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Nuku Ora. The people who bought a gym and tried to change a city - BBC Reel. NZ kids not getting enough physical activity at school - study. New Zealand schools should devote more time to physical education to tackle the shortage of exercise experienced by many children, according to new research.

NZ kids not getting enough physical activity at school - study

Researchers have advised 30 minutes of physical activity at school per day (file image). Photo: stylephotographs/123RF The recommendation comes from a University of Otago research paper, which found more than a third of primary and secondary school-aged kids do not clock up seven hours of exercise per week - the level deemed "sufficient" by international guidelines. The paper said the situation has become "urgent". Lead researcher Dr Anja Mizdrak told Morning Report that recommended seven hours of exercise was "any kind of activity".

"We have got almost one in five kids who are minimally active, so they are doing less than half that amount of activity that is recommended. "This is problematic because we know that it's really important for kids - both for their mental and physical health... that they be doing enough physical activity.

" How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains. Exercise can change how crucial portions of our brain communicate as we age, improving aspects of thinking and remembering, according to a fascinating new study of aging brains and aerobic workouts.

How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains

The study, which involved older African-Americans, finds that unconnected portions of the brain’s memory center start interacting in complex and healthier new ways after regular exercise, sharpening memory function. The findings expand our understanding of how moving molds thinking and also underscore the importance of staying active, whatever our age.

The idea that physical activity improves brain health is well established by now. How Much Exercise Do You Need for Better Heart Health? Dr.

How Much Exercise Do You Need for Better Heart Health?

Dwyer and his colleagues now drew the records for more than 90,000 of the men and women who had worn the trackers, skipping anyone with a known history of heart disease when they joined the study. They divided them into four groups, depending on how many minutes, in total, they moved every week, and how much of this activity was moderate, such as walking, or relatively vigorous, like jogging, as verified by their trackers. Finally, the researchers gathered data from hospitals and death records about who, among the 90,000 volunteers, developed heart disease in the years after joining the study, and began crosschecking their diagnoses against their activity habits. To no one’s surprise, being active was protective against heart disease. Mark Reason: John Parker's cunning plan to loosen gambling's grip on community sports funding.

OPINION: John Parker, the former New Zealand opening batsman, has developed a scheme that could transform sporting and charitable fundraising in New Zealand and potentially the world.

Mark Reason: John Parker's cunning plan to loosen gambling's grip on community sports funding

Parker’s plan could also start to fray the insidious ties that bind gambling to sport. The name of the project is CommUnity and it will be launched in a month’s time on March 17th. The only thing that is difficult to grasp about it is why no one had thought of it sooner. It is a beautiful and simple way to put money back into your community without all the hassle of giving up part of your weekend to sweat over a sausage sizzle.

The idea is that certain stores in your town or area will be signed up to CommUnity. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Walk. Te Hiringa Hauora SOI and SPE 2020 WEB. Olympics nothing more than a money making machine - Bidwell. The late American television sports executive Don Ohlmeyer was fond of a phrase that's applicable to these times.

From this distance there is simply no justification for these already-rescheduled Olympics to commence on 23 July, against a backdrop of the continued coronavirus pandemic and the plummeting desire of the Japanese public to see the event staged. You could go on and on and on listing reasons why the Olympiad should not take place and why Bach's insistence that it will is a nonsense, but in the end it all comes back to Ohlmeyer. "The answer to all your questions,'' Ohlmeyer would often say "is money.'' Not sport, not the alleged Olympic ideals of participation and friendship, not nationhood. Not anything other than cold, hard cash. – barbaragrieve

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Olympics nothing more than a money making machine - Bidwell

Photo: Photosport. LiteClub — Litefoot. Hamish Bidwell's Christmas wishlist. Opinion - I love Christmas.

Hamish Bidwell's Christmas wishlist

Hamish Bidwell hopes all New Zealand parents can get behind their children's community sport in 2021. Photo: PHOTOSPORT All that eating and drinking, all the presents. Exercise 11 Minutes a Day for a Longer Life. That study, though, like most similar, earlier research, asked people to remember how much they had moved or sat, which can be problematic.

Exercise 11 Minutes a Day for a Longer Life

We tend to be unreliable narrators of our lives, overestimating physical activity and underestimating how much we sit. But if large numbers of people misremember this way, the paradoxical result is that exercise looks less potent than it is, since the studies’ “active” people appear to have needed plenty of exercise to gain health benefits, when the objective amount of exercise they actually completed was less, and this smaller amount produced the gains. The scientists wound up gathering results from nine recent studies in which almost 50,000 men and women wore accelerometers. The great accelerator - Covid-19 heightens private-equity investors’ interest in sport.

“THE COVID situation has been a disaster for everybody,” says Andy Holt, the owner of Accrington Stanley, a football club in England’s third tier.

