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Learning to Code: The Roadmap I Wish I Had Been Given - Jimmy Li

Context Menu Example with jQuery Mobile Yesterday a reader asked me about building context menu support for images within a jQuery Mobile operation. Turns out it's pretty easy. Obviously there is no such thing as a right-click menu on a touch device. That being said - the convention that most mobile applications use is a "taphold" listener. You touch the item with your finger and wait. I've taken a few simple images and embedded them into the page. In the code block at the bottom, I register an event listener for the taphold event and fire off a call to the SimpleDialog2 control. Here's a quick screen shot so you can see it in action. Ok, if you want to stop reading now, you can. One of the nice features of the SimpleDialog2 control is that you can auto-dismiss it if you click anywhere else in the DOM. Here's where Shadow comes in. So for now, I switched forceInput to true which requires the user to forcibly close the dialog, which isn't horrible I guess. And once again - Shadow helps save the day.

OpenClassroom Full courses. Short Videos. Free for everyone. Learn the fundamentals of human-computer interaction and design thinking, with an emphasis on mobile web applications. A practical introduction to Unix and command line utilities with a focus on Linux. Introduction to fundamental techniques for designing and analyzing algorithms, including asymptotic analysis; divide-and-conquer algorithms and recurrences; greedy algorithms; data structures; dynamic programming; graph algorithms; and randomized algorithms. Database design and the use of database management systems (DBMS) for applications. Machine learning algorithms that learn feature representations from unlabeled data, including sparse coding, autoencoders, RBMs, DBNs. Introduction to discrete probability, including probability mass functions, and standard distributions such as the Bernoulli, Binomial, Poisson distributions. Introduction to applied machine learning. This is a course created to test the website.

Remote Synthesis Online Education UPDATE: we're doing a live, updated MOOC of this course at stanford-online July-2014 (not this Coursera version). See here: CS101 teaches the essential ideas of Computer Science for a zero-prior-experience audience. Computers can appear very complicated, but in reality, computers work within just a few, simple patterns. CS101 demystifies and brings those patterns to life, which is useful for anyone using computers today. In CS101, students play and experiment with short bits of "computer code" to bring to life to the power and limitations of computers. Here is another video Nick created for this class. CodeKit — THE Mac App For Web Developers Learning How to Code Has Never Been Easier Programming isn’t just a niche specialization anymore, rather a necessity for tech-professionals regardless of the industry in which they work. Thankfully for them, it couldn’t be any easier.As such, there’s a big push lately to make coding literacy more widespread among the general populace. Even Mayor Bloomberg is getting in on the act, pledging to learn basic coding in 2012 as his New Year’s resolution. For those who want to learn to code, there are a number of online school coding programs that can guide them through the process. The main players are Codecademy, Team Tree House and Code Year, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and selling points—all who make it easy. Codecademy Probably the most popular website at the moment for those looking to learn coding is Codecademy, a platform that emphasizes doing while learning. Treehouse Though it doesn’t have the name recognition of Codecademy just yet, Team Tree House is nevertheless a powerful way to learn coding. Code Year

50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers - Smashing Coding Every aspiring Web developer should know about the power of JavaScript and how it can be used to enhance the ways in which people see and interact with Web pages. Fortunately, to help us be more productive, we can use the power of JavaScript libraries, and in this article we will take a good look at jQuery in action. What Is jQuery? In a nutshell, jQuery is a leading JavaScript library that can perform wonders on your Web pages and make your Web development life much easier and more enjoyable. Thousands of Web developers worldwide use jQuery to innovate on their websites and stay up to date on trends. jQuery And CSS Link Styles play a big part in the look and feel of any website, and jQuery can help us change them dynamically. .css() Link You can change your website’s styles dynamically with jQuery’s .css()7 function. Demo: Change text color and background color Blue text with orange background Demo: Add a style sheet .addClass() and .toggleClass() Link Demo: Add a CSS class to an element

Develop A One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JS-Based Game Portfolio Advertisement A portfolio is a must-have for any designer or developer who wants to stake their claim on the Web. It should be as unique as possible, and with a bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you could have a one-of-a-kind portfolio that capably represents you to potential clients. In this article, I’ll show you how I created my 2-D Web-based game portfolio. The 2-D Web-based game portfolio of Daniel Sternlicht1. Before getting down to business, let’s talk about portfolios. A portfolio is a great tool for Web designers and developers to show off their skills. One last thing before we dive into the mystery of my Web-based game portfolio. Now, let’s get our hands dirty with some code. The HTML Let’s warm up with a quick overview of some very basic HTML code. The HTML is not very complicated, and I could have used an HTML5 canvas2 element for this game, but I felt more comfortable using simple HTML DOM elements. Have a quick look at my game3. The game view Back to our HTML. The CSS Conclusion

Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps and Examples Facebook has changed all of our lives. Whether you’ve ever had an account or even visited the website, it’s difficult to ignore the hundreds of Facebook’s “Like” and “Share” badges seen all around the modern web. The blogosphere is constantly buzzing with comments and shares over Facebook. Knowing the popularity of Facebook, it’s commonplace to create a fan page for any community or website launch. This provides an outlet for your fans to get together in one place to share ideas, photos, questions, and reviews. In this particular post, I’ll be going into a few useful tips to put together an amazing fan page. Shortcut to: Benefits of a Fan Page Before we go into creating a Facebook fan page, first we should explain what exactly a fan page comprises. Users are able to see your photos, updates, and latest notes published even without a Facebook account. And the most obvious benefit? Creating a Fan Page If you are logged into the site, scroll towards the very bottom of the page. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Beginner’s Guide to CSS3 Ever since the announcement of in 2005, the development of the level 3 of Cascading Style Sheet or better known as CSS3 has been closely watched and monitored by many designers and developers. All of us excited to get our hands on the new features of CSS3 – the text shadows, borders with images, opacity, multiple backgrounds, etc, just to name a few. As of today, not all selectors of CSS3 are fully supported yet. It’s a compilation of useful CSS3 reads, sample codes, tips, tutorials, cheat-sheets and more. Getting Started with CSS3 Introduction to CSS3An (roadmap) official introduction to CSS and CSS3. CSS3: Take design to next levelAdvantages of CSS3, with explanations and examples of CSS3 properties and selectors. Several tricks with CSS3Webmonkey brings you through several basic tricks in CSS3, including rounded borders, borders, drop shadows, image tricks and more. CSS3: Background and Borders CSS3: Text Letterpress EffectCreate simple letterpress effect with CSS3. CSS3: Menu CSS3: Buttons

HTML5 Template Generators, Frameworks And Tools Although the big players in web design industry have been adopting HTML5 in recent years, there are not really many others using it in practical solution, mostly due to the lack of time or understanding. Chances are if a language is being promoted for certain time, there will be enthusiasts going into the troubles of eliminating your troubles by creating HTML5 template generators and frameworks. At Hongkiat, we always want to make your development work as easy as possible, so below is the list of HTML5 template generators and frameworks that either speed up your HTML5 development, or helps you ease troubling issues like browser compatibility. Why Framework? Although it might takes some time to actually learn the framework, if you have the framework at ready all you need to add is the content and slight modifications according to your taste. Besides, frameworks that are out there for using usually have loyal followings and support. Template Generators & Frameworks Initializr SwitchToHTML5

Get More Fans: 5 Tips to Promote your Facebook Page Almost every other blog, site or organization online (and off) has a Facebook page for two reasons: one, throw a pebble into the air and on its way down, it would probably hit someone who has a Facebook account; and two, everyone else in your industry is probably doing it, would you like to be the only one without a Facebook fan page? Whether you want it to be a supplementary page to inform your readers about the latest offer, article or promotions or if you function mostly from your Facebook page for your business, this article is for you. For a more technical approach, read our 10 Tips & Tricks for your Business’s Facebook Fan page. Starting out can be pretty tough but if you play your cards right and keep these few tips in mind, you will be able to see the numbers go up month after month. Bear in mind that just because these are tips, it doesn’t mean they are easy to do. At the end of this article, one thing will be very clear to you. 1. 2. 3. This isn’t really something new. 4. 5.

How To Convert Your Tweets Into A Published Book [Quicktip] Twitter lets you post very short updates of a maximum of 140 characters each, and over time, these tweets become an interesting snapshot of our daily lives. However, there is one very apparent problem with Twitter. It simply moves too fast and the scrolling makes it hard to read all your previous tweets. There are many ways to document your Twitter data, be it in an infographic or even extracts of tweets in the form of analytic reports. But would it be more interesting if you could document your every single tweet in a book? Recommended Reading: Publishing A Book: 7 Cost-Effective Self-Publishing Services Twournal is here to make that possible. 1. To convert your Tweets into book form, firstly, go to the Twournal website and click on the button ‘Sign in with Twitter’. As usual, Twitter will need you to authorize access before you can proceed to use the service offered by Twournal. 2. The basic options are split into three categories, and they are ‘Features’, ‘Customize it’ and ‘Sell’. 3.

Beginner’s Guide To: Building HTML5/CSS3 Webpages HTML5 and CSS3 have swept the web by storm in only 2 years. Before them there have been many altered semantics in the way web designers are expected to create web pages, and with their arrival come a slew of awesome supports such as alternative media, XML-style tags, and progressive input attributes for web designers to achieve dreamy features like animation. (Image Source: SARBARTHA DAS, HeskinRadiophonic) Though most developers seem to showcase potential yet complicated demos, HTML5/CSS3 are not really rocket science, and I’ll be walking you through the relaxing process to build a standard HTML5/CSS3 web page with comprehensive yet in-depth explanation and tada! Bonuses like learning resources and free HTML5 templates are available for you, so take this chance to kick-start your HTML5 journey! Changes between HTML4 and HTML5 You may be wondering why it’s even important to switch into HTML5. (Image Source: W3C) Comparison between HTML4 and HTML5 is difficult to spot at surface level. <! <!