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Red Sea blueprints. Le Japon cherche à annexer un pays africain en échange au développement. Le Japon, confronté à une pénurie de terres en raison de l’érosion constante et des catastrophes naturelles, cherche une solution durable en migrant sa population vers un autre territoire d’outre-mer.

Le Japon cherche à annexer un pays africain en échange au développement

Le Japon est actuellement à la recherche d’un pays africain qu’il pourra annexer et faire de son territoire d’outre-mer en échange du développement et de la nationalité japonaise. Cette information nous a été révélée par un haut responsable du gouvernement japonais travaillant pour le ministère des affaires étrangères du pays. Selon ce haut responsable du gouvernement, des discussions sont secrètement en cours entre le Japon et les 6 pays africains les plus pauvres. Sur le sujet de la discussion, une possible rétrocession de leur souveraineté au Japon en échange d’un développement rapide et de la nationalité japonaise a tout ses citoyenne. Il convient de noter que le Japon dispose désormais du passeport le plus puissant au monde. 6 Red Sea countries launch joint military drill. Why the UAE is leading the charge into Africa - Politics & Economics,Politics & Economics,Africa.

With its abounding natural resources, vast expanses of arable land, and evolving infrastructure, the African continent arguably presents a wealth of opportunity to global investors.

Why the UAE is leading the charge into Africa - Politics & Economics,Politics & Economics,Africa

Yet, despite gaping windows of opportunity, the continent has long been viewed as a Wild West by investors due to shaky governance and residual corruption. That all seems to be changing. Last year, although the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects into Africa dropped by 16 percent to 602 in 2016, the total value of capital investment increased by 40 percent to $92.3bn, according to the 2017 Africa Investment Report by the UK Financial Times’ fDi Intelligence, published in August. What is Qatar doing in West Africa? Sub-Saharan Africa has long been the exclusive domain of French diplomacy.

What is Qatar doing in West Africa?

And the relationship between the former colonial power and the countries considered part of the pejoratively termed "Francafrique" has indeed stood the test of time. Benefiting from the powerful support of African leaders, Paris would capture the lion's share of the new markets that opened up when the nations of Francafrique started to rebuild. Since the rule of the former Qatari Emir, Sheikh Hamad, the emirate has been making significant efforts to develop its presence in Africa.

Netanyahu: Israel seeks to join African Union. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed the desire for Israel to become a member of the African Union, in a renewed bid to increase cooperation with the continent, according to Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation.

Netanyahu: Israel seeks to join African Union

On a trip to several African nations, Netanyahu has repeatedly emphasised the importance of increased ties between Israel and African governments. During a speech in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, with 11 other heads of state present, Netanyahu pledged to deepen trade, security and agricultural relations with neighbouring countries. Search. Saudi Arabia wants CPEC’s extension to Red Sea, Africa. UAE wants closer trade ties with Asia, Africa. L’Arab-Africa Trade Bridges sera lancé du Maroc. Coopération algéro-saoudienne : Un partenariat décisif et stratégique. La 12e commission mixte prévue les 14 et 15 février à Alger.

Coopération algéro-saoudienne : Un partenariat décisif et stratégique

Un partenariat économique de qualité entre l'Algérie et le Royaume d'Arabie saoudite, en concrétisation de la forte volonté politique et au regard de la position stratégique des deux pays dans la région. An Arab Alliance Stretches Across the Red Sea. An Arab Alliance Stretches Across the Red Sea.

An Arab Alliance Stretches Across the Red Sea

Why Saudi Arabia and Egypt are competing for influence in Africa. Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud attends the Gulf Cooperation Council's 37th summit in Manama, Bahrain, Dec. 6, 2016.

