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Linode - Xen VPS Hosting

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API Documentation The Linode API is a programmatic interface for automating tasks or even developing custom applications in the Cloud. To use the Linode API you must have a Linode account. The API follows the existing Users and Permissions system, so a user can only perform the operations and actions on instances they have access to. You can create users, restrict permissions, and use their API keys as necessary. Authentication All requests require an API key — with one exception: User.GetAPIKey() which can be used to generate an API key. You can pass in the API key either by using HTTP Basic Authentication (using the key as the password) or by sending an api_key request parameter via GET or POST. Request Format The api_action parameter is required on every request. Example request: NOTE: responds only via Response Format The API responds in JSON by default. Example response: Batching Requests Example batch request: Error Codes

RimuHosting - Linux/Xen VPS Hosting | Tomcat JSP Hosting | JBoss J2EE Hosting Günstige dedicated Server — Inside Treehouse: Code Challenges Besides creating videos for Treehouse, I got to work on the Code Challenge engine which is used to test your knowledge and skill by writing real code. We decided it would be best to build this application independent of the main Treehouse rails application. I got to choose the tools for the Code Challenges, and now I get to share with you what tools I used, why I chose them, and how they worked out. Modularity There are two major components involved in the Code Challenge tool. I decided to make these two components completely separate applications. The editor application pretty much entirely runs in the web browser. The code testing application, on the other hand, does a lot of heavy lifting on the server. In this article, I will mainly be talking about what powers the code editor component. NodeJS NodeJS powers the application and web servers that run our Treehouse Code Challenges. Dojo The user facing application is a single page JavaScript app. CoffeeScript RequireJS CouchDB Ace Results