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Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart

Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart
This is a story unlike any we have previously published. It is much longer than the typical New York Times Magazine feature story; in print, it occupies an entire issue. The product of some 18 months of reporting, it tells the story of the catastrophe that has fractured the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the rise of ISIS and the global refugee crisis. The geography of this catastrophe is broad and its causes are many, but its consequences — war and uncertainty throughout the world — are familiar to us all. Scott Anderson’s story gives the reader a visceral sense of how it all unfolded, through the eyes of six characters in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. It is unprecedented for us to focus so much energy and attention on a single story, and to ask our readers to do the same. We’re saving your reading progress so you can pick up where you left off later. You can log in to save your progress or resume reading where you left off. Preface Related:  GéopolitiqueMore Thoughts to Contemplateteresamurph

L'accord sur le nucléaire iranien peine à porter ses fruits Les suites du Plan d’action conjoint (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA) sont potentiellement considérables, mais l’actualité incite à la réserve sur la faisabilité de ces espoirs. L’insertion du dispositif bancal et contre-intuitif de snapback , qui prévoit un retour automatique des sanctions (et des résolutions onusiennes associées) en cas de violation avérée de ses obligations par l’Iran reflète un équilibre précaire de l’accord. C’est typiquement une configuration que les investisseurs internationaux redoutent. Aussi peut-on dresser un premier bilan et en tirer quelques leçons provisoires. Les premiers accords économiques Aux termes du JCPOA, l’Iran accepte d’amputer sévèrement ses activités nucléaires1 en contrepartie d’une levée des sanctions sur l’Iran liées à son programme nucléaire. Dès le 25 janvier 2016, le président Hassan Rohani, accompagné d’une nombreuse délégation commerciale et industrielle, effectue une tournée européenne qui le mène en Italie puis en France.

Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix | Desultory Heroics Where Do Matters Stand? On the eve of World War II the United States was still mired in the Great Depression and found itself facing war on two fronts with Japan and Germany. However bleak the outlook, it was nothing compared to the outlook today. By Paul Craig Roberts Source: Covert Geopolitics Has anyone in Washington, the presstitute Western media, the EU, or NATO ever considered the consequences of constant military and propaganda provocations against Russia? The same can be asked about China. The recklessness of the White House Fool and the media whores has gone far beyond mere danger. I would bet that this tells even the naive pro-western part of the Russian government and population that the United States intends war with Russia. Ever since Russia stood up to Obama over Syria, the Russians have been experiencing hostile propaganda and military operations on their borders. The Russians know that the propaganda about “Russian aggression” is a lie. There is no other explanation.

Sally Phillips's Rome: 'There's one thing British men can learn from the Italians' Les huit erreurs de la politique américaine au Proche-Orient On m’a demandé d’aborder la question des dynamiques géopolitiques au Proche-Orient, celle des réajustements qui s’y constatent dans les États de la région, ainsi que les perspectives de rétablissement de la stabilité régionale. Je suis tenté de vous suggérer de lire mon dernier ouvrage, America’s Continuing Misadventures in the Middle East1. Tant de choses sont allées de travers qu’il est difficile de faire court ou d’être optimiste. Il y a tout juste 218 ans, Napoléon se préparait à prendre Malte. Son objectif était de lever l’obstacle qui aurait empêché la France révolutionnaire de s’emparer de l’Égypte. Ces tentatives de diplomatie « transformative » ont finalement toutes échoué. Tout ceci est ridicule. — L’erreur numéro un a consisté à ne pas avoir su transformer notre triomphe militaire sur l’Irak de Saddam Hussein en 1991 en une paix avec Bagdad. Les guerres ne s’achèvent pas tant que l’armée humiliée ne consent pas aux conséquences politiques de sa défaite. « Que faire ensuite ?

