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Index of /magz/ Index of /magz/ ../!0-9/ 26-Aug-2014 15:02 - !A/ 26-Aug-2014 15:03 - !B/ 24-Dec-2015 05:10 - !C/ 04-Feb-2016 04:58 - ! 10 Best Mountain Towns for Sportsmen - Petersen's Hunting Whether it’s the Easterner’s awe at hearing an elk bugle for the first time or a lowlander’s wide-eyes at the steep peaks and oak benches of Appalachia, there’s something about the mountains that call out to every hunter. Those that live among them are the lucky ones, for all that country lies outside their door. The rest of can only visit on occasion and spend the rest of the year dreaming. To fuel those fantasies of packing up and moving, we’ve compiled (but not ranked) a list of ten of the top mountain towns. THE Alliance creates emergency fund in event of Hanjin scenario The THE Alliance, understanding how critical certainty is for shippers, has proposed innovative language within its vessel-sharing agreement that has at least one fan among the Federal Maritime Commission. WASHINGTON — Container lines within the planned the THE Alliance are developing safeguards, including an emergency fund, to help recover stranded cargo if one of the members collapses as Hanjin Shipping did this year. Federal Maritime Commissioner William Doyle said he’d like to see the 2M and Ocean alliances adopt similar practices. As shippers scrutinize carriers’ financial stability ahead of the 2016 to 2017 bidding season, the safeguards could provide those that deal with the THE Alliance some reassurances — and give alliance members a contracting edge.

isoTimer - Personal Organizer App Life, made simple! The ultimate personal organizer Get Started - It's Free! Sign In Don't have a Microsoft account? Sign up now Microsoft account What's this? 1. America’s Global Image 1. America’s Global Image By Richard Wike, Bruce Stokes and Jacob Poushter

Winter Friendly RVing and Camping RVers who love to hunt or who want to head to the snow instead of the sunny Southwest, know that there is a lot to be said for winter camping, and here at Guaranty RV, we couldn’t agree more. Most RVers do one of two things when it starts to get cold; they either head south, or they winterize the travel trailer, motorhome, toy hauler or camper, and put it away until the sun shows its face again. Increasingly, however, intrepid hunters, skiers, snowboarders and other snowsports enthusiasts are taking up winter RVing—and some of us more sedentary snow lovers who just want to sit with a hot toddy while we look out a window at a winter wonderland are also happily succumbing to the appeal of cold weather camping. With today’s RVs, you can be as toasty warm inside as you would be in your own home. Looking to Purchase? Explore Your Four Season and “Arctic Ready” RV Options

Forwarders renew calls for shipping lines to abandon growing list of surcharges Freight forwarders have renewed calls for shipping lines to axe their surcharges “Forwarders do not like shipping line surcharges, and we have been challenging their legitimacy on behalf of our members – and their customers – for many years,” said Robert Keen, BIFA Director General. Earlier this year, the Global Shippers’ Forum launched a campaign promising to end the surcharge system by 2020, threatening to “name and shame” carriers and forwarders that use surcharges to “exhort” extra payments from customers. “Our members have become used to shipping lines adding peak season, fuel and currency surcharges, but the number of surcharges and fees continues to grow – often with no real explanation or justification,” said Mr Keen this week. “For instance, what does an extra ‘administration fee’ or ‘container sealing fee’ cover that is not in the standard service offered? “If a shipper enters a contract to buy goods, they should know exactly what they are paying and that price should not change.

To-Do Calendar Planner (isoTimer) Review: When I downloaded and opened To-Do Calendar Planner (also known as isoTimer), I really was impressed at how quickly it loaded and how the app synchronized with Google calendar by itself without me having to anything. As Android devices are connected to a Google account to enable downloading apps from the Play Store, the app instantly connected to my Google account and therefore my calendar. If you don't have a Google calendar account you will have to add your events and tasks manually or import via CSV file which is the only file type you can import into the app. Also be aware that backup and export data to file are both only available in the paid version.

Sears Credit Card: Home Note: No funds will be transferred at this time. Setting up Online Bill Payment authorizes your bank to transfer funds from your account only when you complete a payment request each month. Enrollment or Changing Bank Account You can make an Online Payment once you enroll. Odd Things Other Countries Warn About Travel in the USA Last week, I told you about unusual warnings issued by the State Department for U.S. citizens traveling abroad; warnings like, be alert in certain regions of Norway for polar bear attacks. Now, it's our turn. What do other countries warn their people traveling to the U.S. about? Short answer: Crime, but also Mother Nature. When she's at her worst. Foreign visitors might be warned about earthquakes, brushfires, tsunamis or even volcanoes around every corner, a view of America that seems to have great potential for an epic disaster movie.

Want To Buy A Four Season RV? Here's What You Need to Know... There is a certain set of people who want an RV that can be lived in during all seasons. They want their home on wheels to be comfortable in the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and everything between. The truth is that most RVs are not built for this kind of use. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. If you do an online search for the term “Four Season RV”, the result will be a lot of truck campers and motorhomes or trailers that can withstand high levels of heat and cold.

Google Calendar is a great way to manage your time. You can create multiple events and put them a on an online calendar to keep up with what events you have and when. You can go as far as putting a specific time into the calendar. You can make more than one calendar and label it for specific events like church or school. You can then color coat certain events a certain color so you can easily identify when that event is coming up. You can also temporarily hide calendars so your focus can be towards specific events. This is very useful for homework and events. One of my teachers even put one on his class website so the students could see what the class did if they missed a day of class. This inspired me to use it for other classes like band towards the end of the year. This was so useful that I will include all of my classes next year. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a schedule that they have a hard time keeping track of. It was very useful to me, and I think it would be useful to anyone who uses it thoroughly. by tb045826 Jun 3

All jokes aside, I need a calendar to help me maximize my productivity, and to plan my future accordingly. There's something special about looking at "dates" that makes a difference. by waellerbe Jun 23

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