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Marines: 'The First One Through the Door Should Be a Lethal Robot' New Tactics, Quicker Decisions Are Helping to ‘Annihilate’ ISIS, Pentagon Says. The military’s top leaders credit Trump for delegating authority and directing efforts to surround ISIS fighters.

New Tactics, Quicker Decisions Are Helping to ‘Annihilate’ ISIS, Pentagon Says

President Donald Trump’s new war plan for the Islamic State is working well, said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford. In their first joint appearance since Trump took office, the Pentagon leaders characterized ISIS as a shadow of its former self and doomed to lose all of its territory. They credited looser restrictions on generals and a shift to surround-and-annihilate tactics. Trump came into office this year pledging a new approach, promising to hit ISIS faster and harder, threatening to fire top U.S. commanders, and demanding a new war plan on his desk within 60 days. How F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-22 Raptor Pilots Train for War. The U.S.

How F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-22 Raptor Pilots Train for War

Air Force’s Atlantic Trident 17 exercise brought together some of the NATO alliance’s most capable combat aircraft including the fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter as well as the British Eurofighter Typhoon and the French Dassault Rafale at Joint Base Langley Eustis in Virginia. But to train for war, someone has to play the part of the bad guy—or Red Air in Air Force parlance. Will the COINdinistas Rise Again? IN LATE 1986, a thirty-four-year-old declared doctrinal war on the U.S.

Will the COINdinistas Rise Again?

Army. Can a ‘Comparable’ Super Hornet Steal Orders from the F-35C? Two aircraft are on President Trump’s radar.

Can a ‘Comparable’ Super Hornet Steal Orders from the F-35C?

Here’s how they’re different, and why it matters to more than just power players in Washington. The U.S. Navy is buying the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter; the question now is how many. Both the Navy and Marine Corps plan to use the F-35C, a version of the jet that can fly from large aircraft carriers. But Pentagon officials are considering scaling back F-35 purchases in favor of Boeing’s Advanced Super Hornet aircraft—and President Donald Trump gave that push some more momentum when he hinted at a large Super Hornet buy Friday at a Boeing factory in South Carolina. Duffelblog. Threat Report 2017: New Dangers and the American Tech to Beat Them. When I went into the CIA, I was told that we were getting somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 cyber attacks a day.

Threat Report 2017: New Dangers and the American Tech to Beat Them

We went through this, frankly, with the nuclear arms race. Countries were in a race to develop larger and more dangerous nuclear bombs. It’s Not Every Day You See an F-16 and Russian Su-27 Dogfight Above Area 51. By DAVID CENCIOTTI.

It’s Not Every Day You See an F-16 and Russian Su-27 Dogfight Above Area 51

Weaponized Narrative Is the New Battlespace. And the U.S. is in the unaccustomed position of being seriously behind its adversaries.

Weaponized Narrative Is the New Battlespace

Conventional military dominance is still critical to the superpower status of the United States. But even in a military sense, it is no longer enough: if an American election can be controlled by an adversarial power, then stealth aircraft and special forces are not the answer. Platoon sergeant likes to think himself as abusive father figure.

Photo: US Marine Corps Not all Marines grow up with an abusive father, but one Marine platoon sergeant wants to change that.

Platoon sergeant likes to think himself as abusive father figure

Staff Sgt. Frank O’Neil admits that he tears up every time one of his Marines is medically discharged due to injuries stemming from one his his PT sessions. The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Part one. A blueprint for total war and military dictatorship By Tom Carter 3 November 2015 The new US Department of Defense Law of War Manual is essentially a guidebook for violating international and domestic law and committing war crimes.

The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Part one

The 1,165-page document, dated June 2015 and recently made available online, is not a statement of existing law as much as a compendium of what the Pentagon wishes the law to be. According to the manual, the “law of war” (i.e., the law of war according to the Pentagon) supersedes international human rights treaties as well as the US Constitution. The manual authorizes the killing of civilians during armed conflict and establishes a framework for mass military detentions .

The manual might have more properly been titled A Manifesto for Total War and Military Dictatorship. Law of War Manual June 2015. Huffingtonpost. P3127.pdf. The Army Needs Anthropologists. In 2007, the American Anthropological Association called the Army’s effort to embed social scientists with combat units “an unacceptable application of anthropological expertise,” citing a moral conflict between studying groups of Iraqis or Afghans and advising troops who might end up killing them.

The Army Needs Anthropologists

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) griped that the program, known as the Human Terrain System, had “no legitimate application in a war zone or out of one” and complained, ”The overall cost and failures of HTS indicate that [it] be considered for termination.” One self-described group of anti-colonial anthropologists even superimposed a founders’ head onto a Queen Elizabeth-style torso in a parody of the horror flick Saw, a somewhat distasteful demonstration of just how evil and imperialist they found its aims and methods.

