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Why We're So Divided Over Saving Wolves. Until recently, very few people had ever seen a wolf in the wild.

Why We're So Divided Over Saving Wolves

But thanks to the success of the recovery program in Yellowstone National Park, more and more people are getting the chance to appreciate this iconic animal. But for many ranchers, wolves—like coyotes—are regarded as varmint to be eradicated. For hunters and trappers, they are exciting quarry. In Wolf Nation: The Life, Death, and Return of Wild American Wolves, Brenda Peterson takes us inside the world of these top predators—and the cultural war being waged over them. Speaking from her home in Seattle, she explains why the battle over wolves is like the abortion debate, how removing protections in six Western states has led to the deaths of more than 3,000 wolves, and why so many wolf advocates are women. Rogue Washington Rancher Wiped Out 15% of State’s Wolves in Violation of Federal Rules. Heavily hunted wolves more stressed, study says. Wolves in areas of Canada where they are heavily hunted experience higher levels of stress and reproductive hormones — which could change their evolution — suggests new research from the Sidney-based Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Heavily hunted wolves more stressed, study says

“Wolves are highly social, like people. What we’re seeing is a disruption to wolf populations in heavily hunted areas beyond just numbers,” said Paul Paquet, a senior scientist with Raincoast and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. The study is published in the scientific journal Functional Ecology. The foundation notes wolves in many parts of the country are viewed as threats to livestock and game species, making them subject to poorly managed cull programs that can see up to 50 per cent of a population killed in a year and 90 per cent in some cases.

Some wolves are on their way to domestication—again. Tens of thousands of years ago, certain groups of wolves came to appreciate the rich pickings found at the edges of human communities.

Some wolves are on their way to domestication—again

To better take advantage of them, they became less aggressive, lived in larger groups and took the first steps down a path that resulted in the animals we know as dogs. Now something similar may be happening again. Writing in the journal BioScience, ecologists led by Thomas Newsome of the University of Sydney and Aaron Wirsing of the University of Washington describe how some wolves are specializing in life beside human settlements—not tiny hunter-gatherer bands, of course, but sprawling 21st century communities. “Reliance on anthropogenic resources by contemporary gray wolves,” they write, “may once again be initiating a commensal domestication process.”

“Domestication” has different connotations in scientific rather than conversational settings. A peaceful end to the wolf wars? In 2007, a family of wolves in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest killed nine sheep.

A peaceful end to the wolf wars?

Ranchers who owned the sheep asked government wildlife managers to kill the wolves; but local wolf supporters and conservationists protested, asking instead for a non-lethal solution. So began what became the Wood River Wolf Project, a landscape-scale, multi-year experiment in how ranchers, livestock, and wolves can live together peacefully. Nearly a decade later, the results are in—and it was a resounding success. How many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat? Yellowstone wolves may kill up to 2,156 elk in the park each year and as many as 11,600 in the Greater Yellowstone region, figures derived from 20 years of wolf study in the park indicate.

How many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat?

After 20 years of wolves occupying Yellowstone National Park, biologist Doug Smith has suggested the answer to a long-asked question: how many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat? Smith has been studying wolves in the park since they were transplanted there in 1995. Project leader for wolf restoration, he has been with the program since officials carried the first wolf into a holding pen that year. His photograph of former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, the late U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Mollie Beattie, and former park Superintendent Michael Finley hefting a crate full of wolf across the snow is his most famous shot, he told an audience in Jackson last week.

How many elk do Yellowstone wolves eat? The Jane Goodall of Wolves. In 1979, Diane Boyd left her native Minnesota and headed west to begin tracking the first radio-collared gray wolf from Canada to recolonize the Western U.S., where humans had effectively eliminated the species by the 1930s through hunting, poisoning and habitat loss.

The Jane Goodall of Wolves

Boyd, a 24-year-old wildlife biology graduate student at University of Montana, was fueled by optimistic idealism and boundless energy. When she pulled up to her new home, deep in northwestern Montana’s rugged North Fork Flathead River valley, it was apparent she would need both. “It was like, ‘Wow,’” Boyd recalls of seeing the cabin, which had no plumbing, electricity or means of communicating with the outside world. “I’d spent a lot of time outdoors, but this was true isolation.” “I’ve come completely full circle,” Boyd, now 62, said from her Kalispell office in January. The Lobo's Lament. March 23, 2017 Meet the Mexican gray wolf, one of the most endangered mammals in North America.

The Lobo's Lament

Experts believe the genetically weak population could rebound if more wolves are released into the wild. So why is this wolf, and so many of her kind, living out their lives in captivity? On April 30, 2008, Rebecca Bose, the curator at the Wolf Conservation Center in Westchester County, N.Y., led a small group of workers and volunteers into a 1.5 acre wooded enclosure that housed a pack of rare Mexican gray wolves.

Cascadia Wildlands » Of Wolves and Beer. Arizona Senator introduces legislation to give say to states and ranchers about wolf recovery. Tucson — Sen.

