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Learn Clojure

Learn Clojure
…Here This web site is an attempt to gather together everything you will need to learn Clojure, assuming that you already know another programming language or two or three. This site launched in December 2010 with an initial batch of content. Minor pieces have been added and changed since then. What is Clojure? From “Clojure is a dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine (and the CLR ).

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Functional programming in Clojure Basic tools Get equipped in your fight against the dragons. Installing the developement environment JavaLeiningenEditorGitHow to submit answers to exercises Training day An invitation to FP for Clojure noobs I’ve heard newcomers to Clojure ask how to get started with functional programming. I believe that learning to program in the functional style is mostly a matter of practice. The newcomer needs to become familiar with a handful of higher order functions, and how they are used in common idioms. This can be done by practice with simple, well defined problems. Clojure Series: Table of Contents Writing/Coding Writing and Coding, Literature and Computers Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Clojure Series: Table of Contents Practical: An MP3 Database Copyright © 2003-2005, Peter Seibel In this chapter you'll revisit the idea first explored in Chapter 3 of building an in-memory database out of basic Lisp data structures. This time your goal is to hold information that you'll extract from a collection of MP3 files using the ID3v2 library from Chapter 25. You'll then use this database in Chapters 28 and 29 as part of a Web-based streaming MP3 server. Of course, this time around you can use some of the language features you've learned since Chapter 3 to build a more sophisticated version.

Tips for Clojure Beginners 1. Learn the essentials with Clojure Koans. Clojure Koans teaches you the basics of the language by providing a series of tests for you to turn green. The topics and tests are chosen well, and the project’s vibe is pleasant (“calling a function is like giving it a hug with parentheses”). Open a koan. Clojure Scripting - ImageJ Check out clojure web site and particularly the chapter on Java interoperability. Clojure is not a scripting language: Clojure compiles directly to JVM bytecode, and thus runs at native speed. Thus one must think of Clojure as a true alternative to Java the language, but much more expressive, flexible and powerful. See also: Fatvat: Data Persistence in GAE with Clojure If you want to persist stuff in Java, you've got a bewildering amount of choiceThere's even an entire book about making the right decision! (Persistence in the Enterprise) Google App Engine has gone with JDO using the Data Nucleus platform. In GAE this is split again into two APIs, the high-level one for persisting objects, and a lower-level one which allows you to persist raw data. When using Clojure it makes more sense to go with the lower-level api.

Light Table Plugin Tutorial - Jakub Arnold Blog I've been playing around with Light Table since the day its source code was released (even made a tiny Ruby plugin). First of all, Light Table is based on the BOT architecture. Which means there are three core concepts: behaviors, objects and tags. If you have any experience with Node.js or event driven programming, you'll have an easy time understanding the concepts. Imagine you have a button which listens on a click event and displays a notice to the user when it's clicked Using jQuery that could be as simple as the following

Clojure Tutorial For the Non-Lisp Programmer I intend to keep this tutorial as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you have any suggestions for changes, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Clojure is a functional lisp dialect that uses the Java Virtual Runtime as its platform. The language home page is at Table of Contents A Quick Comparison Mark Volkmann's Clojure Page Mark Volkmann's Page This page contains resources related to the Clojure programming language. Article Change History Sounds Even Jennifer Aniston has quit using other programming languages and now prefers Clojure. Clojure Programming - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks Clojure is a dynamic programming language for the JVM. Introduction[edit] People come to Clojure from a variety of backgrounds.