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Sacred symbols of the Stone Age. 大 S i m b o l o s 大 Symbols 大 on Pinterest. Alphabets & Symbols on Pinterest. Symbols on Pinterest. Symbols on Pinterest. Symbology on Pinterest. Symbols on Pinterest. Motivos étnicos y otras simbologías. on Pinterest. Text Symbols (and special characters) Simboli > Esoterico. English Français Español Deutsch Italiano Português.

Simboli > Esoterico

Glyphs. Fascinating Chart Details The History of the Alphabet. Most of us use the letters of the alphabet everyday, but did you ever stop to wonder how their shapes came to be? The history of the alphabet is fascinating, and each of the 26 letters has its own unique story. Matt Baker (of UsefulCharts) has designed a handy poster that documents the evolution of our familiar alphabet from its ancient Egyptian Proto-Sinaitic roots (c. 1750 BCE) up to present day Latin script.

The limited edition Evolution of the Alphabet chart shows how early shapes and symbols eventually morphed to become the ABCs we know today. While some letters are recognizable quite early on, others have little resemblance at all. The letter “A” for example, began as an Egyptian hieroglyphic that looks like an animal head with horns. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos. Gerd Arntz Web Archive. Iconografici. Undefined - Shortology. Archetypes & Symbols. Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches.

Archetypes & Symbols

Some are readily understood while others bring subliminal messages that are there to help you trigger your memory of why you are here and the truth behind the illusion of reality. Archetypes can often convey messages that verbal and written information cannot. Archetypes are found everywhere, as their symbols are a language of the mind, taken to different frequencies of thought and connected to each other by the collective unconsciousness.

There are individual and universal archetypes. Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism has contributed more than 16,000 images documenting symbols, myths, and rituals to the Artstor Digital Library.

Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) explores the universality of certain iconographies and themes, illustrating commonalities in the ways human beings across the world have thought about and represented different phenomena through time. Each image includes commentary that points to its unique cultural history and contextualizes it within larger archetypal patterns and historical developments. The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. Symbols By Subjects (categories) Universal symbolism — Square The Circle. We can begin to rediscover this connection to nature and our place in it by exploring ancient sacred symbolism.

Universal symbolism — Square The Circle

The mythologized processes of nature – summer, winter, the moon’s phases, for example, are symbolic expressions of the inner, unconscious drama of the psyche. Symbols project this on to nature and unite us with our true self. There are a number of ways in which we can seek archetypal imagery and our instinctual nature. Primitive tribal folklore brings the archetypes into consciousness through formulae and tradition.

Numbers. La symbolique des chiffres de 0 à 9. Quadrati magici: matematica e pensiero occulto. Language and sign. Alternative Religious Symbols. Symbols are a quick way to communicate often complex ideas.

Alternative Religious Symbols

Religions, particularly esoteric ones, commonly employ a great amount of symbolism to represent their beliefs. Symbols in books of alchemy. Sources: Wd1426, Wd1421A, Wv149, Ws2541A Wd1426, a book of alchemical recipes, has caused us to add some additional symbols to our inventory of character entities: signs for substances antimony and sal armoniac; the elements fire and water; and the syllabics "subli-" and "precipi-" (found in sublimate, precipitate, etc.).

Symbols in books of alchemy

We've also gone ahead and added the elemental symbol for earth, on the assumption that it will eventually appear in our books as well. The new symbols will soon (March 2002) appear in the latest online version of the primary keying instructions as reproduced below. Due passi nel mistero. The Book of Symbols: Carl Jung’s Catalog of the Unconscious. By Kirstin Butler Why Sarah Palin identifies with the grizzly bear, or what the unconscious knows but doesn’t reveal.

The Book of Symbols: Carl Jung’s Catalog of the Unconscious

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know. Spiritual symbols are everywhere in our world!

10 Spiritual Symbols You MUST Know

In fact they’re so pervasive, it’s almost hard to distinguish- and know- about them all. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. SEE ALSO: Understanding Buddhism: 10 Reasons It’s NOT A Religion Hamsa Hamsa is the Hebrew word meaning “five”, and is represented with a palm-shaped amulet and an eye in the middle of the palm. Swastika – How symbols change their meaning.. (part 1) The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history. The swastika is a symbol used by of one of the most hated men on Earth, a symbol that represents the slaughter of millions of people and one of the most destructive wars on Earth.

The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history

But Adolf Hitler was not the first to use this symbol. In fact, it was used as a powerful symbol thousands of years before him, across many cultures and continents. For the Hindus and Buddhists in India and other Asian countries, the swastika was an important symbol for many thousands of years and, to this day, the symbol can still be seen in abundance - on temples, buses, taxis, and on the cover of books. It was also used in Ancient Greece and can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago.

The ancient Druids and the Celts also used the symbol, reflected in many artefacts that have been discovered. Svastika et croix gammée. Origine de la croix gammée. Black Sun (symbol) Neo-Nazi and occult symbol The "Black Sun" symbol as seen in Wewelsburg Castle's North Tower.

Black Sun (symbol)

The floor of the former SS Generals' Hall (German: Obergruppenführersaal) on the first floor of the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle showing the dark green mosaic at the center of the hall In 1933, Heinrich Himmler acquired Wewelsburg, a castle near Paderborn, Germany. Himmler intended to make the structure into a center for the SS, and between 1936 and 1942, Himmler ordered the building expanded and rebuilt for ceremonial purposes. As a product of Himmler's remodeling, twelve dark-green radially overlaid sig runes, such as those employed in the logo of the SS, appear on the white marble floor of the structure's north tower, the Obergruppenführersaal or "General's Hall". Le carré magique SATOR. La licorne - Ép. 1/16 - Objets inattendus de la philosophie.

