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Nature Soundmap. 50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make. Click any bird to hear the sounds they make!

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

Click a second time to pause the sound. Use our quick, clickable guide for identifying backyard birds by the sounds they make! Chose any of these popular species to hear its typical bird sounds, from vocalizations of parrots to the chirping of songbirds. Compass - how to use one. Ancient Earth globe. How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? By NADJA POPOVICH, BLACKI MIGLIOZZI, RUMSEY TAYLOR, JOSH WILLIAMS and DEREK WATKINS Climate modelling by Climate Impact Lab Additional design and development by Troy Griggs. Galileo Webcast - tudományos tartalomsugárzás az interneten - A Perseidák és más nyári meteorrajok idei jelentkezése rádiós észlelési technológiával.

The Maya maths revolution. The laws of Maya maths are simple: a bean is worth one unit, five beans make a bar, zero is a pasta shell.

The Maya maths revolution

Maya numbers are set out vertically, read from top to bottom. The bottom row of the grid records the units from zero to nine, the next one up tens, the one above that hundreds, and so on. When a bean is in the bottom row of the grid, it represents a single unit. Move it up a level and it becomes 10, up again and it is worth 100. In the same way, a bar in the bottom row is worth five, move it up and it becomes 50, up again and it is 500. Elképesztően meleg van, de mondunk valami újat - Tisztajövő. Mezőgazdaság és vidékfejlesztés. The Scale of the Universe 2. CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game.

Visualizing World Birth and Death Rates. NASA in PMC. Régészeti adatbázis. Mekorama – Applications Android sur Google Play. Let's explore the world! Math Around Us. 2 perc az emberiség történetéről, képekből összevágva – Már 20 millió nézettségnél jár! Gravitációs hullám. 11 Elképesztő matek trükk, amit nem tanítanak az iskolában! Sighting Opportunity. International Space Station. Corkboard Connections: Hands-on Water Cycle Fun! Now that I'm retired, I often miss working with children; children are my inspiration and the classroom is my laboratory!

Corkboard Connections: Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

Recently I accepted a position at a local school to work with kids during their year round intersession program, and I had the pleasure of teaching science to 5th graders for 3 days. I had a wonderful time teaching them about the water cycle and weather, especially since I was able to incorporate a hands-on activity and an exciting demonstration into our lessons.

One activity was adapted from a terrific idea shared with me by Pat Calfee, a former elementary teacher who is now an educational consultant. Free cross-platform molecule editor. Nature Soundmap. Természettudományos tananyagok. MATEK EGYSZERŰEN. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system. Mercury Venus Earth. Scientix Works. SHORTCUTS ⇒ e-BookEMINENTOnline debatesPamphletsPostersPress cornerpublicationsvideos 12 November 2015: Can teachers educate and inspire tomorrow’s innovators to foster skills for an innovative society?

Scientix Works

19 November 2015: The ideal science classroom/methodology for inspiring 11-14 year olds? 2 December 2015: Collaboration in STEM education. Mathterminds. The 5 Clue Challenge - #5ClueChallenge - Home. Elements - Experiments in Character Design. Interaktív játékos feladatok - Pedagógusoknak. Szorzótábla játék 2.03. Tananyagok, gyakorló feladatok. Természettudományos megfigyelések és kísérletek gyűjteménye. Zöld Matek - A környezetvédelem összefüggéseinek megismerése matek feladatok megoldásával. Ed and Periodic Videos. Matific. 25 Gifs That Teach You Math Concepts Better Than Your Teacher Did. Home - Teaching in the Early Years. 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School. By the time we graduate high school, we learn that they never taught us the most interesting things in there.

40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

Sure, you might be able to name the European countries or point New York on the map, but does that give a you real understanding of how the world functions? To fill this gap, we have gathered a great and informative selection of infographical maps that they should’ve shown us at school: every single one of these maps reveals different fun and interesting facts, which can actually help you draw some pretty interesting conclusions. Show Full Text What makes infographical maps so engaging is how easy it becomes to conceive graphically presented information. The best part, there are brilliant services like Target Map that “allow everyone (from individuals to large organizations) to represent their data on maps of any country in the world and to share their knowledge with the whole Internet Community.” The Shape of Life. The Shape of Life. This relatively obscure series (2002) is a real find. 7 hour long episodes tell the story of primarily invertebrates of the sea (sponges, anemones, flatworms, molluscs, arthropods, jellyfish, sea stars, etc...) over the course of time and how we relate and in some cases depend on these seemingly lowly creatures.

The Shape of Life

Amazing video footage and computer graphics clearly explain everything. World Atlas / World Map / Atlas of the World including Geography Facts and Flags - World Geography Games - Let's play and learn about the world. Big History Project. Join us!

Big History Project

The Big History Project is not a for-profit program. Your engagement will exclusively benefit teachers and students around the world. Teaching the course It's easy to teach Big History — all you have to do is register, set up a class, and go! Start a pilot Schools that want to work with us have the option of joining a small group committed to delivering Big History. Create a movement Districts and networks that want to explore how to bring Big History to life should reach out to discuss partnering with us. Interaktív irodalomkönyv. SDFB3Filter.png (2500×2500) Population Pyramids of the Whole World from 1950 to 2100 —

Pazar videó Európa történelméről. European History Interactive Map. Új szimek - PhET szimulációk. PhET: Ingyenes onlájn szimulációk matematikából, fizikából, kémiából, biológiából és a földtudományok területéről. Realika. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Kezdőlap - Fizipedia.