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MBDA Germany demonstrates 40 kW laser gun The German subsidiary of MBDA, the missile systems company that is jointly owned by the European aerospace and defense giants BAE Systems, EADS and Finmeccanica, says that the solid-state laser weapon it is developing has now reached an output power of 40 kW. The power level exceeds the 25 kW levels achieved so far by US rivals – and the company says that it will shortly begin testing the system at a “proving ground” in Oberjettenberg, with the aim of shooting down an airborne target for the first time. MBDA says it has generated such high powers by using fiber lasers combined with its own patented beam coupling technology to maintain high beam quality – crucial for the lasers to be effective at large stand-off distances. In recent firing tests, the laser is said to have burned through mortar shells and pierced 40 mm-thick steel plates “in a few seconds”. Shareholder merger impact?

Erowid Pistolet EDC Fictional military aircraft Fictional military aircraft are imagined aircraft which are used in fiction , in its various media, but do not exist in the real world. These aircraft may be conjectured variants of real-world aircraft or they may be completely fabricated by the author. Fictional fighters [ edit ] XF-18 Scavenger [ edit ] The XF-18 Scavenger is a highly capable all-weather reconnaissance plane described in Michael Crichton 's novel The Andromeda Strain . F-19 Stealth [ edit ] In the 1980s, a gap appeared in the designation system for U.S. military aircraft, between the F/A-18 Hornet and the F-20 Tigershark . American model airplane manufacturers Testors [ 1 ] and Monogram [ 2 ] have both released hypothetical model kits of the F-19, the former quickly becoming the best-selling model airplane kit ever. The Testors design was also the basis for F-19 Stealth Fighter , a flight simulation program released by Microprose in the late 1980s. XFA-24A Apalis [ edit ] F/A-37 Talon [ edit ] Specifications [ edit ]

A stranger in the Alps L'armée américaine présente son canon à rayons anti-émeute Après 15 ans de tests et un déploiement en Afghanistan, sans avoir jamais été utilisé sur le terrain, l'armée américaine a dévoilé son "Active Denial System" (ADS), une arme anti-émeute, qui envoie des ondes électromagnétiques sur d'éventuels intrus jusqu' à 1 km. La sensation ' Une chaleur immédiate et insupportable. Durée: 01:41 Copyright © 2013 AFP. Toutes les informations reproduites dans cette rubrique (dépêches, photos, logos) sont protégées par des droits de propriété intellectuelle détenus par l'AFP. A lire aussi

3D electronic printing holds promise of various applications for Soldiers <div id="others"><ul><li><a href="/media/322878/"><img src=" width="150" alt="3D printing" /></a><div class="title" style = "font-weight:bold;"></div><div class="caption">James Zunino, Picatinny Materials Engineer, displays a object that was created by an additive printing process. 3D printing gives engineers the flexibility to quickly print items of various shapes, materials and structure.</div></li><li><a href="/media/322879/"><img src=" width="150" alt="3D printing 2" /></a><div class="title" style = "font-weight:bold;"></div><div class="caption">James Zunino, Picatinny Materials Engineer, displays a modular tool that can be added onto the Multi-Axis Modular Manufacturing Platform for additive manufacturing. Different tools allow the machine to perform different manufacturing techniques.</div></li></ul></div> PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J.

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