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World War I in Photos: Introduction - In Focus A century ago, an assassin, a Serbian nationalist, killed the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary as he visited Sarajevo. This act was a catalyst that ignited a massive conflict that lasted for four years. More than 65 million soldiers were mobilized by more than 30 nations, with battles taking place around the world. Industrialization brought modern weapons, machinery, and tactics to warfare, vastly increasing the killing power of armies. Battlefield conditions were horrific, typified by the chaotic, cratered hellscape of the Western Front, where soldiers in muddy trenches faced bullets, bombs, gas, bayonet charges, and more. Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: Soldiers of an Australian 4th Division field artillery brigade walk on a duckboard track laid across a muddy, shattered battlefield in Chateau Wood, near Hooge, Belgium, on October 29, 1917.

Canadian Military History 360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth | Canadian Great War Project - Canadians in the First World War Pictures, News Photos, Picture Slideshows & More | Soldiers of the First World War - CEF Enlist! New Names in Canadian History.Source Introduction Over 600,000 men and women enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War (1914-1918) as soldiers, nurses and chaplains. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has undertaken the digitization of all service files of CEF members. The Records Records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force - First World War The First World War, fought between 1914 and 1918, was the first of the great world-wide conflicts of the twentieth century, pitting the 'Central Powers' of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and smaller allies against the 'Entente', notably the British Empire, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, the United States, and their allies. Shortly after the British declaration of war in August 1914, Canada offered an initial contingent of 25,000 for service overseas. Attestation Papers and Enlistment Forms This series consists of approximately 620,000 individual Attestation papers and Military Service Act Enlistment forms.

Ugly Hedgehog - Photography Forum Direction - Histoire et patrimoine Bienvenue. Vous venez d’atteindre le site Internet de la Direction – Histoire et patrimoine (DHP) de la Défense nationale. La DHP a été constituée en 1996, par suite de la fusion du Service historique de la Défense nationale et de la Direction des traditions et du patrimoine militaires. Dès les premiers balbutiements de ce remarquable outil de communication qu’est le Web, nous avons reconnu son utilité. La DHP travaille pour le public canadien et les Forces canadiennes. La guerre de 1812 Bannière commémorative des forces canadiennes pour la guerre de 1812 Le jour du souvenir Aide-Mémoire 11 novembre La Croix de Victoria Aujourd'hui dans l'histoire militaire canadienne 17/5/1861 Le NCSM Forward tire des obus de mortier sur un camp Haida à Cape Mudge, en C.

Exposure | Understanding Exposure - ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained What controls exposure? ISO ratings determine the image sensor’s sensitivity to light, each value of the rating represents a “stop” of light, and each incremental ISO number (up or down) represents a doubling or halving of the sensor’s sensitivity to light. The Aperture controls the lens’ diaphragm, which controls the amount of light traveling through the lens to the film plane. The Shutter Speed indicates the speed in which the curtain opens then closes, and each shutter speed value also represents a “stop” of light. When these three elements are combined, they represent a given exposure value (EV) for a given setting. ISO Speed ISO is actually an acronym, which stands for International Standards Organization. Aperture A lens’s aperture is the opening in the diaphragm that determines the amount of focused light passing through the lens. Shutter Speed Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second, and indicates how fast the curtains at the film plane open and close. Conclusion

Le blog de l'histoire The Year in Pictures 2015 THIS was the year of the great unraveling, with international orders and borders challenged or broken, with thousands of deaths, vast flows of migrants and terrorist attacks on some of the most cherished symbols of civilization, both Western and Muslim. Palmyra and Paris (twice). Aleppo, Homs, Kobani and even San Bernardino, Calif. The Syrian war grinds on, half the prewar population displaced or gone, and the Islamic State fills a vacuum created by sectarian struggle and Western fatigue. The conflict spurred the migrants lapping against the shores of bourgeois Europe, a million or more, huddled in small boats or crammed into airless trucks, abused by human traffickers, thousands dead on the journey, prompting both empathy and backlash. Just look. The outrages of Boko Haram and the Shabab in Africa. The ruins still in Gaza, a year after a brutal and inconclusive war, and Israel hunkering down in a region losing its compass.

Auroras HD Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, High Definition, Mobile | Page 1 Your display featuresAspect Ratio: StandardResolution: 1600 x 1200 Categories Aero (298) Auroras (66) Black (1237) Bokeh (484) Colorful (1461) Creative (2401) Fresh (462) Macro (2446) Patterns (356) Rainbow (69) Vector Art (1411) White (296) Animals (291) Architecture (1060) Army (837) Artistic (601) Black and White (2162) Cartoons (154) Celebrities (488) Charity (79) City (1473) Computers (143) Cute (804) Elements (104) Food and Drink (676) Funny (774) Games (452) Girls (2809) Holidays (104) Love (1090) Motors (120) Movies (256) Music (1427) Nature (918) Seasons (69) Space (1145) Sports (123) Travel (170) Vintage (2807) Filter by or Resolutions Wide Standard Mobile Ratio Mobile Brands Dual Other Home > Aero > Aero > Auroras Wallpapers > Page 1 Category Auroras