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Adventuregenerator:gen [Dizzy Dragon Games]

Adventuregenerator:gen [Dizzy Dragon Games]
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Javascript Pathfinder Character Generator (Core Rules) Javascript Pathfinder Character Generator (Core Rules) This big javascript program runs best on "Netscape" browsers. It performs poorly on "Google Chrome." It does not work on some versions of "Opera" and "Safari"; if someone can tell me what I need to do to make the code compatible with these browsers, I would be most grateful. Please accept my apologies if this large program fails to load on your computer. If you want to save your character's html file to your hard drive, Netscape seems to work better. Please report all errors and bugs. Thanks to Adam Galinski, Tiger Spy, Jens-Konrad Preem, Matt Salmons, Matthew Hill, Todd Monte, Priye Reuben, Griffin D. Time Commitment -- As much as we love to role-play, an honest assessment of time commitments is essential. I hope you have found this helpful and that you enjoy "Pathfinder." Star Wars Character Generator Please report all errors and No texting or chat messages, please. Asperger Syndrome.

Battlegrounds Games' Links & Resources Here we present links to other useful tools and resources to use with . While we think you might find the information useful, the fact that a product or site is listed here does not necessarily mean that we endorse them or their products. If you would like to be listed here, or wish to suggest that we list a particular site or product, please visit our Forums and post your suggestion there. Produces beautiful maps. Highly recommended. Note: This software cannot currently be purchased, due to the DJ Store being offline. The makers of Campaign Cartographer 2 & 3, and other mapping programs. Mac-only Coming soon.

Dave's Mapper Were-What? The Other Side Of Were The curse of the Werewolf has existed for many years, scaring young children and savaging mighty heroes. These days the Werewolf has many companions to share its curse with: Werebears, Wereboars, Wererats and Weretigers are just a few of the many animal types that have become part of the Lycanthropic curse. With all the savage rampages and furious snarling howls filling the nights of the full moon, have you ever wondered if their was a curse or disease that had an almost opposing affect? Rycanthropic curses can affect all forms of life, shifting and morphing them into humanoids. The Rycanthropic Curse During the days and nights of the new moon, strange people wander the forests and cities of the world. Who Man Werehumans, come in all shapes and sizes. Lythi is a sixteen year old Werehuman that has earned a name for herself amongst the local thieves guild. The Pale Skin orcs have been tormenting local settlements for years under the guise as human bandits.

25 Ways to Say “You Hit It” When I worked at the student newspaper in college, one sign/reminder on the wall was titled “Other ways to say ‘he said.’” So in that spirit I thought it would be helpful to brainstorm a list of other ways for GMs to say “you hit it.” Critical hits & fails as well as severe or killing blows are easy to describe (there is so many visual things one can say) but the more common attack results in between can sometimes get monotonous. Copy/print the list and put it in a GM’s notebook or on the inside of a GM’s screen. I’d love to get to 100, but 25 is a good start. And of course we could do a “you miss it” list as well. Just pick one and if it needs to be massaged because the weapon type doesn’t apply or it isn’t appropriate for the creature, change it on the fly or use the item above or below.

Les compétences Quand on acquiert une compétence dite “ de classe ”, chaque point de compétence dépensé augmente d'un le degré de maîtrise du personnage (soit un bonus de +1 lors des tests de cette compétence). Si l’on choisit une compétence dite “ hors classe ”, 1 point de compétence n’augmente le degré de maîtrise que de un demi. Le degré de maîtrise maximal qu’un personnage peut atteindre dans une compétence de classe est égal à son niveau global + 3 et à la moitié de ce résultat pour les compétences hors classe (n’arrondissez pas en cas de fraction).Utilisation des compétences. Voici la formule pour jouer un test de compétence : 1d20 + modificateur de compétence (modificateur de compétence = degré de maîtrise + modificateur de caractéristique + modificateurs divers). Un point de compétence correspond à une augmentation du degré de maîtrise de 1 pour une compétence de classe et de 1/2 pour une compétence hors classe. Utilisation des compétences Le test de compétence Degré de difficulté Test opposé | Your source for gaming maps and mapping objects Creatures That Cannot Be II Last year's rendition of Creatures That Cannot Be was wildly popular, so welcome to the second annual feature in Creature Incarnations! We will be examining some creatures that the D&D rules do not allow to exist, for one reason or another. The results range from the "this is okay, why not?" to the "okay, I see your point." Please remember that these creatures break the rules. If you actually use any of these creatures in your game, drop me an email at: and tell me how it went. Walk this way, please, and keep away from the cages. Half-Dragon Dragon Technically, you can apply the half-dragon template to a dragon if all you use is the Monster Manual. This creature is a half-white copper dragon, so it has three breath weapons. Producer's Note: The concept of a half-dragon-dragon is submitted quite a bit via Ask Wizards. Frightful Presence (Ex) Creatures within 150 feet that have between 5 and 16 HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds if they fail a Will save DC 22. Nymph Lich

Logic puzzle A logic puzzle is a puzzle deriving from the mathematics field of deduction. History[edit] The logic puzzle was first produced by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who is better known under his pen name Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In the second half of the 20th century mathematician Raymond M. There are also logic puzzles that are completely non-verbal in nature. Logic grid puzzles[edit] A logic puzzle grid, with the information that only Simon is 15 and Jane does not like green filled in. Another form of logic puzzle, popular among puzzle enthusiasts and available in magazines dedicated to the subject, is a format in which the set-up to a scenario is given, as well as the object (for example, determine who brought what dog to a dog show, and what breed each dog was), certain clues are given ("neither Misty nor Rex is the German Shepherd"), and then the reader fills out a matrix with the clues and attempts to deduce the solution. See also[edit]

Ressources informatiques pour jeux de rôle (programmes, tutoriaux, aides de jeux) - Ascadys, les Portes de l'Imaginaire Dimanche 19 décembre 2010 7 19 /12 /Déc /2010 16:42 Voici une liste non exhaustive de programmes, de tutoriaux et d'aides de jeu pour jeux de rôle : Générateurs de noms - Générateurs de personnages - Editeur de personnages pour INS / MV 4ème édition : - programme de création de personnage en VF pour JRTM / Rolemaster : - RoleDD (générateur de personnages et gestion des feuilles de personnage) : - Générateur de pj, pnj pour Mage, l’Ascension : - Générateur de personnages pour Stormbringer : - Programmes générateur de jets de dés, de création de personnage, PNJ pour Vampire, la Mascarade : - MapMaker :

Welcome to the Arcana Wiki! - The Arcana Wiki Battlemaps Zebra Puzzle There are several versions of this puzzle. The version below is from the first known publication in Life International magazine on December 17, 1962. The March 25, 1963 issue contained the solution below, and the names of several hundred solvers from around the world. Text of the Life International puzzle[edit] There are five houses.The Englishman lives in the red house.The Spaniard owns the dog.Coffee is drunk in the green house.The Ukrainian drinks tea.The green house is immediately to the right of the ivory house.The Old Gold smoker owns snails.Kools are smoked in the yellow house.Milk is drunk in the middle house.The Norwegian lives in the first house.The man who smokes Chesterfields lives in the house next to the man with the fox.Kools are smoked in the house next to the house where the horse is kept.The Lucky Strike smoker drinks orange juice.The Japanese smokes Parliaments.The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.Now, who drinks water? Who owns the zebra? Solution[edit]