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The web's scaffolding tool for modern webapps

The web's scaffolding tool for modern webapps
Get started and then find a generator for your webapp. Generators are available for Angular, Backbone, Ember and over 400 other projects. Read the Yeoman Monthly Digest for our latest picks. One-line install using npm: Why use Yeoman? With so many great tools available to front-end web developers these days it can sometimes be difficult to understand how they all fit together.

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Composition over inheritance This diagram shows how the fly and sound behaviour of an animal can be designed in a flexible way by using the composition over inheritance design principle.[1] Basics[edit] Example[edit] Inheritance[edit] bRight Switch: The next generation of wall technology. Get bRight Switch! bRight Switch is a color, touch-screen wall switch that provides simple touch selections for immediate use of lights, security, intercom, Pandora® and Skype®. (Skype and Pandora may be replaced with similar applications available in your country) bRight Switch is the next generation of wall technology for homes around the world. bRight Switch installs in a standard light switch wall opening, either alone or alongside traditional switches. Save 30% or more in Lighting Cost with bRIght Switch's built in Occupancy Sensors.Save 4-9% automatically with bRight Switch's built in Light Dimming features.Save 20% on Lighting Cost by dimming all types of lights.Save 100% by turning off lights not in use through the built in Z-Wave control based timer, time or occupancy features.

fb With facebook-node-sdk you can now easily write the same code and share between your server (nodejs) and the client (Facebook Javascript SDK). This SDK will report usage of which AppID is using it directly to Facebook. Author: Thuzi License: Apache v2 npm install fb Implement Custom Gestures — Web Fundamentals Add Event Listeners Touch events and mouse events are implemented on most mobile browsers. The event names you need to implement are touchstart, touchmove, touchend and touchcancel. For some situations, you may find that you would like to support mouse interaction as well; which you can do with the mouse events: mousedown, mousemove, and mouseup. For Windows Touch devices, you need to support Pointer Events which are a new set of events. Pointer Events merge mouse and touch events into one set of callbacks.

Separating JavaScript download and execution Not too long ago, I wrote a post entitled, Thoughts on script loaders[1], in which I discussed my thoughts on the continuing introduction of script loaders such as LABjs and ControlJS. In that post I also mentioned what I thought was the main problem that led to existence of these libraries. That problem is the inability of the developer to control the download of JavaScript files as separate from its execution. After a conversation with Steve Souders about ControlJS, I put together a proposal for a delayed script execution model in browsers[2].

Starting a Kubernetes 1.5.x cluster Kubernetes 1.5.0 was released just about a month ago! Key theme for the release are: StatefulSets (ex-PetSets)StatefulSets are beta now (fixes and stabilization)Improved Federation SupportNew command: kubefedDaemonSetsDeploymentsConfigMapsSimplified Cluster DeploymentImprovements to kubeadmHA Setup for MasterNode Robustness and Extensibility Read CHANGELOG for complete details. Marketplace - ThingWorx Introducing the ThingWorx Marketplace™ Since its release in 2011, ThingWorx platform has offered companies a 10X reduction in the time it takes to build and deploy IoT/M2M applications. With the introduction of the ThingWorx Marketplace, ThingWorx users can expect another step change in further reducing the time, risk and effort it takes to build and deploy IoT/M2M applications. Now developers can assemble the bulk of their applications from an ever-growing, global catalog of prebuilt, tested and reviewed components. The ThingWorx Marketplace is a first mover in an exciting new niche with vast potential. - Machina Research

Services and Dependency Injection As you've seen in Controllers and $scope (Please note: this chapter has not yet been released) AngularJS makes heavy use of Dependency Injection (DI) to retrieve references to components. In this chapter, we'll show you how AngularJS uses DI and how you can inject your own objects into controllers and services for your applications. A 30 Second Intro to Dependency Injection DI is a pattern which is often used in infrastructure components and which ensures that one particular component does not directly create references to other components. Instead of direct instantiation, every component will receive references to required other components like helpers, services, etc. as parameters to their constructor.

5 Website Builders You Should See Let’s get this out of the way – WordPress is one of the most used website builders (or content management systems) in the world. It’s famous, powerful, flexible and enables you to have a piece of the internet real estate – your own website. Now that I’ve flattered it, the key question is – is it the right website builder for you? I’m guessing that you found this discussion here because you’re looking for some alternatives to WordPress.

Thinking Async Here's the rub: when you load JavaScript from a third party you should do it asynchronously. You might want to load your own scripts asynchronously too, but for this article let's focus on third parties. There are two reasons for this: Tomcat vs. Jetty vs. Undertow: Comparison of Spring Boot Embedded Servlet Containers With the rise in popularity of micro services we have seen a similar rise in popularity of applications with embedded servlet containers. Spring boot is a Java based framework that supports application services. It runs as a standalone jar with an embedded servlet container or as a WAR file inside a container. In this example, we will focus on the standalone jar with embedded servlet containers. The framework supports three different types of embedded servlet containers: Tomcat (default), Jetty and Undertow.

Parker Mobile Find open parking spaces… right now. Parker directs you to the closest available parking spots. Stop circling… start smiling. #ParkHappy. Real-time parking guidanceAccess rates, hours, address, and more for real-time and static locationsVoice guidance (audible queue when parking is nearby)Search by points of interest/addressMost recent search locations automatically saved for future accessAutofill search barToggle between availability/pricePay for parking (where available)Filter by preferences: EV charging stations; ADA spaces; payment types acceptedSet a timer to alert when your time is about to expireDirections back to your car Parker is available for iPhone® and select Android™ devices.

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