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A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary, Including the Arabic Words and Phrases to be Met with in Persian Literature. Search options: Search entry words only (not definitions) Display options: I have a Unicode font installed I do not have a Unicode font installed Steingass, Francis Joseph.

A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary, Including the Arabic Words and Phrases to be Met with in Persian Literature.

A Comprehensive Persian-English dictionary, including the Arabic words and phrases to be met with in Persian literature. London: Routledge & K. Paul, 1892. A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary includes Perso-Arabic and roman alphabets. Data for this dictionary was most recently updated in September 2007. This dictionary is funded in part by the U.S. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Digital Rolls and Fragments. Ссылки для изучения фарси, дари, таджикского языков и не только. Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom - Archaeology - Haaretz - Israeli News Source بررسی های تاریخی - حسن انصارى. 19th-Century Album of Ottoman Fashion. In this section of the site we bring you curated collections of images, books, audio and film, shining a light on curiosities and wonders from a wide range of online archives.

19th-Century Album of Ottoman Fashion

With a leaning toward the surprising, the strange, and the beautiful, we hope to provide an ever-growing cabinet of curiosities for the digital age, a kind of hyperlinked Wunderkammer – an archive of materials which truly celebrates the breadth and variety of our shared cultural commons and the minds that have made it. Some of our most popular posts include visions of the future from late 19th century France, a dictionary of Victorian slang and a film showing the very talented “hand-farting” farmer of Michigan. With each post including links back to the original source we encourage you to explore these wonderful online sources for yourself.

Intermarriage between Muslim and Christian Dynasties in Early Medieval Iberia (711-1100) « Ballandalus. The following is my own summary translation of pp. 33 to 38 of Dr.

Intermarriage between Muslim and Christian Dynasties in Early Medieval Iberia (711-1100) « Ballandalus

‘Abd al-‘Azīz Sālim’s book al-Jawānib al-Ijābiyah wal Silbīyah fī al-Zawāj al-Mukhtalaṭ fī al-Andalus (Rabat, 1994). Although it is heavily dependent upon the perspective of (later) Arabic primary sources and contains some errors, this is a particularly interesting passage that sheds light on the extent of the intermarriage between Muslim and Christian dynasties in early medieval Iberia,. Ajami in West Africa - SOAS Research Online. » Ferdowsi’s Legacy: Examining Persian Nationalist Myths of the Shahnameh Ajam Media Collective. A tribute to Ajam Media Collective’s name and inspiration, this post was written by Ajam’s editors, Alex Shams, Rustin Zarkar, and Beeta Baghoolizadeh.

» Ferdowsi’s Legacy: Examining Persian Nationalist Myths of the Shahnameh Ajam Media Collective

Photographs by Preethi Nallu originally published in Al Akhbar English, republished with author permission. Calligraphy on the exterior of Ferdowsi’s mausoleum. Photo by Preethi Nallu. Еврейки Магриба - фото начала 20 века.: grimnir74. At the Limits of Orientalism: The Politics and Problems of Labelling in the Career of Michael A. Cook, by Stephanie Wright > The Religious Studies Project. Few scholars in the discipline of Islamic Studies could claim to be as qualified as Michael Cook to advise students on the matter of early career publications.

At the Limits of Orientalism: The Politics and Problems of Labelling in the Career of Michael A. Cook, by Stephanie Wright > The Religious Studies Project

For many years, Professor Cook has exerted a prominent and powerful presence in the fields of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, where he has distinguished himself as both an accomplished specialist and an engaged comparativist. Yet while there can be little doubt as to the scope or sophistication of Professor Cook’s eminent contributions to his field, the author himself continues to be remembered primarily in relation to his early collaboration with Patricia Crone, Hagarism. Almost forty years after the work’s publication, the project which Cook in this interview describes as a ‘youthful idea’ continues to provoke controversy and division.

Having so vigorously rocked the academic boat early in his career, Cook later changed tack gracefully when he realised that he had set a course in the wrong direction. » Zoroastrian Pilgrimages and Muslim Saints: Tracing Modern Iranian Shi’ism at the Shrine of Chak Chak Ajam Media Collective. All photos are courtesy of the author, unless otherwise attributed.