The great accelerator - Covid-19 heightens private-equity investors’ interest in sport

Fans have been locked out of the stadium since March. The loss of match-day revenue has hit smaller clubs the hardest. Accrington makes 40% of its revenue from tickets and food and drink, compared with around 15% for the elite clubs in the English Premier League. The 6 big myths that get innovation labs all wrong. BUSTED. The great thing about working with Innovation Amplified -- our world-leading methodology for convening and running social innovation labs -- is you get exposed to a huge range of leaders, organisations and people, across different sectors and worldviews.

The 6 big myths that get innovation labs all wrong. BUSTED.

Throughout all of those rich conversations there are two things that keep jumping out at me. The sense so many people have that they need to do something different to break through problems that are hopelessly gridlocked. New solutions for thriving societies. 290,000 Aotearoa New Zealand children live in low-income households.

New solutions for thriving societies

We know that a lack of income is particularly harmful for those parents who are socially isolated. It affects the ability of parents to buy healthy food, affordable childcare, to get to the doctor, shops or friends, as well as their ability to participate in the community. When we asked parents and families what would make a difference to support their parenting, the most common suggestions related to reducing social isolation and increasing social support. In Harakeke parents design and deliver their own weekly, hour-long, free to low-cost meet-up activity for other parents in their local area. This could be spending an hour at a local playground with a few other parents and their kids, hanging out at a nearby cafe, or just about anything else parents choose.

What These Athletes Learned From Their Pandemic Pauses. I think it’s just kind of a testament to everything that I went through last year. Being able to be back where I was, being able to play at such a high level and make an impact. I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to do, and it shows. Not a lot of people come back from an Achilles’ injury and have the same impact, and I was still able to have a huge impact. It’s the mind-set and just the work ethic. Liberalism and its contradictions - Who could object to the Equality Act? WHEN SHE was ripping through the water during swimming races as a little girl, it did not occur to Nancy Hogshead-Makar that she might one day make a career out of it.

But that changed during high school, when she won a full athletic scholarship to university. Four years later Ms Hogshead-Makar won three gold medals at the 1984 Olympics. Her achievements would have been impossible without Title IX, a brief one-paragraph amendment made to the Civil Rights Act in 1972, when she was ten years old. Title IX banned discrimination “on the basis of sex” in educational institutions that receive federal funding. This meant that most schools and all universities were legally required to provide equal opportunities in activities. Lauren Fleshman’s Feminist Approach to Coaching. When the sports calendars began to fall victim to the pandemic, the athletes of Littlewing, an elite training group in Bend, Ore., sat down to talk about running in a world without racing.

The team — a group of six female athletes including Rebecca Mehra, a miler who put herself on the map in 2019 with a third-place finish at the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York City — had just knocked off a tough workout on a dirt road in the middle of the Deschutes National Forest. The women set up lawn chairs on the side of the road, socially distanced only from their coach, the former elite runner Lauren Fleshman, who was not initially in their quarantine pod. Once the women were settled, Fleshman posed some questions: What is running to you and who are you if there are no races, no championships, no money to be made, no performance aspect at all? Out of retirement: the care home seniors chasing global cycling glory. Joy Small and Cathrine Myhr have never met, live in care homes 1,000 miles apart – but are challenging each other in a gripping sporting stand-off.

“I’m going to win the medal for female world champion,” says Small, 92, from her care home in Newbury. Transgender athletes - A ban by World Rugby could prove influential for transgender sports. IT IS THE latest development in a bitter argument. On October 9th World Rugby, the global governing body for rugby union, decided to bar trans women—people who are biologically male, but identify as women—from playing in the international women’s game, on the grounds that it is unsafe. That ban will probably affect the top levels of the game in individual countries, too, since international players are drawn from the top clubs.

Decisions on what to do in the game’s lower levels have been left to the governing bodies in individual countries. When You Love, and Loathe, Watching the N.F.L. Victrix ludorum - The battle over trans athletes in American schools heats up. Barry Houlihan Elite Sport Benefits. Unpicking the philosophical approach when understanding the concept of physical literacy - IPLA. Physical Literacy. Covid-19 and Physical Literacy Key Questions. IPLA Questions Infographic long (002) Physical Activity. Evidence-based intervention in physical activity: lessons from around the world.

