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Bigly. On September 26, 2016, the first 2016 presidential election debate took place between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


"Intrusive" vs. "Obtrusive": What's The Difference? Graphing Distribution of English – Prooffreader. Some data visualizations tell you something you never knew.

Graphing Distribution of English – Prooffreader

Others tell you things you knew, but didn’t know you knew. This was the case for this visualization. Too Much to Bear or Bare – Which is the Correct Spelling? Homophones are words that mean two different things, even though they sound the same when spoken aloud.

Too Much to Bear or Bare – Which is the Correct Spelling?

Google Arts & Culture - Fabricius. Google Launches Hieroglyphic Translator. Google has launched a new translator for Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics based on machine learning.

Google Launches Hieroglyphic Translator

The translator is part of Google’s arts & culture application “Fabricius” that has been in development through the Ubisoft Hieroglyphics Initiative first launched at the British Museum in 2017. In collaboration with Google, the Australian Center for Egyptology, at Macquarie University, Psycle Interactive, Ubisoft, and Egyptologists from around the world, the project was created to determine the possibility of using machine learning to process and collate the language of the Ancient Egyptians. Hieroglyphics was the formal writing system of Ancient Egypt, with the first decipherable sentence dating to the Second Dynasty (28th century BC). Definition of Callipygian by Merriam-Webster.

Definition of Perspicacious by Merriam-Webster. The Real Meanings Behind 28 Common Phrases. In English, what you say, doesn’t always reflect what you mean.

The Real Meanings Behind 28 Common Phrases

There are common phrases that seem rather mundane when taken at face value—but if you scratch beneath the surface, you might discover something else entirely. HipDict tabs itself as a ‘crowdsourced dictionary’ that lets anybody submit a definition for a common word or phrase. The Best Memes Of 2019. The 50 Best Memes of 2019, Explained by a Young Person. Sometimes the internet goes over our heads.

The 50 Best Memes of 2019, Explained by a Young Person

Luckily, we have a college student on staff to help us navigate those times. This is the many memes of 2019, youthsplained. “Memes have a lifespan of about 12 days.” How linguistics can help us catch sex offenders. Between 2009 and 2011, a now convicted sexual offender in his early twenties was spending much of his time online persuading young girls and boys to produce and share with him sexual images and videos.

How linguistics can help us catch sex offenders

To maximise his success, he would deceive and manipulate his victims by cycling through numerous different personas—a teenage boy, a young woman, a modelling agent, for example—seemingly trying to find the best fit for the person he was talking to. Online anonymity is a significant hurdle in policing online sexual abuse, and cases like this are sadly common. ‘Bad Writing Does Not Normally Warrant Sanctions, But We Draw The Line At Gibberish’ So concludes a vicious benchslapping from the Seventh Circuit aimed at Jordan Hoffman, an attorney brought on at the appellate stage to represent a pro se litigant claiming she was discriminated against in various ways by her former employer.

‘Bad Writing Does Not Normally Warrant Sanctions, But We Draw The Line At Gibberish’

The plaintiff lost at the trial level having mostly whiffed on her summary judgment response. On appeal, Hoffman signed off on a brief that… well, had some issues. “To lie doggo,” an idiom few people seem to know. Last week (November 6, 2019), in passing, I mentioned my idea of the origin of the word dog and did not mean to return to this subject, but John Cowan suggested that I consider an alternative etymology (dog as a color word).

“To lie doggo,” an idiom few people seem to know

I have been aware of it for a long time, but why is my idea worse? It may even carry more conviction, because I offered a hypothesis that takes care not only of dog but also of bug and a few other similar-sounding animal names: (ear)wig, frog, and stag. Literary Devices and Literary Terms - The Complete List. Huge List of Idiom Examples - Literary Devices. What is an Idiom?

Huge List of Idiom Examples - Literary Devices

An idiom is a group of words whose meaning is figurative and different from the actual words of the expression. Idioms are used widely in everyday speech and appear in every form of written text like poetry, prose, and even scientific or business writing. The Phaistos Disk Bears a 4,000-Year-Old Message That No One Can Translate. Whatever the meaning of the disk, there's one insight derived from the writing that we found incredibly interesting.

