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On, In, and below the Water and the Sea

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Fossil 'conga lines' reveal origins of animal swarms. Oceans on Nautilus: Lessons for the Return of Great White Sharks. Shark stomach study reveals surprising diet with bottom-feeding habits. Boy, 8, reels in world record tiger shark. An 8-year-old boy reeled in a fish of a lifetime—a 692-pound tiger shark that was nearly eight times his own weight—and it will be a smallfry world record, assuming the International Game Fish Association approves it.

Boy, 8, reels in world record tiger shark

Jayden Millauro, the youngest member of the Port Hacking Game Fishing Club in Sydney, Australia, was fishing with his father, captain Ibby Darbas and two deckhands on the boat Undertaker about 99 miles south of Sydney off the coast of Browns Mountain, according to 9News. The tiger shark was drawn to the boat in a chum line, a bait was tossed its way and the fish bit. “The adrenalin was pumping from the moment we all spotted the shark at the boat,” Jayden’s father Jonothan told 9News.

“So Jayden grabs the rod, we harnessed him up.” Ocearch. Tortoise Gets Wheels After Losing Legs In A Rat Attack. An Octopus Changing Colors While She Dreams Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing. A tractor isn’t something you’d ever expect to see on Speedhunters.

An Octopus Changing Colors While She Dreams Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing

'It can kill you in seconds': the deadly algae on Brittany's beaches. André Ollivro stepped carefully down the grassy banks of an estuary in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, not far from his beachfront cabin.

'It can kill you in seconds': the deadly algae on Brittany's beaches

The pungent smell of rotting eggs wafting from decomposing seaweed made him stop and put on his gas mask. It was a strange sight in what is usually a tourist hotspot. “You can’t be too careful,” said the 74-year-old former gas technician, who is leading the fight against what has come to be known as France’s coastal “killer slime”. “When I was 16, I used to bring a boat here with my uncle,” Ollivro said. “In those days, it was all about natural beauty and you didn’t see seaweed piled up. Killer whale attack. Killer whales (or orcas) are powerful predators capable of killing leopard seals and great white sharks.

Killer whale attack

They have also been recorded preying on usually terrestrial species such as moose swimming between islands.[1] In the wild, there have been no fatal attacks on humans and only one reported bite.[2][3] In captivity, there have been several non-fatal and fatal attacks on humans since the 1970s.[4] Experts are divided as to whether the injuries and deaths were accidental or deliberate attempts to cause harm.[5][6] Incidents with wild orcas[edit] There are a few recorded cases of wild orcas threatening humans. However, there have been no fatalities.[2][7] 1910s[edit] Killer whales (orcas) chase our boat near San Diego Bay. Shocking moment killer whale attacks Alaskan fishing boat. Jeremiah Sullivan Gets Bitten By Sharks. On Purpose: ‘Fear Is a Funny Thing’ New Smyrna Beach. Sharks, Surfers and New Smyrna: A Biting Tale at the ‘Shark Bite Capital of the World’

New Smyrna Beach

31 Facts About Sharks. Three decades after the Chernobyl disaster—the world’s worst nuclear accident—signs of life are returning to the exclusion zone.

31 Facts About Sharks

Wild animals in Chernobyl are flourishing within the contaminated region; puppies roaming the area are capturing the hearts of thousands. Tourists who have watched the critically acclaimed HBO series Chernobyl are taking selfies with the ruins. Once thought to be forever uninhabitable, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has become a haven for flora and fauna that prove that life, as they say in Jurassic Park, finds a way. 1. Ancient Giant Isopods Love Eating Alligators, New Study Finds. No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime.

For a start, it’s not sticky.

No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime

Hermit crabs evolved long members to copulate from the comfort of home. Diet, Habitat, & Facts. Sand dollars – Quartz Obsession. When Snails Attack: The Epic Discovery Of An Ecological Phenomenon - Science Sushi. Amos Barkai discovered this now classic example of predator-prey reversal 30 years ago.

When Snails Attack: The Epic Discovery Of An Ecological Phenomenon - Science Sushi

Photo Credit: Paul Hanekom (used with permission from Amos Barkai) The year was 1983. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had just hit theaters, The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” topped the charts, and Amos Barkai was a new graduate student at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Abalone Armor: Toughest Stuff Theoretically Possible. Centuries of warfare have seen body armor develop from cow hides to Kevlar.

Abalone Armor: Toughest Stuff Theoretically Possible

Now scientists are using lab experiments and mathematics to discover a stronger bullet-proof solution in the beautiful, helmet homes that seaweed-eating abalones make for themselves. China's Aircraft Carriers Have a Menace: Jellyfish Swarms. One of China's most intractable enemies doesn’t even have a vertebrae—or a brain.

China's Aircraft Carriers Have a Menace: Jellyfish Swarms

Chinese scientists and engineers are devising new methods to destroy swarms of jellyfish before they can get into naval propulsion systems, halting ships dead in their tracks or overheating their engines. Ironically, this seems to be a problem of China’s own making. Its overfishing, especially of shark fisheries, is a contributing factor to the global jellyfish population explosion. Two Dolphins Died Grisly Decompression Deaths While Battling Squid. Veterinary scientists at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain recently reported finding two stranded Risso's dolphins that died from decompression sickness, commonly known to divers as "the bends. " This was quite an odd finding, as dolphins' bodies are well-adapted to avoiding the malady.