Twilight of the gods: Jimmy Page’s testimony shows just how misguided music plagiarism cases can get Even if you’re not a hardcore classic-rock fan, the idea of Led Zeppelin defending its most famous song in a Los Angeles courthouse may’ve made you wonder what went on there. It may’ve even have made you wish you were there to see the fight — to catch a glimpse of some of the most celebrated and notorious musicians of the Peak Rock era. Sure, it might not be as loud or exciting as the blaring of Marshall stacks, but it might offer a glimpse into the creative process, and maybe even some flashes of rockstar charisma. But the testimony by Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, which was just released by Rolling Stone, is something else entirely: It’s a conversation so mind-bendingly dull it could be excerpted in “This is Spinal Tap” as showing what can happen to a rock band when its best days are over. It also makes a pretty good case that courtrooms aren’t really the best case to decide these kinds of questions. Here’s an example: Q.

A Thousand Rivers — Carol Black “The rainbows kind of wilt like flowers.” That’s what my daughter said as she stood at the top of a mountain one rainy, sunny day, watching the colors arcing and dissolving in the air. She was two and a half. So I always knew this child had a gift for words. She loved to be read to, she made up stories and songs and poems and plays; she invented her own mythologies; she composed endless letters to her beloved granny. But she did not read early. She did not go to school, so this did not pose a problem for her or for anyone else. A few times I tried, while reading her a story, to run my finger under the words as I read them, or to point out the sounds that certain letters make. I began to notice that it was as though she was actually averse to focusing on the print on the page. Finally one day when she was about seven and a half years old, her beloved granny, my dear mother-in-law, who happened to be a school psychologist in the public school system, couldn’t take it any longer.

L’humanitaire, une passion dangereuse En 1968, au Biafra, une génération entière d’enfants mourait de faim. Un an plus tôt, cet État riche en pétrole s’était déclaré indépendant du Nigeria, qui l’avait en retour attaqué et assiégé. Les correspondants étrangers présents dans l’enclave ont observé les premiers signes de famine au printemps et, dès le début de l’été, des milliers de petits Biafrais étaient signalés morts chaque jour. Presque personne n’y prêtait attention, jusqu’au jour où un reporter du Sun londonien se rendit sur place avec un photographe et tomba sur les enfants décharnés. Pendant des jours et des jours, le journal publia les images accompagnées d’un reportage déchirant. Bientôt, le sujet fut repris par la presse du monde entier. La guerre civile au Nigeria fut la première guerre africaine télévisée. En 1967, le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge, la plus ancienne et la plus importante organisation humanitaire du monde, disposait d’un budget annuel d’un demi-million de dollars à peine. C'est gratuit !

How to Feng Shui Your Home to Attract Love, According to an Expert Some time ago, I sat down on my couch and asked my boyfriend of slightly less than two years what kind of pizza he wanted to order for dinner. "Shaunacy," he said. "I don’t think we should order pizza. I think we should break up." Within the span of just a few seconds, I was out both a boyfriend and a dinner delivery, with almost no explanation for either. Now, I have a reasonably symmetrical face, a spectacular personality (sources say), a steady job, and an amazing cat. I set up a consultation with the home-services company Handy’s latest promotion, First Date Feng Shui. Olmstead and I connect on Skype, so that I can take her on a virtual tour of my apartment. In feng shui, the diagram above, called the Bagua, lays out how different aspects of life should be arranged spatially. But that’s not even the worst thing about my entryway. “Too much stuff by the front door is pushing away these relationships before they come in,” she advises. Next, Olmstead asks me to take her into my bedroom.

What should you read this summer? A mega reading list Illustrations by Maya Sariahmed/TED OK, so it’s not summer everywhere right now. But whatever the weather, it’s always time to read a good book. So we compiled summer reading recommendations from TED speakers, and then organized them according to the various situations in which you might find yourself now or throughout the year. When you’re by the beach What a Fish Knows by Jonathan Balcombe “Our fishy ancestors emerged from the watery depths around 400 million years ago, and this beautiful book connects us back to that time. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline “This is the book I’ve read in the past 18 months that I’ve enjoyed the most, and it’s best summed up by saying that if you enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Matrix and you want to see one story that delivers on both of those kinds of fun at the same time, this is the summer read for you!” Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Lab Girl by Hope Jahren “Scientists rarely write beautifully, but Dr.