» Zoroastrian Pilgrimages and Muslim Saints: Tracing Modern Iranian Shi’ism at the Shrine of Chak Chak Ajam Media Collective

Throughout its long and complicated history, Iran has been home to a wide range of nations, ethnicities, and adherents of various religions, at times living in harmony and at other times, cohabiting in tension. When recounting the story of Iran, the nationalist currents have historically centered certain religio-ethnic narratives of true Iranian-ness, pushing out of collective memory the stories of more marginalized inhabitants and alternatively incorporating or excluding new immigrants from the constructed ideal of the nation. One of the oldest of these communities has been Iran’s Zoroastrian population, estimated at about 25,279 according to official census results in 2012. Faravahar, symbol of the Zoroastrian God, Ahura Mazda. ″قبله عالم″ در نقاشی هم دستی داشته است. Resources - The Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies. Skip over navigation Home » Resources Mossavar-Rahmani Center Annual Reports Princeton University Research Resources Databases (Iran) Digitization Projects.

Resources - The Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies

Imara wa Tijara إمارة وتجارة. Al-Raqmiyyāt: Digital Islamic History. Arabic Collections Online: Browse. Actually, Oldest Qur'ans are in Sanaa, Yemen & in Danger of Saudi Bombing. Дамир-хазрат Мухетдинов.

Women Travelers to the ME&NA

Persian of Iran Today فارسی ايران امروز. Adapting the Novel into Arabic. Arab Arts and Literature. Blog — Ann Marie Wainscott. I get a lot of questions about the when/how/why of applying to Graduate School.

blog — Ann Marie Wainscott

Here are some preliminary thoughts: 1. Why do you want to go to graduate school? Near East Collection: Early Arabic Printing. The role of the Arabs in the introduction of paper into Europe is very well documented.

Near East Collection: Early Arabic Printing

Paper was invented by the Chinese in the 1st century CE. It was transmitted to the Arabs around the middle of the 8th century CE. It is also well documented that the Chinese invented block printing and the movable type several centuries before its use in Europe. Population statistics. A predominantly bibliographic blog for Iranian Studies. Nadia Maria El Cheikh: Women’s Lamentation and Death Rituals in Early Islam.

Интеллектуальная жизнь Карбалы

Islamic and Arabic Philosophy. Research. NOS EXPRESSIONS JUDEO-TUNISIENNES - NOUVELLE VERSION, par Felix Perez. The Rise and Fall of a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia. In these turbulent times in the Middle East, I have found myself working on the rise and fall of a late antique Jewish kingdom along the Red Sea in the Arabian peninsula.

The Rise and Fall of a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia

Friends and colleagues alike have reacted with amazement and disbelief when I have told them about the history I have been looking at. In the southwestern part of Arabia, known in antiquity as Himyar and corresponding today approximately with Yemen, the local population converted to Judaism at some point in the late fourth century, and by about 425 a Jewish kingdom had already taken shape. For just over a century after that, its kings ruled, with one brief interruption, over a religious state that was explicitly dedicated to the observance of Judaism and the persecu­tion of its Christ­ian population. This bizarre but militant kingdom in Himyar was eventually overthrown by an invasion of forces from Christian Ethiopia, across the Red Sea. Glen W.

Big in Tetouan: The Jewish women who pioneered modern Arab music - Arts & Leisure - Israel News. The Lost Jewish Culture by Harold Bloom. The Dream of the Poem: Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950–1492 translated, edited, and with an introduction by Peter Cole Princeton University Press, 548 pp., $50.00; $19.95 (paper) CfP: The Medieval Islamicate World: Encounters and Intercultural exchange. During the medieval period, the Islamicate world encompassed a great arc stretching from al-Andalus to China.

