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Gold Coast

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9 reasons these Gold Coast athletes want you to visit in 2018. Australia's Gold Coast - Quick Facts - GCCEC. Exploration de l'Australie par les Européens. L'exploration de l'Australie par les Européens se fit progressivement, en plusieurs vagues d'expéditions terrestres et maritimes.

Exploration de l'Australie par les Européens

On croit souvent que l'Australie a été découverte par le lieutenant de la Royal Navy James Cook en 1770, mais il n'est en fait qu'un explorateur parmi beaucoup d'autres qui avaient découvert le continent et l'avaient abordé bien avant, et même 170 ans auparavant pour le premier d'entre eux, Cristóvão de Mendonça. Pour autant, l'exploration de l'Australie ne se termine pas avec James Cook : après l'installation de la première colonie, il faudra plus d'un siècle pour que l'ensemble du continent soit connu des Européens. L'approche européenne[modifier | modifier le code] Le premier Européen à visiter l'Australie est l’explorateur portugais Cristóvão de Mendonça en 1522. Sports on the Gold Coast, Queensland - Wikipedia. Sport on the Gold Coast has a rich history.

Sports on the Gold Coast, Queensland - Wikipedia

As a popular tourist destination leisure sports like Golf, but most particularly sports associated with its famous beaches, have always been popular. A number of surf clubs line Gold Coasts beaches, who host a variety of swimming and athletic events collected into surf carnivals along with competitions evolved from methods of surf life saving. Motor racing has a strong history on the coast with racing having been held in the region since 1954, but consistently since the late 1960s with only a small break in the late 1980s as well as hosting the region's largest event, the Gold Coast 600. The region has had a sporadic history with professional club sport. Several national competitions in Australia's different football codes and basketball have attempted to establish clubs in the city since the 1980s, often bankrolled by wealthy private owners including Christopher Skase and Clive Palmer, and most such clubs have folded within only a few years.

Météo et climat : Gold Coast (Australie) - Quand partir à Gold Coast ? Gold Coast possède un climat subtropical humide chaud sans saison sèche (Cfa) selon la classification de Köppen-Geiger.

Météo et climat : Gold Coast (Australie) - Quand partir à Gold Coast ?

Sur l'année, la température moyenne à Gold Coast est de 20.7°C et les précipitations sont en moyenne de 1216.3 mm. A titre de comparaison à Ottawa, la température moyenne annuelle est de 2.8°C et les précipitations sont en moyenne de 788.4 mm. Les meilleurs mois pour visiter Gold Coast sont Mai Juin Juillet Août Septembre Octobre. Quelle est la meilleur période pour visiter Gold Coast? Légende climat Défavorable Peu favorable Envisageable Favorable Très favorable Température et pluviométrie à Gold Coast Diagramme climatique Des précipitations moyennes de 39.7 mm font du mois de juillet le mois le plus sec. Courbe de températures Au mois de janvier, la température moyenne est de 24.8°C. Le record de chaleur est de 40°C enregistré le samedi 21 février 2004 et le record de froid de 2°C enregistré le jeudi 19 juillet 2007. Tableau climatique. Latest population figures: Top 50 cities in Australia. This is the latest release of the Top 50 cities and towns in Australia, which we do every year, following the ABS release of their Regional Population Growth publication.

Latest population figures: Top 50 cities in Australia

As we’ve previously seen, Australia, already an urban nation, is adding more and more people to our capital cities, which accounted for 83% of population growth in the past year, and 77% of the past 5 years’ growth. This view of the top 50 centres is a little different. There are centres in here (eg. Melton, Central Coast) which are considered part of the Greater Capital Cities, but which also stand alone as discrete centres in their own right. However most suburbs which are contiguously urban within our larger metropolitan areas are included in the population for that larger centre (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc.).

For reference, Australia overall has grown 1.4% in the past year, and 7.9% in 5 years. History of Gold Coast, Queensland - Wikipedia. The History of Gold Coast, Queensland begins in prehistoric times with archaeological evidence revealing occupation of the district by Australian Aborigines for at least 23,000 years.

History of Gold Coast, Queensland - Wikipedia

The first early European explorers began arriving in the late 1700s, settlement soon followed throughout the 19th century, and by 1959 the town was proclaimed a city. Today, the Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Kombumerri Aboriginal history in the Gold Coast region[edit] Archaeological evidence suggests that Aboriginal people have inhabited the Gold Coast region for about 23,000 years before European settlement and the present. The historical Kombumerri people were hunters, gatherers and fishers, and are reported to have trained dingos and even dolphins to aid them in the hunting and fishing processes.

Berang-ngehn gurilahbu, ngering Mumuhm, Yabirahyn or Berrungen korillåbo, ngerring Mommóm, Yaburóng Berrung came long long ago, with Mommóm (and) Yaburóng "... 21st century[edit] Major events Gold Coast 2017. Events play a significant role in the liveability, lifestyle and image of the Gold Coast while providing benefits to the city’s economy.

Major events Gold Coast 2017

The Gold Coast has seen exceptional success in recent years in attracting major events to the city and has earned the region a reputation as a global events destination. However, this is just the start of the journey with the City of Gold Coast aiming to boost the number of major events held in the city, leveraging the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to evolve the city’s reputation as a major event host. At the beginning of 2017, More Gold Coast compiled a guide of all major events occurring in the city in the year ahead. Scroll down to find out what’s happening…