Notes de la FRS - La nouvelle Stratégie de sécurité nationale de la Fédération de Russie Le 31 décembre 2015, le président Poutine signait la nouvelle Stratégie de sécurité nationale. Peu commenté, ce texte apporte des éclairages sur comment la Russie, dont la situation interne fragilisée contraste avec l’assurance diplomatique et militaire exprimée par Moscou sur la scène internationale, entend gérer cette contradiction apparente et éviter le déclassement stratégique que beaucoup lui prédisent. Le 31 décembre 2015, le président Poutine signait l’oukase n° 683 approuvant la nouvelle Stratégie de sécurité nationale (Disponible en russe sur le site du Conseil de sécurité nationale russe). que la présente note analytique se propose de compléter. Statut de la Stratégie de sécurité nationale Le document relève de la politique déclaratoire, s’adressant aux populations et aux élites nationales ainsi qu’aux gouvernements étrangers. ). Perception de la place de la Russie dans le monde et lecture de la scène internationale , mais aussi sur l’espace eurasiatique et l’Asie Pacifique . .

Anthrax-Spewing Zombie Deer Are the Least of Your Warming Planet Worries Climate change is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. In northern Russia, you get anthrax. QuickTake Climate ChangeConditions that are melting Arctic permafrost there recently thawed the carcasses of deer felled by anthrax some 75 years ago, when World War II raged. Warmer temperatures then reactivated the infectious disease, which can survive in hibernation for decades. As apocalyptic as this development may seem, it’s perhaps the least worrisome byproduct of warming near the top of the earth, which is heating up the fastest. Frozen cemeteries give up their dead Twenty-five years ago, during a foray into the Ötztal Alps between Austria and Italy, two German hikers came across the remains of a less-fortunate peer. Climate change may be the best thing to happen to anthropologists in years. This place is a mammoth dump Humanity isn’t the first mammal to roam the northern tundra, nor the biggest. Bacteria have plenty of reheated planet to eat

Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! La menace russe en panne d’essence D’un point de vue européen, l’événement clé de 2014 a été l’annexion de la Crimée par la Russie et l’intervention militaire dans la région du Donbass, dans l’est de l’Ukraine. Les actions du Kremlin ont directement remis en question les principes fondamentaux qui ont dirigé l’Europe depuis plus de soixante ans, en particulier l’abandon de l’usage de la force armée pour modifier les frontières. Mais la Russie n’est plus en position de maintenir sa politique étrangère agressive. Il a souvent été avancé que la Russie réagissait à un sentiment d’empiétement de l’Union européenne et de l’Otan dans son pré carré, ses « voisins proches ». Mais l’histoire propose une explication plus simple : une décennie de hausse continue du prix du pétrole a enhardi la Russie, l’incitant à saisir n’importe quelle opportunité pour montrer sa puissance militaire. La richesse pétrolière a renforcé la crédibilité du régime – notamment en permettant une hausse significative des dépenses militaires.

Diagnosing the Republican Brain "Virtually no one who is taught and believes Relativity continues to read the Bible, a book that outsells New York Times bestsellers by a hundred-fold," Conservapedia continues. But even that's not the site's most staggering claim. In its list of "counterexamples" to relativity, Conservapedia provides 36 alleged cases, including: "The action-at-a-distance by Jesus, described in John 4:46–54, Matthew 15:28, and Matthew 27:51." If you are an American liberal or progressive and you just read the passage above, you are probably about to split your sides—or punch a wall. These being liberals and scientists, there were also ample factual refutations. It's not that liberals are never wrong or biased. Little changed at Conservapedia after these errors were dismantled, however (though more anti-relativity "counter-examples" and Bible references were added). Their willingness to deny what's true may seem especially outrageous when it infects scientific topics like evolution or climate change.