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Tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour réaliser des jeux HTML5 avec Canvas et SVG - David Rousset - Web Standards & Gaming

Tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour réaliser des jeux HTML5 avec Canvas et SVG - David Rousset - Web Standards & Gaming
Au sommaire : - Canvas et SVG : 2 façons de dessiner à l’écran - Les librairies et les outils utiles - Les frameworks de jeux - Les tutoriaux pour démarrer - Des exemples de réalisations en ligne et des retours d’expérience Je passe mon temps ces derniers temps à expliquer en boucle comment faire des jeux en HTML5 à des étudiants, des passionnées, des professionnels voire même à des profs. Plutôt que garder cela en petit comité, je me suis donc dit qu’il serait plus intelligent de structurer tout cela et d’en faire un billet sur mon blog. Il est donc basé sur ma propre expérience. J’essaierais de le mettre à jour au fur et à mesure de mes futures découvertes et de vos propres retours bien entendu. Mais au fait pourquoi faire des jeux en HTML5 ? Par ailleurs, la performance des moteurs JavaScript modernes et l’accélération matérielle pour booster l’affichage via le GPU permet désormais d’envisager le scénario de jeu vidéo sereinement. Canvas et SVG : 2 façons de dessiner à l’écran Graphismes

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Source Multiplayer Networking Multiplayer games based on the Source Engine use a Client-Server networking architecture. Usually a server is a dedicated host that runs the game and is authoritative about world simulation, game rules, and player input processing. A client is a player's computer connected to a game server. The client and server communicate with each other by sending small data packets at a high frequency (usually 20 to 30 packets per second). A client receives the current world state from the server and generates video and audio output based on these updates.

HTML5 Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 Want to create a game for Windows 8? And publish it to the new Windows Store? Many of the apps that are submitted to the Windows Store are failing certification because they didn’t know that a Privacy Policy was needed, or that the game/app had to implement a snap view and so on. This kit will help you with the most important things. I have created a simple HTML5 Game starter kit that will help you set up a new Windows 8 game project in short time. For a game te be certified in Windows Store it must contain a given set of functionality like:- Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768- Snap view - Implement the Settings charm with an About page and a Privacy Policy page.- Tiles in various sizes.

Inspitrational HTML5 Websites Inspirational HTML5 websites that will give you ideas, inspiration for your next web project. There’s been a lot of talk about HTML5. What does this mean for designers and how will it change the way we design. what makes HTML5. HTML5 promises to make the Internet more functional and interactive. Responsive Design: 160 useful tools, plugins and resources Since many of you out there are still struggling to find it all in one spot, when all you may need is just one main source that answers all your questions on Responsive Web Design, here at we’ve summed a full collection of 160 Resources that cover all Web Responsive Design related topics sorted in categories that go from framework, grid, bookmarklet, typography, tutorial, media-centric, useful articles, WordPress and Google Chrome; so that whatever it is that you’re looking to find related to web responsive design you’ll find it here at Because With the on growing production of alternate devices’ over the past couple of years, have grown the amount of web responsive resources on the web, and the demand of web designers for them. Responsive design went from being the new “it” word of the web design world, to becoming the biggest growing trend of web design in 2011, to now being the up most necessary implementation when designing a website. Skeleton

Learning Underscore JS If you work with JavaScript on a regular basis there’ll be times when you find yourself wondering why certain methods aren’t built into the language as default. Whether it’s certain types of data manipulation in arrays or custom objects you’ll need specialised helper functions to accomplish these ends. Writing such functionality can be tedious, prone to cross-browser issues and quite often, frustrating. This is where Underscore JS excels as it provides a set of built-in utilities for working with JavaScript objects (whether they be Arrays, Objects [associative arrays in JavaScript], Functions, Strings or Numbers).

Writing My First HTML5 Game Writing My First HTML5 Game Recently I started studying about game development in HTML5 using canvas feature of HTML5. HTML5 canvas is really a good place to start game development. I tried writing a simple game called 'Beerchaser'. This game uses very basic HTML5 canvas objects like arc, rectangle, and radialgradients. Although the game is very simple and primitive, it helped me a lot in learning animations on HTML5 canvas. React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By · React for Designers Updates: Jul 15, 2016: Updated for React 15. I also heard React.js was good and recently spent some time playing with it. Now that I’m pretty comfortable with React, I decided to write a tutorial on this subject. Target Audience: People Who Know Just Enough jQuery to Get by

Unleash the power of HTML 5 Canvas for gaming - Eternal Coding HTML 5 browsers and HTML 5 for Windows 8 Metro are now serious candidates for developing modern games. With the canvas, you have access to an hardware accelerated space where you can draw the content of your game and with some tips and tricks you will be able to achieve a splendid 60 frame per second render. This notion of fluidity is really important in games because the smoother the game is the better the feeling of the player is. The goal of this article is to give you some keys on how to get the maximum power from HTML 5 canvas. I will use a sample in the following chapters to help me demonstrate the concepts I introduce.

Game development Gaming is one of the most popular computer activities. New technologies are constantly arriving to make it possible to develop better and more powerful games that can be run in any standards-compliant web browser. Introducing web game development Introduction to game development for the Web An introduction to the technologies useful for game developers and how to get started developing games using Web technologies. 20 New HTML5 Tools You Shouldn't Miss HTML5 is one of the most popular language amongst developer community as it offers number of features such as modern browser support, structure specific tags, visual elements like rounded corners are now built in, drag and drop interactive, new video, audio and canvas elements, SVG animations, and many more. For this article we have compiled a list of New HTML5 Tools released recently, following tools are helpful and let you create and optimize your web applications with much efforts. We hope you will find the list useful for your development related tasks.

Principles Of HTML5 Game Design Visual effects in games define their overall look and feel, and gameplay. Players are attracted to high visual quality, which generate more traffic and reach. It’s key for creating successful games and providing a lot of fun for players. In this article I want to present a few ideas of how to implement different visual effects in <canvas>-based HTML5 games. These examples will be based on effects we made in our game, Skytte1. I will explain the basic ideas supporting them and provide the effects used in our work. CSS3: Animations vs. Transitions In CSS, you have two techniques for visualizing change that are competing for your attention: Animations & Transitions. In this article, let's examine the similarities and differences between them so that you can know when to use which. To make the most of this article, it would be helpful for you to be familiar with using both animations and transitions. If you haven't had a chance to get your hands dirty with them, the Creating a Simple CSS Animation and Looking at CSS3 Transitions tutorials will help you get started. Similarities From a distance, both animations and transitions are very similar.

Fullstack Academy - D3.js in 10 Minutes Welcome to D3 If you’re looking to make data visualizations on your web app, then look no further than D3.js! This popular library is the industry standard for making beautiful visualizations. See some examples here: The best game design articles on the site This is post #2,342 on this blog (not counting the dozens of articles, snippets, and presentations not in the blog database)… yet more of the over a quarter-million words written here since the site started in 1997 and the blog in 1998. And I have to admit, I tend to take for granted the idea that people have read all the stuff that matters, so they understand me when I throw around terms or assume that they know what my past writing on the topic is. Which is ludicrous, of course. So I got asked on Twitter for a list of my juiciest game design posts, to serve as a central jumping-off point. This was hard. But here’s a list of ones that I think are my best.