Promotion of physical activity is a priority for health agencies. We searched for reviews of physical activity interventions, published between 2000 and 2011, and identified effective, promising, or emerging interventions from around the world. The informational approaches of community-wide and mass media campaigns, and short physical activity messages targeting key community sites are recommended. Behavioural and social approaches are effective, introducing social support for physical activity within communities and worksites, and school-based strategies that encompass physical education, classroom activities, after-school sports, and active transport. Recommended environmental and policy approaches include creation and improvement of access to places for physical activity with informational outreach activities, community-scale and street-scale urban design and land use, active transport policy and practices, and community-wide policies and planning. Thus, many approaches lead to acceptable increases in physical activity among people of various ages, and from different social groups, countries, and communities. – barbaragrieve

New Zealand given 'F for failure' on child obesity and youth suicide in Unicef report. Unicef says New Zealand is failing children after a new report revealed the country’s poor childhood obesity and suicide statistics have pushed it to near the very bottom on child wellbeing. The latest Unicef Innocenti report card shows that, out of 41 developed countries in the OECD and European Union, New Zealand ranks 35th. PIIS0140673612608988. Global PA recs 2010. -19 and sport: Webinar series published. Sport New Zealand no closer to 'revolution' - Bidwell. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency is coordinating a cross-government initiative that raises the profile of e-bike purchase support schemes and makes the process simpler for public sector organisations who want to implement a scheme. This initiative is about the public sector leading by example and is a cross-agency response to government direction in relation to urban mobility, public health and emissions reduction. Trans and Gender Diverse Guidelines 2019. Wellington considers ban on new pokie machines. The science of transgender women in sport. Photo: Oceania Rugby. The Future of Sports 2015 Report. Active and Inactive Young Australians FINAL March 2020. Health and educational benefits of sport and culture.

Otago709606. Can virtual reality really get you fit? NZ's big sporting controversies. Sports Have Been on Pause. It’s Time for a Reboot. Then and now: the balancing act of school rugby. 07 1184x tackling obesities future choices report. Is NZ the best place in the world for women to play sport? Citius, Altius, Fortnite - Why the next Olympics should include Fortnite. What we learned from 400 expressions of interest for the Connected Communities Innovation Fund. Climate crisis threatens future of global sport, says report. Key Performance Indicators. Can indoor sports centers be allowed to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic based on a certificate of equivalence? Covid-19 and Physical Literacy Key Questions. The glaring problem with sport - Bidwell. Live Sports Has Always Been an Act of Social Imagination. EPA Maori Perspectives. EPA He Whetu Marama English poster.

Sport NZ offer $25m relief package for community sport. : Lost gaming revenue a hammer blow for community sport. Microsoft Word - Commissioning for outcomes - the role of social finance V2. Understanding commissioni fc3. The 4-Second Workout. New exercise habits forming during coronavirus crisis. Webinar Series - Sports Marketing Network. Wales Strategy. Organisations consulted re GAPPA. Physical activity. New WHO-led study says majority of adolescents worldwide are not sufficiently physically active. Sport organisations counting the costs of Covid-19. Restarting football too soon would be 'more than irresponsible' Women's sport could bear brunt of financial cutbacks. Doing Sport Differently, targeting less active VicHealth. Doing Sport Differently. Physical Wellbeing for Māori Youth.

Sport England Sport outcomes evidence review infographic. Transforming the Future Sport case study. The future of sports tech: Here’s where investors are placing their bets. The History of the Origin of eSports. Science Says Fitness Trackers Don't Work. Wear One Anyway. Draft Vision for consultation ENG. PIONEERING STUDY GIVES INSIGHT INTO SPORT & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE. Over-competition in sport is bad for children’s mental health. Generation Inactive 2 Nothing About Us Without Us. DEFINE_ME. DEFINE_ME. Future of global sport. Sport England Youth Insight Under the Skin. Eu.usatoday. The Future of Sports 2015 Report. YP & PA research on effective interventions. An Activity Tracker for Seniors. Sport Northland - Strategic Overview. Youth Sport Trust – Strategy 2018-2022. Wales - Physical Activity of Children and Young People.

• Interesting read re – FMS (not PL), active kids more likely to be active adults, role of schools, statutory 120 mins a week, greater school/community access, agreed national PA measurement framework, family orientated approach, voice of secondary school YP, greater priority to PE in curriculum time, initial teacher training, raise profile of women’s sport (inc media coverage), deprivation gap in PA levels, major drop-off in secondary, need for holistic/systemic solutions, green play spaces in urban design, critical role of parents, disability challenges, role of socio-economic status etc etc • Slovenia case study (inc very ‘physical’ surveillance system) interesting; we already know Finland story (spk Roger or Geoff anyone wants to know re latter) • Physical literacy section (44-4😎 highly relevant for new strategy/BB19 (Karen was in Wales last year) • Perceived negative impact of short term funding from Sport Wales highlighted – barbaragrieve

Trans and Gender Diverse Guidelines 2019. Football bans: Bad behaviour 'won't be tolerated' Dr Simon Walters: Children in sport just want to have fun. Summary Report on sport 2018. Exercising as a teen reduces the risk of depression later in life, study finds.