The 10 Principles of Burning Man. Au coeur du symbolisme. Alphabets, sacrés, rares, ésotériques, sorciers, occultes, étranges et insolites. - ALEXANDRIA BIBLIOTHEQUE EN LIGNE DU KOLOB ORDER. What Is an Ideogram? Definition and Examples. An ideogram is a graphic picture or symbol (such as @ or %) that represents a thing or an idea without expressing the sounds that form its name. Also called ideograph. The use of ideograms is called ideography. Some ideograms says Enn Otts, "are comprehensible only by prior knowledge of their convention; others convey their meaning through pictorial resemblance to a physical object, and therefore may also be described as pictograms, or pictographs" (Decoding Theoryspeak, 2011). EtymologyFrom the Greek, "idea" + "written" "“[T]he picture [of a finger pointing] is an ideogram; it does not represent a sequence of sounds, but rather a concept that can be expressed in English in various ways: 'go that way' or 'in this direction' or 'over there' or, combined with words or other ideograms, such notions as 'the stairs are to the right' or 'pick up your luggage at that place.'

PALEOLITHIC ART MAGAZINE. Iconography/Etymology. Symbols meanings and history. Symbols. Symbols and Signs. Symbolica. Symbolic.Ally. Symbolic Representation. Mythology/Ancient Religions/Symbology. SYMBOLISMES. Palaces, Castles & Places. Iconographie religieuse. Simboli - Caverna Cosmica. Symbols. A Visual Glossary of Symbols. Symbolism. Symbolisme. Symbolism. Symbolism. Iconographie religieuse. Histoires d'eau: les symboliques de l'eau dans les différentes cultures et religions. Le culte du vent chez les Indo-Européens. Il y a quelques ressemblances entre les dieux du vent et ceux du feu.

Tous deux sont changeants, insaisissables, tous deux sont inspirateurs et bons artisans. De même qu’on lisait l’avenir dans le foyer, on le devinait dans la chanson des vents. De même que les flammes de l’âtre sont des âmes, le vent emporte les âmes à travers l’espace. Un méchant vent les amène, une aimable brise les éloigne. Il est l’ami du feu qu’il attire et dans lequel les âmes également se réfugient. D’autre part, le vent est le compagnon de l’orage et des eaux. Tels sont les caractères que l’on rencontre chez les dieux du vent et chez les divinités, soit issues des génies du vent, soit contaminées avec eux.

Dans l’Inde, il est Vâyu ou Vâta (mots tirés de la même racine que le néerl. waaien, «venter»), l’inséparable compagnon d’Indra et de Parjanya. Rudra et les Maruts A côté de lui il y a les Maruts et il y a Rudra. Rudra réunit en lui la plupart des traits des Maruts. Les Muses, déesses du vent. Animal Totems and Animal Symbolism. Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. Il simbolismo animale nella Tradizione occidentale – Manuele Testai - EreticaMente. Onirym - Ambre - Symbolique du Labyrinthe. Ancient Symbols, meanings of symbols from Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, etc. Adinkra Symbols of West Africa. The Adinkra Symbols and Icons Project. Fleur de vie. Meaning of the Ankh, an Ancient Egyptian Symbol.

The ankh is the most well-known symbol to come out of ancient Egypt. In their hieroglyphic system of writing the ankh represents the concept of eternal life, and that is the general meaning of the symbol. Construction of the Image The ankh is an oval or point-down teardrop set atop a T shape. The origin of this image is highly debated. Some have suggested that it represents a sandal strap, although the reasoning behind such a use is not obvious. Triple Spirale et Triskel. La triple spirale est un symbole celtique et pré-celtique (on en trouve des exemples dans d’autres cultures, mais sa fréquence chez les Celtes et leurs prédécesseurs fait qu’on l’associe immanquablement à cette culture), que l’on trouve sur un certain nombre de sites mégalithiques et néolithiques irlandais, notamment sur la pierre d’entrée et à l’intérieur de la tombe à couloir de Newgrange.

Considérée par beaucoup comme un symbole des anciennes croyances celtiques et pré-celtiques, le motif apparaît sous diverses formes, gravé sur la pierre de certains monuments et il est probablement à l’origine du triskel que l’on trouvera plus tard dans les manuscrits chrétiens de l’art celte insulaire. On ignore ce que le symbole signifiait pour les païens qui bâtirent Newgrange et les autres monuments. La croix tournante. Dimanche j'ai lu article Escapade avec un peu de retard .

Croce (tipologie) - Cathopedia, l'enciclopedia cattolica. La sigla malatestiana. Il pasto del serpente. Turul. Síla na Géige - Sheela na Gig and Sacred Space. UNIVERSITÉ DU SYMBOLE : Dédale e Icare. The Hobo Hieroglyphs: Their Secret Symbols, Explained. Hoboglyphs: Secret Transient Symbols & Modern Nomad Codes. Eisenstein, Synaesthesia, Symbolism and the Occult Traditions – Offscreen. Simboli esoterici: origini, storia e significati tra religione e occultismo.

The Pentagram of Venus. Pentacle. Pentacle Symbol. Locus amoenus terribilis. Gordian Knot. Symbolique des nombres. Numbers and their Meanings. La symbolique des chiffres de 0 à 9. Mysterious number 6174. The Fine Art of Italian Hand Gestures: A Vintage Visual Dictionary by Bruno Munari. Symbolic Meanings Blog by Avia Venefica » Blog Archive » By Any Other Name, It’s Still Symbolic. Meaning of the Rose. Character archetypes. Alt Codes List of Alt Key Codes Symbols. Progressive Punctuation. Simbolo. Il simbolo dell'infinito. 6 Famous Symbols That Don't Mean What You Think.