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i saw this craft after the years of different butterfly punch art and i was finally ready. i had pictures of annie painting the paper but they have disappeared. the first step is to watercolor paint on paper.paint all over with pattern or with out....less water makes for brighter colored paint.and let it dry. then punch out as many butterflies as you can. i bought this martha stewart butterfly punch at joann's.they are not cheap but it was on sale and they do have 40% off coupons quite often.and THAT punch is really cool.VERY easy to use! it's in two pieces so you can punch out from any part of the paper not just on the edge.VERY COOL.i get why it costs more than the other's martha! we used 10x10 canvases also from joann's....i wished i had bigger 20 x 20 would have been great! the girls painted them with acrylic paint. it was fine to have the streaks in the paint....i liked it. annie's was yellow.much to her disappointment.but still lovely and sunny.

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Paper Plate Yarn Weaving - Sewing Hearts This paper plate yarn weaving activity combines an easy Valentines Day craft with a beginner sewing project! It’s great for fine motor development, and the results are so pretty! Not long ago, we did this paper plate yarn art project, and I was amazed by how lovely two simple supplies (yarn and a paper plate) could look. We’ve put the two materials together again today for this paper plate yarn weaving activity, and once more the results are beautiful!

MY GREEN SIDE · Photo Friday – Crayon Hearts We spent an afternoon making crayon hearts for Little Greek goddess’s classmates for Valentine’s Day. A friend of mine suggested the craft because she knows how I love to reuse and my aversion of sugar. We were so pleased at how they turned out… they’re adorable! Here’s all the information in case we’ve inspired you to make this cute and practical Valentine’s craft: Capture the Details: Easter egg craft - suncatchers! The kids and I made some pretty Easter egg decorations for our sliding glass door. They are super easy to make, too! You will need: crayons in pretty colors, a crayon sharpener (usually built in to the larger crayon boxes), wax paper, invisible thread, a small hole punch, an iron and old towels. I chose bright 'girly' colors for my eggs and so did Sarah. Ben chose darker 'boy' colors. Start by peeling the back end of a crayon and sharpening it onto a piece of wax paper that is on top of old towels (the crayon wax can seep through the wax paper).

Paper Lanterns (with LED lights) Paper lanterns everywhere. These non-flammable, simply beautiful, versatile, paper lights, have been a staple in our summer entertaining --- scattered on dinner tables, added to picnic blankets, strung across the patio; they're even a excellent kid's craft: the kids have made night lights for their rooms. After making "night lights" for Grayson's camping birthday, I just couldn't stop. My personal current favorite are the ones made of news print.

Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk by Michelle Vackar, Modern Handmade Child One of our favorite outside activities at our home is drawing with chalk on the driveway. You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories. My daughters and I were talking one day as we played hopscotch about how to make chalk and I thought to myself, let’s try it!

Easter Just before Easter the lovely peeps at Lékué sent me the 3D easter egg and bunny mould and a decopen. I filled my bunny and egg mould with white chocolate and then, using the decopen filled with white chocolate coloured blue, I drew a graffiti squiggle over the top; a great gift for my cute nephew Samuel who loves bunnies and puzzles! 3D easter egg and bunnyWhat you will need: Instructions Temper (melt) white chocolateSpoon chocolate into icing bottle or bag fitted with a small nozzleSqueeze chocolate into mouldsLightly tap moulds so chocolate lays flat and air bubbles are removedStir blue chocolate food colouring a little at a time into the remaining white chocolate until you have desired colour. Stir well so colour is evenFill decopen with blue melted chocolate and carefully draw design onto filled mouldsLightly tap moulds so chocolate lays flat and air bubbles are removedLeave to set.

Easy Origami Picture Frames - Micador With only a few simple folds, these origami picture frames are super easy and perfect for displaying your favourite photos or as a gift! You will need: Micador Create It Two Colour Magic Paper Glost Jumbo Paperclips Sizzle Scissors Sticky tape Step 1: How to Make Non-Obnoxious Alphabet Magnets Okay, okay. Non-obnoxious isn’t a word. But neither is unobnoxious.