daycares are installing webcams in their facilities so that parents can peak in on their kids throughout the day. Karoo is the second mobile app launched by Image source:

Startup lesson #2: Don’t ignore the enablers [Editor’s note: Seattle entrepreneurs Barry Chu and Dave Cotter share some of their startup lessons in starting the new mobile app SquareHub. The three-part series is running this week on GeekWire, starting yesterday with their thoughts about minimum viable products. In part two, they’ll talk about how they determined product features. As with most startups, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. Rather than building one big prioritized backlog, we started by splitting features into two lists: Enabler features. Separating our features helped us check and evaluate the minimum thresholds for each separately. For example, the enabler features for LinkedIn circa 2003 needed to be just a bit better than email and building your own Rolodex. For SquareHub, entering the crowded app space meant our enabler features needed to be good enough to avoid turning off users before they engaged with the core features. How do users get lost along the way? For SquareHub, this meant:

SquareHub Archives » The Dalai-Nana The Dalai-Nana Do you need a private way to communicate with EVERYONE in your Family – and no one else. There’s an App for that – SquareHub Family Network. As a grandmother, I am in awe of the amount of coordination required to manage today’s busy family. I am often asked to help in the pick ups or transfers or game day events. When live gets complicated, clear communication is difficult and that is BEFORE you add in the element of teenage communication skills – with their grandparent, no less. This nifty new app might be just the thing to communicate with everyone we need to and not those we don’t. SquareHub addresses the need to coordinate multiple activities each day while keeping personal information private. Plus it appears to be a great planning tool for my brothers and I as we are coordinating help for our parents. Did I mention it is FREE and PRIVATE?