Decompression sickness is related to the formation of gas bubbles (often nitrogen) in the blood and tissues resulting from a rapid change in pressure, like when ascending from deep to shallow waters. Professor of veterinary pathology Antonio Fernandez and his colleagues discovered the two stranded dolphins along the coast of Spain's Canary Islands. Sciencemag. When the massive tsunami waves of the 2011 eastern Japan earthquake rolled back out to sea, they pulled with them fragments of docks, boats, and buoys that sometimes contained living stowaways. These hitchhikers—including crustaceans, mollusks, and fish—rode debris “rafts” through ocean currents over thousands of kilometers before finally washing ashore on Hawaiian and North American coastlines, sometimes years later.

Now, researchers who studied hundreds of Japanese marine species living in and on this tsunami debris conclude that they were witnessing a “transoceanic biological rafting event with no known historical precedent,” they report today in Science. Scientists Discover 'Octlantis,' a Bustling Octopus City. Valuable jewelry isn't always made from precious metals or gems. Wildlife smugglers in Africa are increasingly evading the law by disguising illegally harvested rhinoceros horns as wearable baubles and trinkets, according to a new study conducted by wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC. As BBC News reports, TRAFFIC analyzed 456 wildlife seizure records—recorded between 2010 and June 2017—to trace illegal rhino horn trade routes and identify smuggling methods.

If We Can Get Past the Ickiness, Hagfish Slime May Actually Be Useful to Us. Hagfish are far from cuddly. 'Twilight Zone' Horror Story: Lionfish Prey on Unknown Fish Species. Invasive lionfish in the Caribbean Sea are scarfing down fish species that scientists haven't even discovered yet. Blood in the water: Four dead, a coast terrified and the birth of modern shark mania. Terrifying Video: Why a Sea Lion Pulled a Little Girl into the Water. Can We Really Eat Invasive Species into Submission? LAS PEÑITAS, Bolivia—Before he’d ever seen a paiche, fish trader Eric Salazar had heard the giant Amazonian fish could grow up to 10 feet long, weigh 400 pounds and eat a man whole.

Killer Whales Are Bullies, and Humpbacks Are Bouncers. Great White Sharks Are Being Killed and Eaten by Killer Whales. The Blood of the Crab. Atlasobscura. Earth - Seals discovered having sex with penguins. This Deep Sea Fisherman Posts His Discoveries on Twitter and OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE. This Video Is the Stuff of Shark-Induced Nightmares. Lionfish Facts: Frequently Asked Questions About Invasive Lionfish : Lionfish Hunting. The following questions are the most frequently asked about the non-native, invasive lionfish. Watch A Guy Shoot Invasive Lionfish With A Glock 9mm. Shark group makes unprecedented discovery off Long Island.

Photographer Spends 25 Years Trying To Document The Majestic Beauty Of Whales And Dolphins. Earth - Eight reasons why octopuses are the geniuses of the ocean. Drone captures rare moment as whales take down juvenile shark. Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean. Red Crabs Swarm Like Insects in Incredible Underwater Video. These Beautiful Images of Algae Were the First Photos to Illustrate Any Book. Autonomous underwater vehicle provides new insights into shark behaviour. Deciphering dolphin echolocation - researchers create eerie image of a diver as it may appear in a dolphin's brain. Sharks Vs Humans - Who Really Kills Who? Beluga Whale Stuns Navy Team With Amazingly Human Chatter (LISTEN) The mystery of the great American lobster boom and how it could go bust. Relatively Interesting Is this footage of an ocean dwelling alien? No. But it's still creepy as hell. - Relatively Interesting. The Octopus Could be the Most-Likely Model of Intelligent Alien Life.

True Facts About The CuttleFish. Melbourne Scuba Diver Films Stunning Spider Crab Migration Pyramid. Watch a Manta Ray Give a Diver the Thrill of His Life. Orca whales can learn to ‘speak’ dolphin language, ground-breaking study shows. Giant earwax plugs tell the life stories of blue whales. - Seriously, Science? A Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver, Then Says 'Thank You' Submarine: Any Truth to the Legend? The true story - Thomas P. Peschak. How do fish swim in schools? Give zebrafish some booze, and they stop fearing robots.

Sunscreen from fjord bacteria. Lionfish invasion: The invasive fish are eating so many native species that they’re obese. Lionfish Attacking Atlantic Ocean Like A Living Oil Spill. Fish feed-research may help reduce world hunger. Mighty mussels in the battle against catastrophic oil spills. The Amazing Giant Squid Video. Wild Dolphins Give Humans Gifts. Soft sea slugs pack a hard punch. Standard research fish lacks a standard diet. Oysters are more complex than we think. An Oyster in the Storm. Flying Fish Evolved To Escape Marine Reptile Predators, Fossil Research Suggests.