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Gina Trapani - The Official Web Site Cheap VPS Hosting at CoffeeScript BuyVM - Affordable VPS's for the masses HTML5 & CSS Academy Course - Cult of Mac Deals Learn HTML5 & CSS From Scratch The power of HTML5 has become as strong as ever and now that it’s starting to knock Flash back to the past, it’s looking to become the future in a BIG way. It’s projected that more than 2.1 Billion Mobile devices will have HTML5 browsers by 2016 (up from just 109 Million in 2010) and you know what that means…NOW is your chance to learn the foundation of this BOOMING markup language because we have it on special just for you for ONLY $49! With OVER 60 lectures and more than 7 hours of content this video course will teach you the very basic web development techniques and standards of HTML5 and will also showcase the many powerful multimedia features that it has to offer. Being able to code with HTML5 will give you more control over your website content and creativity than ever, so take advantage of it while you can or else HTML5 will leave you in the dust as well. What You’ll Learn: Who Should Take This Course? Who Teaches the Course? Our Guarantee!

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