Within this arc, Muslims, Jews, and Christians, along with other diverse cultures and communities, established sophisticated and cosmopolitan centres that fostered intellectual, political and social interaction, and cultural exchanges. Such connections were key to the vibrancy, achievements, and innovations of this period, resulting in a social reality that was as complex as it was subtle. This series seeks to explore the intersections among the cultures that comprised the medieval Islamicate world, as well as the impact of specific communities, texts, and events on the development of Islamicate cultures. Stambouline: Ghosts of Lebanese Summers Past. AramcoWorld : Brill’s Bridge to Arabic. Amsterdam’s 1883 International Colonial and Export Exhibition was a lavish, five-month celebration of Dutch colonialism and capitalism that drew more than a million visitors from around the world.

Still, Amin ibn Hasan al-Halawani al-Madani al-Hanafi, who had traveled all the way from Cairo, was disappointed. uslim jurist and part-time book dealer, al-Madani (as he was known in the West) had come in hopes of selling a large collection of manuscripts amassed during his travels throughout the Islamic world. Sitting alone at his exhibition table, he failed to interest a single passerby. That was, until he bumped into an acquaintance, Count Carlo de Landberg, a Swedish aristocrat and scholar of Arabic. He suggested al-Madani try talking to E.J. The Count’s tip paid off. Their expertise was no coincidence. As the location, from 1575, of Leiden University, the fashionable Rapenburg Canal has long been the city’s intellectual hub and, at one time, its publishing center.

Hajji Baba of New York City. ‘Parviz Khatibi loved his country enough to tell it the truth’ Saving an Ancient 'Lost' City in War-torn Syria. Amid the death, despair, and destruction that mark today’s Syria, there's little good news for archaeologists and others who fear for the country’s remarkable cultural heritage. » Constructing Sacred Space: An Architectural History of Mashhad’s Imam Reza Shrine Ajam Media Collective. Leiden Islam Blog - Articles - An Ancient Zodiac from Arabia Discovered. Beirut house, a Lebanese heritage symbol. A man passes through a damaged room in the historic Barakat building, also known as the Yellow House, on the former Green Line in Beirut, April 15, 2015. (photo by REUTERS/Jamal Saidi)

1,000-Year-Old Muslim Joke Book Found. A Tale of Two Cities: Kabul And Herat. Les Rendez-vous de l'Histoire du monde arabe : la ville. Andrew F. March and Mara Revkin. Revolutionary Arab Rap الراب العربي الثوري. Nachrichten und Hintergründe rund um den Nahen und Mittleren Osten - Hier im staubigen, südlichsten Zipfel des Westjordanlandes scheint Israel in weiter Ferne zu liegen.

Doch das Leben hier ist geprägt von der täglichen Konfrontation mit israelischen Soldaten wie Siedlern – und der Zusammenarbeit mit israelischen Aktivisten gegen die Besatzung. Im Süden der Westbank droht hunderten Palästinensern die Vertreibung: Die israelische Armee beschlagnahmt Land für militärische Trainings und Siedlungsbau. Besatzung und Widerstand verändern die ländliche Gesellschaft von Grund auf.

Niqash: briefings from inside and across Iraq. SiriaLibano - "... chi parte per Beirut e ha in tasca un miliardo..." الأقليات في العراق.. محنة حقيقية. Seven Not Quite Translatable Words in Egyptian Arabic. Aflam. Dar el Machreq. Intellectual Background to 1906 the Constitutional Revolution – 3. Persian poetry and proverbs are this US government spokesperson's strong suit. Making Islamic-style paper - Collection Care blog. Bringing back Islamic History. Make Your Own Middle East. صور بلدات في محافظة قدس الشريف- فلسطين في الذاكرة.

Captain James Francis (Frank) Hurley. Stuffed eggplant with lamb and pine nuts from the Jerusalem cookbook. Is it possible to break taboos through laughter in Islamic societies? بررسی های تاریخی - حسن انصارى. Quand la survie des Libanais était soumise aux impératifs stratégiques. Qantara - Rustamides (777-909) Samar Media - The Arab Citizen Media. 500th Anniversay of the Battle of Chaldiran (Aug. 1514): Letter Exchange between Sultan Selim I (d. 1520) and Shah Ismail (d. 1524) « Ballandalus. Subhat al-Akhbar: Art and Genealogy in the Service of Ottoman Imperial Legitimacy « Ballandalus.