Arizona Senator introduces legislation to give say to states and ranchers about wolf recovery

Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) introduced legislation today that would give the states of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as ranchers, the right to dictate the terms of Mexican gray wolf recovery, undermining the scientific standards of the Endangered Species Act. States and ranchers have proven hostile to Mexican wolf recovery and have hampered the species’ recovery. “This legislation doesn’t just let the fox guard the henhouse — it gives the fox title and deed,” said Michael Robinson, a conservation advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity. House Overturns Obama-Era Law to Protect Alaskan Bears and Wolves. Hunters could once again go after bears, wolves and other predators in national wildlife refuges across Alaska if an Obama-era federal law is overturned by Congress and gets the president's approval.

House Overturns Obama-Era Law to Protect Alaskan Bears and Wolves

Supporters of repealing the rule, which was issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in August, got a boost Thursday when the House voted 225-193, mostly along party lines, to undo the law. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, is behind the resolution to strip away some of the federal government's control over Alaska's 76 million acres worth of federal wildlife refuges. Social media is a tool to educate & advocate  I’m sharing an article about how to be an effective activist.

Social media is a tool to educate & advocate 

Wolf advocacy is evolving and growing with a solid base, because of the wide range of tools at its disposal. News, action alerts and message boards have connected wolf advocates creating a strong force to be reckoned with; fighting the War On Wolves Act in congress is full speed ahead and the lines in congress are ringing off the hook! The following article, “How effective is social media?” By Erin Lee published on 2/12/16 from Source is a worthwhile reader for every wolf advocate: As Shonda Rhimes wrapped up her insightful Dartmouth commencement speech back in 2014, she slipped in a little zinger admonishing social media activism — “A hashtag is not helping.” Academic.oup. Skip to Main Content Sign In Register Advanced Search Journals Career Network. Adaptive use of nonlethal strategies for minimizing wolf–sheep conflict in Idaho. An Open Letter To President Donald Trump. 'Devastating': Historic drop in cattle prices leaves ranchers desperate for answers.

A crisis is quietly unfolding in one of Montana's most important industries, but because it's mainly a rural issue and the election is hogging the headlines, it's been largely ignored. Cattle prices have dropped off a cliff "faster and farther than at any other time in history" – in the words of one expert – over the last two years, and thousands of ranchers all over Montana are scrambling to try to save their livelihoods. “It’s devastating,” exclaims Craig Britton, the manager at the Missoula Livestock Exchange. “A lot of ranchers, several are going to lose their ranch, it’s just that bad. " “We’ve never seen prices collapse the way they are collapsing now,” said Bill Bullard of the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, a cattle trade association in Billings that has called for a federal investigation into possible price-fixing among meatpackers.

“This is unprecedented. MTU professor joins scientists opposing hunt. Michigan Technological University professor emeritus and noted wolf researcher Rolf Peterson has joined a group of scientists who have signed a letter opposing the new Michigan law that will allow wolf hunting recently signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. While the letter focuses on the possibility of a wolf hunt, the bill also mandates fisheries to consider sound science, including a $1 million appropriation to fight against aquatic invasive species like Asian carp. Scientists, including Peterson, state in the letter, “The reasons advanced for wolf hunting have been protection of human safety and livestock. There is no question about the importance of human safety and livestock. How to Be an "Alpha Male," According to Wolves.

Tim Flach/Getty Images If you watch wolves, It’s hard to escape the conclusion that perhaps no two species are more alike behaviorally than wolves and humans. Living as we do in families, we can easily recognize the social structures and status quests in wolf packs. No wonder Native Americans recognized in wolves a sibling spirit. And no wonder human males often face pressure to measure up as “alpha” males—to “wolf up,” as it were. The term alpha male connotes a man who at every moment demonstrates that he’s in control in the home and who away from home can become snarling and aggressive. Biologist Says Wolf Populations Stable Under State Management. Ken Krall with Dr. L. David Mech. A prominent Midwest wolf biologist thinks a possible delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act will not drive the population to dangerous levels. Caribou vs. wolf: Alberta’s delicate balancing act. In December, Banff-Cochrane MLA Cameron Westhead tabled a petition of 10,000 signatures pleading for the provincial government to protect Alberta’s wolves.

Delicate Dances With Conservationists Who Save Wolves in Washington State - Bloomberg. Arron Scotten wants to take the long route to the scene of the killings. Hunter kills the last of the Druid wolves - Environmental - JHN&G Mobile. Gunfire brings an end to one-time pup from famous pack. California Wolf Plan Sets Road Map for Conserving Small Population. For Immediate Release, December 7, 2016. Connelly: A Different Opinion On Protecting Wolves. Commentary: I’m writing in response to the latest, "oh poor wolf” commentary. Mr. Bob Jamieson (As an Individual) at the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee. Bob Jamieson As an Individual. A response to Senator Baldwin's wolf comment.

