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Educational Songs & Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

Educational Songs & Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

Mrs. Spatafora’s Kindergarten Blog | Just another day in K! Kindergarten Kindergarten A Place Called Kindergarten CanTeach PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review To review all of the numbers, colors and shapes we learned as we went through our Letter of the Week curriculum, I made some fun review games! Note: If you missed it, don’t forget to do the A-Z Review also! Number Review: Clothespin Number Review: Write numbers on mini-clothespins and then have your child clip them on to the correct number of dots! 1-10 Number Sticker Sheets: This download includes numbers 1-10. Number Word cards: This download comes with the letters in the boxes like below and for more of a challenge I also added blank cards for each color word as well. Number Dot Cards: You can use these a few ways, simply count the dots and say the number, use a fun manipulative like mini-clothespins or pom-poms. Chicka Chicka 123 Cards: We cut out these small numbers & add them to our alphabet tree as we are learning them. Variation: Laminate and use as play-doh mats, or cut out and use as number lacing cards! Number Collage Worksheets: 0-9 worksheets are included. Shape Review:

What is Guided Math? - Guided Math Guided Math is similar to Guided Reading in that the teacher puts the students into small groups and the students work on specific standards being taught in centers around the room. You should try your hardest to have all the centers hitting the same topic. Students are placed in ability level groups and taught the standards of the curriculum. Differentiation is achieved as students are in different groups and instruction is changed to hit the needs of the student. Download What is Guided Math Click on one of the sheets below for a guide to what guided math will look like in your class. Guided Math Planning Sheet Guided Math Planning Sheet 2 Download Guided Math Plan 3 The first thing I say is make it work for you. Day 1- Pretest, mini lesson on topic, go over centers, whole group activity to get them thinking about concept (acceleration). FOR PRETEST you could give a 5 question quiz to see what the kids know. Day 2- Centers ** Day 4- Centers (Aim for about 4-5 kids per group) **

Penguins!#comment-form I think I'm TOO excited to make a post because my twin had her precious little baby today and that's ALL I can think about, but I will post pictures of our penguin fun this week. Penguins are so much fun to learn about and to teach about! They are one cool animal that God created. Huddling together like penguins do to stay warm. Fact book penguins...idea from Kim Jordano at My kids love this roll a word game. Here we sorted the fish by blends onto the penguins I loved this idea by Deanna Jump to review odd and even! I made life size penguins of 7 different kinds of penguins a few years ago and my students love to compare themselves to that's what we are doing here. The smallest penguin is the Fairy Penguin The largest penguin is the Emperor Penguin. We also completed a K-W-L chart on our penguin unit.

Math Playground - Online Math Games that Give your Brain a Workout Kindergartners are full of love...teachers are, too! Here is an example of one of our "Valentine Kiddos" we are going to display in the hallway for everyone to enjoy. The title of the bulletin board is....Kindergarten Kids are Full of Love! I hope to get pictures up by the end of the week. Click {here} for a FREE valentine math worksheet....what number comes next Click {here} for patterns Have a "sweet" week! Amber

St. Patrick's Day 2011 Mason made a Pot of Gold. Items needed: 1. Template for the pot found at All Kids Network. 2. Gold glitter craft foam paper cut into circles. 3. Mason then decorated a Shamrock shape green. Then we made green milkshakes. Mrs. Shehan's Full Day Kindergarten - March (Be sure to print it out on legal size paper.) I found this awesome powerpoint presentation on the web that was made in 2004 by Karen DeFrank at Samuel Staples Elementary School. I re-did the date so it can be used this year, too. Thanks, Karen! click on the image above to download the powerpoint presentation. If you do not have powerpoint on your computer, you can download a free powerpoint viewer here: We invited parents in to read to us and we even wore our pajamas! Green Eggs and Ham?? "These aren't so bad, Mrs. Michelle Hubbard has several March printables available for download on her site She created this emergent reader, Counting With the Cat available for download, and I made a colored teacher version and pocket chart pictures to use. She has given me permission to post them on my site as well. click on the image above for the teacher version