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Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources

Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources
As cool as technology is, its intricacies and inner workings are sometimes intimidating, especially for young people who may be more interested in what technology can do for them rather than what they can do with technology. However, when students hurdle that obstacle and see the value of computer science — specifically coding — they gain a broadened perspective and the potential for a rewarding career in the tech field. The following resources will help you teach your students the basics of coding and will provide tips on how to keep kids interested as you go. Tools to Use in Class Can you make coding fun for your students? Absolutely! Edutopia presents a list of six resources designed to help parents get their kids interested in coding. The Facts About Coding Teaching your students to code is important, but teaching them its practical value is also key in helping them derive the most benefit from what they learn. Dr.

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Enseñar a programar sin usar ordenadores Ese es el objetivo de, una web con decenas de recursos que podemos usar para preparar clases de programación para niños, con juegos y actividades que muestran la lógica de la programación y ayudan a los alumnos a entender cómo se dan instrucciones a las máquinas. Hay muchas herramientas que ayudan a enseñar programación a los niños, desde las mostradas en a las clases de scratch, material no falta, pero en muchas ocasiones es necesario hacer actividades en papel, con juegos, con obras de teatro, con dibujos en el suelo donde los niños se vayan moviendo de cuadrado en cuadrado siguiendo instrucciones dadas por otros… En csunplugged ayudan a desarrollar nuestra imaginación en ese sentido, ofreciendo recursos no digitales para abrir las puertas a otra forma de enseñar, ya que no es necesario tener un ordenador por alumno para explicar conceptos que pueden explicarse con lápiz, cartón y creatividad. Una original propuesta que vale la pena consultar.

Aprender a programar o morir Ya no tenemos ninguna excusa para poder crear nuestra propia aplicación para móviles, basta con tener una idea y ponerla en práctica en cualquiera de las apps que os mostramos. La mayoría de las células que tenemos en nuestro cuerpo se renuevan cada diez años, según algunos expertos. Otros apuntan que es cada órgano el que marca su propio ritmo de renovación. Esta última afirmación quizá hace unos años resultara inquietante, pero lo es mucho más el ritmo al que consumimos y renovamos tecnología. En España, según el informe de App Date “6º Informe del estado de las Apps en España 2015”, un 27,3 % de la población utiliza smartphones, y una de las consecuencias de este uso cada vez más masivo es la descarga de hasta 4 millones de apps al día. Todo el mundo conoce aplicaciones como WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Candy Crush o Instagram.

Some Very Good Resources to Help Students Learn Coding December , 2015 When you want to write a story, you need to understand grammar. When you want to cook a meal, you need to understand ingredients. When you want to build technology, you need to understand programming. Here are some resources to help students learn how to program. ScratchJr Get coding in your classroom! Enter the Challenge. 1. Pencilcode Draw is for everyone and works much like the old Logo program where you write simple commands to make a turtle move on a grid. forward 10, right 90, forward 10, right 90 forward 10, right 90, forward 10.

7 Fun and Creative Apps and Websites That Teach Kids to Code These iOS and Web Apps are Visually Oriented and Kid-Friendly and Help to Build Critical Logic and Problem Solving Skills Computer coding is becoming an increasingly popular activity for today’s technology oriented kids. Even kids who do not plan to grow up and become computer programmers are enjoying the control and autonomy that coding delivers. Coding encourages kids to be creative, think logically and develop critical thinking skills that they will need throughout their lives. The skills young students develop through these early coding experiences can also help them to succeed in their education. With coding, kids get to try out new solutions to problems and tinker around with what can happen in various situations.

12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free There was a time when knowing how to program was for the geekiest of geeks. That’s not exactly the case today. As most entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers will tell you, learning how to program can help you succeed. 8 free sites that teach you how to program Developed in 2011, the main focus of Code Academy is to teach you how to code so that you can transform your career. It features a number of success stories from individuals who knew little to nothing about coding and went on to have fruitful careers as programmers. Code Academy covers a lot of ground, including how to make interactive websites. You can take courses in Rails, Angularjs, Rails Auth, The Command Line, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, iQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Teaching Coding in Class: 17 Apps to Try November 17, 2014 Today as I was going through my bookmarks, I come across this excellent visual created by Sean Junkins where he features a bunch of powerful apps to help you teach coding in the classroom. Unfortunately, the visual does not render legible enough when turned into large infographic. So instead, I am sharing with you the apps featured in it. I really like how Sean Junkins arranged these apps into different categories which will help you target different areas in the teaching of coding. Enjoy 1- Learning the basics 10 places where anyone can learn to code Teens, tweens and kids are often referred to as “digital natives.” Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. But Mitch Resnick, who spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet, is skeptical of this descriptor. Sure, young people can text and chat and play games, he says, “but that doesn’t really make you fluent.” Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code Fluency, Resnick proposes in this TED Talk, comes not through interacting with new technologies, but through creating them.

Run Marco! The next chapters of the story are coming soon! Jungle Sequence of commands, iterations, conditions 3 Ways Coding and Gaming Can Enhance Learning Coding isn't just for computer science any more. Educators are finding that teaching students to write code and design games enhances learning and creates engagement. These examples illustrate how coding and games are being used across the curriculum and at all levels, as well as why great teaching is at the very heart of this innovation.