The American people have seen their fair share of climate deniers, including politicians who refuse to acknowledge the role of carbon emissions and years of scientific scrutiny and research, which overwhelmingly points to our warming planet causing more frequent and oft-times disastrous weather phenomena. I'm With Activism – Helping you develop your activism goals. Index. Fact-checking the debate over the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack. Minnesota DNR deer leader: Population on way up. URGENT: Scientists Warn New Plan Will 'Result in Extinction of Red Wolves in the Wild' Wolf attacks frustrate Fort Klamath rancher. FORT KLAMATH — A Fort Klamath rancher who had four steers killed by wolves in less than three weeks is frustrated by the lack of protections for cattle, especially in the Wood River Valley. “This valley, with so many cattle, is going to be like a smorgasbord for the wolves.

They’ll take the animals that put up the least resistance,” worries Bill Nicholson, third-generation owner of the Nicholson Ranch, where the deaths, verified by state Fish and Game biologists as wolf kills, took place. The most recent confirmation was received Thursday from Roblyn Brown, Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife acting wolf program coordinator, for a steer believed to have been killed either Sunday or Monday night. Its partially eaten carcass was found Wednesday after Butch Wampler, who oversees the ranch’s cattle, spotted large numbers of circling crows and rode to the scene. Banned poison was used to kill wolf - Environment - Mobile. WDFW calls off hunt for Profanity Peak wolfpack - Livestock. Advances made in wolf deterrents - Blaine County - Mobile. Thousands turned out to save the wolves. Wolf expert: Despite hunting, wolves are doing well - Environment - Mobile.

Study: Livestock Grazing on Public Lands Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion Over Past Decade. Algonquin Wolf. Of Ranchers, Beef, Bison and Predators: Searching For A Better, Still-Wild West - The Bullseye. Ecologist Scott Creel to be first speaker in this year’s Provost’s Distinguished Lecturer Series at MSU. One man's 1,000-mile mission to save a Washington wolf pack. The Profanity Peak Pack: Lost of wolves and academic freedom. Our Wild World. Dying to Save You - Correction. Study Casts Doubt on Theory That Legal Hunting Reduces Poaching. Defenders of Wildlife = Defenders of Livestock? Why Do They Support Killing Wolves in Washington? More wolves killed because of the sacred cow at the public trough. Wolf advocates angry that state preparing to kill entire pack. Profanity Peak wolf pack in state’s gun sights after rancher turns out cattle on den. Ranchers Sing The Praises Of Mob Grazing of Cattle. A ‘disease’ that stalks the Y’stone ecosystem - Cowboy Common Sense - JHN&G Mobile.

Why Some Conservationists Approve the Killing of a Wolf Pack. Making political hay out of Profanity Peak wolf pack culling. Wolf deaths called a symbol of bigger problems in Banff National Park. Lethal Removal of Profanity Peak Wolves Unfortunate, but Part of State’s Wolf Management Policy. State’s silence on wolf killing frustrates observers - Washington. Helicopter Gunners Kill Two Wolves in Northeastern Washington. Rare Wolf or Common Coyote? It Shouldn't Matter, But It Does. Legislators' wolf summit just more rhetoric. Groundswell continues to grow as groups demand conservation in place of management – Wolf Awareness Inc. – Research, Education, Conservation. Rare Wolf or Common Coyote? It Shouldn't Matter, But It Does. Pacific Wolf Family. The Red Wolf Is Mostly Coyote. Budget bill rider will delist wolves. Quora. YELLOWSTONE SCIENCE 24 1 WOLVES. Yellowstone Science: (24)1 Celebrating 20 Years of Wolves - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Legislators' wolf summit just more rhetoric. Cornered: Mexican wolf management to appease livestock producers may run out the clock on recovery. Wolves Ontario. Eastern Wolf Education Summit Explores the Potential Return of Wolves to the Northeast. Groups seek to intervene in Mexican gray wolf legal battle. Can America learn to love the big bad wolf? There are signs of change. A Wake Up Call for the Wolf Killers — Pacific Standard. Critically endangered and ancient Himalayan wolf needs global conservation attention. Mange threatening wolves. The killing agency: Wildlife Services' brutal methods leave a trail of animal death. A Wake Up Call for the Wolf Killers. Missoula Independent. Meat of the Matter: Wolf pack facts. Park Service limits Isle Royale study to wolves' future. Part 3: The War on Wolves. Livestock and Wolves: A Guide to Nonlethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflicts - Rural America. Livestock and Wolves: A Guide to Nonlethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflicts - Rural America.

Science is rapidly revealing just how smart animals are. The Rogue Agency, by Christopher Ketcham. Predator-Prey Study: Wolves not threat to deer you may think. Commentary: Scaring people about wolves is not acceptable recourse. Rethinking The Big Bad Wolf. Idaho Breaks Agreement Using Helicopter Drops to Collar Wolves in Frank Church Wilderness. Rethinking The Big Bad Wolf. Index. U.S. Wolf Populations. Biology Letters. Conservationists deal blow to Wildlife Services in landmark WA wolf case (Press Release 12/21/15)

Public and Private Land Percentages by US States : Facts & Information. Medicine of the Wolf. Wolf Scientist Dr. John Vucetich.