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Home - Center for Quantum Activism
Quantum Activism is the idea of changing ourselves and our societies in accordance with the principles of quantum physics. The Center for Quantum Activism seeks to educate, support and facilitate the transformation from the current materialist worldview to one based on the primacy of consciousness. Greetings from Amit Dear friends, Last year was a good one for me personally and, what is even more satisfying, for the quantum activism movement as a whole. The year began with a conference on consciousness in Puebla, Mexico where the high point for me was to meet the illustrious Ervin Lazlo, who has been talking about the quantum field of consciousness for two decades.

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Aura Imaging - Important Information for WinAura 3D Users The following is some important information for WinAura 3D users. It has been last updated on August 2013. HDMI Requirement for 3D Display To display WinAura 3D on a 3D-capable video monitor, we strongly recommend connecting the computer's HDMI port to the monitor's HDMI port. Not all computers have a HDMI port. The holographic universe: Where science and spirituality meet 2011 World Science Festival panel discussion on the holographic principle. What we touch. What we smell. - Marko Rodin - Rodin Coil -- Introduction -- Hopefully this will enable people to understand "why" there is only "one" truth and how we can all move forward in learning more about the "nature" of what that one truth is and why no single person or group of people can be the "owner" of the one truth and that literally everyone has a piece of the "enlightening" puzzle which is like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. -- Substance -- I just figured out a great example of how two seemingly very different points of view can be demonstrated to have not only similarity but symmetricality to the point that they are saying or expressing almost, if not totally, the same exact thing! Materials’ light tricks may soon extend to doing math Tiny structures that use light waves to perform ultrafast complex mathematical operations could be built from available materials, a new computer simulation suggests. The study could soon lead to new metamaterials, human-made materials that manipulate light in surprising ways. In previous experiments, scientists have used metamaterials to create invisibility cloaks that bend light waves around objects (SN 8/27/11, p. 16).

The Science of Energy and Thought. Subconscious Mind Power A scientific approach explaining the power of thought. We have all heard before, 'Your thoughts create your reality'. Well, new quantum physics studies support this idea. Learn about recent research about how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter. If you enjoy the video, please pass it on to friends and family.

Yantra Enthroned Jain yantra besides Adinath image Shapes and patterns commonly employed in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns but may also include more complex and detailed symbols, for instance: Geometric element meanings: Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram Artist's impression by Markus Gann/Shutterstock At a black hole, Albert Einstein's theory of gravity apparently clashes with quantum physics, but that conflict could be solved if the Universe were a holographic projection. A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe could be just one big projection. IES AuraCloud 3D™ AuraCloud 3D Pro The AuraCloud 3D Pro Package offers all the exclusive features of our Basic package, but with added adaptations for specialized healers and retailers needing more in-depth options. Use the new AnimalAura Plates to read four-legged clientele: place paws on the plates for fast readings. Or slip on the ReikiTips to further enhance one-on-one therapeutic treatments.