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Seacrest Wolf Preserve - Preservation Through Education - Seacrest's Wolf Pups. Shy Wolf Sanctuary struggles for donations, approval for new location - Collier Citizen. GOLDEN GATE ESTATES — Moving a pack of wolves into a new, permanent home is no easy proposition. Six months after Collier County Code Enforcement determined Shy Wolf Sanctuary's operation didn't comply with permitted uses for its site, the shelter is trying to move into a new home on 20 acres off Dove Tree Road. But the shelter for abandoned wolves and other wild creatures is grinding through the regulatory process, hampered by a lack of money to make its vision a reality on the new site, 15 miles east of Naples in rural North Belle Meade.

In July 2012, code enforcement officials, acting on a complaint, served notice on Shy Wolf, informing its managers they must stop offering public tours of the current 2.5-acre property, in an area of Golden Gate Estates zoned for single-family residential that has been home to the sanctuary since it opened in 2001. The operators also were told they cannot advertise for visitors, and must obtain a business tax receipt or occupational license. Promoting Wolf Conservation Since 1999. Wolf and wolf dog sanctuary in the hills of North Carolina. Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary - Facility. The Sanctuary Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary is a unique wolf facility designed to accommodate the rescued wolves here in the warmer, more humid climate of Northeast Florida.

Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary - Facility

There are 21 wolf enclosures here, the sizes of which range from 3600 square ft. (the smallest) to over 20,000 square ft. and average approximately 2.7 wolves/wolf dogs per enclosure. The wolf accommodations in each enclosure are the most innovative and elaborate among wolf sanctuaries to date. Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center- Exotic Rescues of Wolves, wolfdogs, panthers, foxes. Howling Woods Farm. Dancing Brooke Lodge Wolf-Hybrid Rescue.