In "Guns, Germs, and Steel," Jared Diamond points out how whether a technological innovation changes the world or not can depend entirely on its context. In a very real sense, the Phaistos disk is the earliest known example of movable type. But without other technological innovations, it simply didn't have the chance to take off. It took another three millennia or so before moveable type would take off with the Guttenberg press. 191007 AWWW Life of Riley. This Is Why VSCO Girls Keep Saying "Sksksksk" 12 Old-Fashioned Insults We Should Bring Back. With the help of social media, slang words and phrases can gain momentum around the globe in what feels like mere minutes. But trendy terms were making splashes long before YouTubers were stanning guyliner-wearing pop stars who slay all day and woke Gen Z-ers were tweeting their hot takes about fake news, mansplaining, and more.

In a new study, digital subscription service Readly analyzed data from its magazine archives to identify some popular terms from years past and present and pinpoint exactly when they stopped appearing in print. Among more positive terms like crinkum-crankum (“elaborate decoration or detail”) and sweetmeat (“item of confectionery or sweet food”) lies a treasure trove of delicious insults that have all but disappeared—and could definitely add some color to your future squabbles. - The Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics. 14 Latin Words and Phrases for the Modern World. Surprise! The Semicolon Is Exciting. 12 Russian Swear Words You Need to Know. Graffiti with swear words | © Wikimedia Commons Updated: 24 September 2018 The Russian language is the perfect canvas for swear words. The flexibility of the language allows people to make use of the limited vocabulary and transform it and join existing words to form all sorts of profanity.

A Meditation on Exclamation Marks in Contemporary Poetry (!) The Hobo Hieroglyphs: Their Secret Symbols, Explained. Putting modifiers in their place. How Language Succeeds and Fails. The purpose of language is to reveal the contents of our minds, says Julie Sedivy. Most Influential Sites. 4 Changes to English So Subtle We Hardly Notice They're Happening. Definition of Askance by Merriam-Webster.

Half of All Languages Come from One Root Language. How it Spread Is Something of Debate. Another Major Style Guide Has Accepted Singular ‘They’ Some Theories On Trump's Misuse Of Quotation Marks. Definition of Dragooned by Merriam-Webster. Untitled. 11 Words Coined 100 Years Ago. What can linguistics tell us about the Vikings in England? Culture - What overusing exclamation marks says about you. Shakesperean Insults Chart. To Bat Wings and Eyes.

How To Insult Donald Trump, With Linguistics! A brief history of Polari: the curious after-life of the dead language for gay men. 10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The German Language Is The Worst. 10 Words and Phrases With Offensive Histories (language, words, phrases, pc, offensive, ) Poll results: fount or font of knowledge? Capital - Native English speakers are the world’s worst communicators. Theconversation. Sexmonster, and other German words for Trump. 4 Changes to English So Subtle We Hardly Notice They're Happening. Linguist George Lakoff: Pay close attention — Trump means exactly what he says. 11 Rare Old Words for the Heinous and Villainous. Only 4% of Languages Are Used Online. Orthography - "Smooths" versus "Smoothes" What is a Tarnation? Future - The two word games that trick almost everyone. Future - The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know.

The Forgotten Secret Language of Gay Men. Busker. A Way with Words. Harvard Linguist Identifies These 50 Commonly Misused Words. 24 Old English Terms You Should Start Using Again. 17 Polish Words and Phrases We Cannot Simply Translate. Etymology gleanings for February 2016. The Story of the Umlaut. Etymology of Poormouthing. Should You Literally Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit? Merde, mystique de la – Biblioklept. How the language you speak changes your view of the world. Irony & Sarcasm marks, part 1 of 3. How to convey sarcasm in written texts and emails, according to psychologists, whoop-de-doo. Ellipses: Why so common? What are they really for?