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The Clojure Toolbox

The Clojure Toolbox

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New to Java Programming Center Java Basics offers a quick overview and the steps to create a 'Hello, World' program. Get Started provides the resources needed to develop applications with Java technologies Training includes courses, certifications and package information Connect with the millions of existing Java professionals via conferences, blogs and more. Young Developers covers online resources to learn Java application development at any age, as well as a tutorial about Minecraft mods and Java What's New!

Light Table by Chris Granger Here's a much higher quality video: Despite the dramatic shift toward simplification in software interfaces, the world of development tools continues to shrink our workspace with feature after feature in every release. Even with all of these things at our disposal, we're stuck in a world of files and forced organization - why are we still looking all over the place for the things we need when we're coding? Why is everything just static text? Bret Victor hinted at the idea that we can do much better than we are now - we can provide instant feedback, we can show you how your changes affect a system.

Causal ordering - Scattered Thoughts Causal ordering is a vital tool for thinking about distributed systems. Once you understand it, many other concepts become much simpler. We’ll start with the fundamental property of distributed systems: First hundred days of Clojure In politics you have a one hundred days period of grace. In December I started to work with Clojure, so I guess it’s time to have a clojure look. In the last couple of years I encountered a couple of different languages. At scoyo it was ActionScript and Flex from Adobe.

Clojure box - loading book examples from "Programming Clojure" > Wherever the files goes after C-x C-f ~/.emacs and then C-x C-s is where > emacs thinks your home directory is. I would just go with that. It's > normally in %appdata%, but it won't be there until you create it and save > it. yes, this is better than my #2 Programming Hadoop with Clojure This article is a short introduction into programming Hadoop using Clojure language. Introduction The Hadoop is free implementation of infrastructure for scalable, distributed computing. It was started as implementation of ideas of MapReduce and GFS, that was introduced by Google, but later, many different projects were included into it. Architectures and ABIs detailed » Thiago Macieira's blog Yesterday I wrote about instruction set and ABI manuals. Today I’d like to go into details about the ABIs I listed there. This was done mostly as a summary for me: it’s tiresome to search for the information in the manuals, especially since some of the manuals are PDFs without links. For example, I never remember what is the order of the registers used in parameter passing on x86-64.

Clojured - Figuring out Clojure, Clojurescript, Web frameworks and more This post is an explanation of what I'm using to write Clojure/Clojurescript web projects. I will take you through the basics of writing web app using the technologies I enjoy working with the most. It will delve into the following topics:A basic review and explanation of the concepts of Clojure/Clojurescript.The software ecosystem surrounding writing a Clojure/Clojurescript web project.The libraries and frameworks I've chosen to use.How to write something basic. Part 2 will cover: How to run the server and deploy a standalone (uberjar) executable which includes your web project and the jetty web server to serve it.Adding NoSQL database functionality with the Redis NoSQL database server and the carmine Redis library. Basic Clojure and Clojurescript Roles and Concepts

Training and Certification Resources NetBeans and Java Training Several of these courses also help you prepare for certification in Java technology. Oracle University: Training Offerings for Developers The following courses from Oracle University use NetBeans IDE. Java Certification