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Imperial History of the Middle East

Imperial History of the Middle East

20 Powerful Infographic Design Kits Infograpics have become so popular these days and as a result more and more high quality infographic design kits are made available to help designers. Infographics can be used very effectively to present complex data in a nice visual and powerful way. It is done using hand-picked design elements that relate to the data they represent e.g. demographic data can be effectively illustrated using small carefully colored human icons as overlay on a simplified map. Online marketers love infographics for their ability to go viral on social networks and often they are offered as easy to embed code making it fast and simple for e.g. bloggers to share them in posts… very useful value oriented way to build links and online presence. Infograpics designs are also used commercially in information products. Gartner Groups Hype Cycle is a well known example of an infographic (at least in the enterprise IT space) that deliver high value data in a delicious and branded way. Infographics Design Elements

World History Essays L’éloquence des cartes.De la défense du territoire national à la bataille de Bagdad Beaucoup plus qu’une série de statistiques ou qu’un ensemble d’écrits, la carte est la forme de représentation géographique par excellence ; c’est sur la carte que doivent être portés tous les renseignements nécessaires à l’élaboration des tactiques et des stratégies.Yves Lacoste, 1976 1L’élaboration d’une campagne militaire implique une parfaite connaissance préalable du terrain. Une campagne mal préparée peut conduire au fiasco. 1 L’expression est empruntée à Carl Sauer, géographe culturel américain. 2C’est sans doute à travers les relations entretenues entre la représentation cartographique et la guerre que l’on perçoit le mieux « l’éloquence des cartes »1. 2 « Par la sélectivité de leur contenu et par leurs symboles et leurs styles de représentation, les (...) 3L’apport critique des géographes a essentiellement porté sur deux points : l’analyse des distorsions délibérées du contenu des cartes et une réflexion sur la nature discursive de la carte. 3 M. Figure 1 Figure 2 7Selon M.

Talking History Top 50+ Tools for Creating Infographics Telling your story in visual form through the use of infographics has been one of the hottest trends in recent times. Given the tremendous information available online, people are now more interested to get information through colorful and interesting graphics, instead of words and numbers. Creating infographics, however, requires tremendous analytical and creative skills plus the ability to convert these data and information into interesting visuals. The good news is, there are available resources online that you can use to help you create infographics. In this post, we will list down all available resources and tools that you can use to simplify the process of creating infographics. If you want to view some excellent examples of a well-designed infographics, then checkout our previous post on the following topics: These are online applications that you can use to generate charts, graphs and tables. 06-Creately Create interesting charts and diagrams quickly and collaboratively.

Carnet cartographique | « Aucune carte du monde n’est digne d’un regard si le pays de l’utopie n’y figure pas. » Oscar Wilde Best World War 2 Documentaries Thanks to the valiant efforts of television producers the world over (and a few dubious cable channels), you don't have to learn about the past through books. Instead, you can sit back, relax and have your history accompanied by genuine footage from the time. This is my list of the best World War 2 documentaries you can buy: some great series haven’t been released. 1. The World at War is quite simply the best documentary ever made. 2. I've not been able to see many of these documentaries so far, but they come highly recommended by a reader (which is how I first learnt of them) who says they are excellent. 3. The attraction of this DVD is simple: it's WWII in colour. 4. The single greatest propaganda film ever made, Leni Riefenstahl's account of the 1934 Nuremberg Rally is a masterpiece which partly forged the seductive and powerful image of Nazism. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Many are quick to dismiss this as the mid-war propaganda it clearly is, but they're missing the point. 10.

Information Design Watch | March 7, 2012, 3:42 pm The Scientists Sketch By Henry Woodbury Data visualization consultant Lee De Cola has assembled a neat cross section of sketches by famous scientists. Here, for example, is a literal back-of-the-envelope sketch by Henri Poincaré: Sadly, many of the images are small, or culled of context. Comments (2) | Filed under: Art, Charts and Graphs, Diagrams, Illustration, Information Design, Maps, Scholarly Publishing, Visual Explanation December 27, 2011, 10:57 am The Infographic Dump I’ve been meaning to write about a spate of bad infographics I’ve been seeing recently in blog posts and social media feeds, but Megan McArdle beat me to it: If you look at these lovely, lying infographics, you will notice that they tend to have a few things in common:They are made by random sites without particularly obvious connection to the subject matter. As summarized in point 3 above, McArdle goes into some detail on the misuse of data. These graphs suffer from more than misappropriated data.