In late June, after years of such criticism, USA Today learned the Army had quietly scrapped HTS in September 2014. Photo credit: WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP/Getty Images. Sirens of the Potomac: Think Tanks and Torture. Recent findings of the independent report into the American Psychological Association ‘collusion’ in torture are not shocking. This is a symptom of a larger infestation that is eating away at the independence of social science. Think tanks played an important role in pulling senior academics into supportive relations with the defense establishment and must not be able to slink off into the shadows. The report indicates that Stephen Behnke, a DOD contractor and APA ethics director helped ensure the APA rules did not restrict psychologists from collaborating with interrogations and made changes to ‘curry favour with the DOD’.

William Astore, America's Mutant Military. In September 2001, the Bush administration launched its “global war on terror,” to which its supporters later tried to attach names like “the long war” or “World War IV.” Their emphasis: that we were now engaged in nothing less than a multi-generational struggle without end. (World War III had theoretically been the Cold War.)

The Tragedy of the American Military. In mid-September, while President Obama was fending off complaints that he should have done more, done less, or done something different about the overlapping crises in Iraq and Syria, he traveled to Central Command headquarters, at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. There he addressed some of the men and women who would implement whatever the U.S. military strategy turned out to be. The part of the speech intended to get coverage was Obama’s rationale for reengaging the United States in Iraq, more than a decade after it first invaded and following the long and painful effort to extricate itself. This was big enough news that many cable channels covered the speech live. COST AND PERFORMANCE OF THE AIRCRAFT AND MUNITIONS IN DESERT STORM Appendix IV Operation Desert Storm: Evaluation of the Air Campaign (Letter Report, 06/12/97, GAO/NSIAD-97-134) The War Nerd: More proof the US defense industry has nothing to do with defending America.

By Gary Brecher On December 18, 2014. Army To Charge Ebola Quarantine Time Against Annual Leave. VICENZA, Italy — American troops continue to be quarantined after returning from missions to aid the Ebola crisis in Liberia and will be charged a day of leave for each day of “controlled monitoring,” Army officials confirmed Monday. Navy Chaplain Corps Commissions First Death Cultist. NAS INNSMOUTH, Mass. — The Navy commissioned the military’s first death cultist chaplain in an Eldritch ceremony September 28, according to sources in the Secretary of the Navy’s office. He will enter service with the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune. US Army Still ‘The Best in History’ After 50-Year 1-1-7 Record. THE PENTAGON — U.S. Army leaders insist their force is still “the greatest fighting force in human history” even after a woeful record exacerbated by two debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, sources confirmed today.

Obama Deploys 3,000 Troops To Catch Ebola. WASHINGTON D.C. — Amid criticism over his handling of crises in Syria and Ukraine, President Obama has ordered 3,000 U.S. soldiers to catch Ebola in west Africa, Duffel Blog has learned. “Once on the ground, our brave men and women will establish forward camps and combat outposts throughout the countryside,” the president told reporters during a press conference.

Welcome to Spartanburg!: The dangers of this growing American military obsession. Best Defense is in summer re-runs. This item originally ran on April 22, 2014. By Jim GourleyBest Defense culture correspondent There are 25 Spartan-branded obstacle course races in the United States. Army Disbands Logistics Corps After Signing Contract With New Private Eager To Join US Army's 'Socialist Paradise' General Mattis Crosses Potomac With 100,000 Troops; President, Senate Flee City - Duffel Blog.

WASHINGTON — In an unprecedented turn in American history, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, several years after being dismissed by the President and exiled to his estate in the countryside, marched on the national capitol early Tuesday morning with an army over one hundred thousand strong. Army NCOs Told to 'Check Their Privilege' General's Wife To Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom After Playboy Appearance. Meet The Trailblazing Army Psychiatrist Treating PTSD With Hookers And Cocaine. New Pentagon blueprint sees bigger role for robot warfare. Able Archer 83 Sourcebooks. Military Uses Miley Cyrus Performance To 'Crush Soul' Of Al Qaeda.

Opinion: Staff Sergeant Bales Is A War Criminal. Pentagon Study Confirms: Napalm Does Stick To Kids. A Futurist's 20-Year U.S.-China Fantasy War Has Pissed off Everyone. New ‘Progressive’ Marine Recruiting Campaign Under Fire. Toughest Military Tests On The Planet - Military Workouts. MK Ultra: CIA Admits Behavioral Engineering On Humans. Staff Sergeant Scared Shitless of ‘Mission Command’ Advice Column: Ask a Deserter.

Joining the Military Will Make You a MAN! - Adam Kokesh. KH-9 Hexagon. Marines Corps Struggles To Keep Up With Massive Influx Of Female Volunteers For Infantry. Can the Marines Survive? - By Lt. Col. Lloyd Freeman. Ranger Recruiting Promo. Neuroscience, Special Forces and Yale. Jill Lepore: How Much Military Is Enough? Meet the Think Tankers Advising the U.S. Military in Kabul.

Military Medical Assets as Counterinsurgency Force Multipliers: A Call to Action. Special Ops Wants Weapons to Stop Ships, Paralyze People. How to fix the Army in 66 easy steps (I) 100% Right 0% of the Time - By Micah Zenko. The Best Defense. Aircraft Carriers in Space - By Michael Peck.