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ZURB — Product Design, Interaction Design & Design Strategy

ZURB — Product Design, Interaction Design & Design Strategy

CSS Grid Builder CSS Code Product Design Training from the Experts at ZURB This is a default modal in all its glory, but any of the styles here can easily be changed in the CSS. This is just a simple modal with the default styles, but any type of content can live in here. 10 Interactive Financial Websites That Teach Kids Money Management Skills For parents to have a kid who is money-wise is a boon because it makes those save or splurge decisions easier to handle. There’s no right age for having that money talk with your kids. If he or she can spend or borrow, they sure can learn to save and invest. As a recent Reuters article says, it’s important to start early because by the time your child reaches high school, their money habits are already forming. So, the buck stops with the parents.

5 Really Useful Responsive Web Design Patterns Responsive web design requires a very different way of thinking about layout that is both challenging and exciting. The art of layout was already complex enough for the centuries that it was defined by fixed elements, now things are becoming exponentially more complicated as layouts become increasingly adaptive. To help reprogram your brain to consider layouts in new ways, we’re going to take a look at some interesting responsive design patterns that are being implemented by talented designers all over the web.

Download Foundation 5 Complete Grab this version of Foundation if you want everything in the framework in simple, vanilla CSS and JS. Download Everything Essential 21 Beautiful Examples of Color Usage in Web Design Last week we showcased examples of Minimal Color Usage in Web Design, and today, to keep you inspired about color options and combinations we decided to gather examples of beautiful colorful websites. We will show here that you don’t need a rainbow or super bright colors to add a nice colorful touch to your page. From colorful headers to images, textures and typography you will see a lot of different approaches to color usage in web design. BigNoise Mint Museum Fudge House HTML5 - Responsive Web Design It all started with Responsive Web Design, an article by Ethan Marcotte on A List Apart. Essentially, the article proposed addressing the ever-changing landscape of devices, browsers, screen sizes and orientations by creating flexible, fluid and adaptive Web sites. Instead of responding to today’s needs for a desktop Web version adapted to the most common screen resolution, along with a particular mobile version (often specific to a single mobile device), the idea is to approach the issue the other way around: use flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to almost any screen. Core Concepts Three key technical features are the heart of responsive Web design: Media queries and media query listenersA flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizingFlexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS

How to Auto Crop Pictures for Zurb Foundation Thumbnails - Never Stop Building One of the problems you may run across while building a website is dealing with galleries of unequally sized images. I think I would rather eat paint that manually resize all of them or make thumbnails. Especially because now with the great css framework Zurb Foundation we can make a sweet looking image gallery really quick. Stock Clearing Gallery Here is what I am trying to avoid: 21 Beautiful Examples of Single Page Websites Single page designs are always a good source of inspiration. They are concise, straight to the point and, most of the time, beautifully designed. This kind of design demands that content and navigation stay on one page, so only important things are displayed.

4 Best User Interface Design Pattern Libraries by anthony on 09/13/10 at 2:45 pm As designers, sometimes we need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. Looking at examples of different user interface patterns could give us the ideas we need to design something amazing. That’s why I put together four of the best user interface design pattern libraries around the web. I have searched and looked at dozens. But these four, I believe, offer the best examples with the best navigations for browsing.

Equal Height Blocks in Rows There are plenty of solutions for equal height columns using jQuery (like this one by Rob Glazebrook). The basic idea is to measure all of their heights and then set all their heights to that of the tallest one. But what if there is multiple rows of blocks and you only want to increase the heights to match in the current row? This could happen from having different sized thumbnails or different amounts of text in each box. Stephen Akins posted a neat idea on how to solve this. The idea is largely the same, test the heights of divs and set them to the tallest, but before it does that it measures the top position. Our 50 Favorite Web Designs from 2011 Below are 50 (non-ranked) of our favorite web design from 2013. These sites were chosen based on our appreciation of their web design choices, innovation, and because they had that wow factor that made us simply like them. Some of the best and brightest trends we’ve seen this year (2011) in web design include responsive web design, single page scrolling websites, the proliferation of slide shows and sliders, the spread of font replacement and parallax scrolling. Some of these new trends may be passing fads, but others are likely to represent lasting shifts in the world of web design. As websites like Dribble allow web designers to showcase and share ideas, web design is beginning to develop more and more quickly.

Responsive Web Design Patterns Responsive Patterns A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs. Submit a pattern Layout A Blank WordPress Theme JointsWP has all of the features that come packed into Foundation 5 – you can find out more about these features and how to use them on the Foundation website. Here are just a few of the many features… Reveal Modal Awesome. I have it.

30 Minimalist Portfolio Website Designs for Inspiration There seems to be a recent trend whereby creatives are aesthetically stripping down their online portfolios to their bare essentials. (UK-based web designer/web developer Kean Richmond recently discussed this trend in an article about "undesign", and the possible reasons why this trend is becoming widespread.) In this showcase, you’ll get to see 30 great examples of minimalist portfolio sites for your inspiration. 1. Eleven Made 2.