Why Saudi Arabia and Egypt are competing for influence in Africa

(photo by REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed) Author: Ayah Aman Posted January 11, 2017 CAIRO — Some Middle Eastern countries are showing a great deal of interest in Africa these days, and although Africa seems to welcome the attention, it can do without the drama. Summary⎙ Print Some observers fear Saudi and Egyptian differences could spread Middle Eastern conflicts to Africa. Author Ayah Aman Posted January 11, 2017. 10 milliards de dollars d’investissements émiratis en Algérie. Senior Arab, African officials meet ahead of Malabo summit - Politics - 19/11/2016. Japan Trails China In Trade With Africa. Either Way, Africa Wins.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Nairobi, Aug. 28, 2016.

Japan Trails China In Trade With Africa. Either Way, Africa Wins

Saudi Arabia to Double Investment in Sudan. Le Japon étend sa base militaire à Djibouti pour contrer l'influence chinoise : La Revue de l’Afrique. African Raw Materials and India’s Quest for Great Power Status. Africa’s raw materials and markets will be indispensable for the realization of her geopolitical ambitions.

African Raw Materials and India’s Quest for Great Power Status

By Khaled Almanzlawiy for The Diplomat October 17, 2016 According to some estimates, by 2030 middle class consumption — a major driving force in the global economy — will grow dramatically in China, India, and other Asian countries. African resources will undoubtedly fuel part of that consumption. The Indian government’s drive to raise the country’s growth rates for the well-being of the people and for the fulfillment of the country’s geopolitical ambitions (i.e. to turn India into a world power) therefore hinges to some extent on greater access to African raw materials and markets. Dubai Government Media Office. Turning its focus on East Africa, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened its 4th African office in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Tuesday as part of its strategy to strengthen economic ties with the continent and to promote Dubai and its business competitiveness in the African market.

Dubai Government Media Office

The new office in Kenya, being the fourth in Africa after Ethiopia, Ghana, and Mozambique which was opened earlier in the year, is the sixth Dubai Chamber international office after Azerbaijan and Erbil in Iraq which demonstrate the Chamber’s commitment to reach out to the promising markets of the world, especially Africa, while attracting FDIs to Dubai. H.E. Gulf investments in Africa beginning to spread far and wide. Traditionally, investments from the Arabian Gulf into Africa have focused on North Africa, owing partly to closer cultural ties and the Gulf’s focus on western markets.

This scenario is slowly changing and so too are the pan-African investment strategies of Gulf investors. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, FDI inflows from the Gulf to sub-Saharan Africa topped US$9.3 billion between 2005 and 2015, with Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria attracting the largest number of Gulf investors. Investors are becoming increasingly cognisantthat market volatility, partly owing to limited liquidity, requires a longer-term investment approach. Private co-equity investments, the acquisition of private equity-owned assets as well as direct buyouts and the acquisition of minority stakes in companies, are the most significant modes of market entry in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why China and Saudi Arabia Are Building Bases in Djibouti. China and Saudi Arabia are building military bases next door to US AFRICOM in Djibouti—and bringing the consequences of American withdrawal from the region into stark relief. Djibouti, a resource-poor nation of 14,300 square miles and 875,000 people in the Horn of Africa, rarely makes international headlines. But between its relative stability and strategic location—20 miles across from war-consumed Yemen and in destroyer range of the pirate-infested western edge of the Indian Ocean—it is now one of the more important security beachheads in the world. Its location also matters greatly to global commerce and energy, due to its vicinity to the Mandeb Strait and the Suez-Aden canal, which sees ten percent of the world’s oil exports and 20 percent of its commercial exports annually.[1] Since November 2002, the country has been home to Camp Lemonnier, a U.S.

Both new players have made substantial economic and soft power investments in the country to boot. Israël veut développer l’imprimante 3D au Cameroun. Business News of Thursday, 22 September 2016. Aisha Abdullahi: Azerbaijan is important partner for African Union - AZERTAC - Azerbaijan State News Agency. Baku, September 29, AZERTAC “Azerbaijan is an important and necessary partner for the African Union. Kenya, Jordan Aim for Stronger Military Ties. Photo: Uhuru Kenyatta/Facebook King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Uhuru Kenyatta discuss a joint military training exercise between the Kenya Defence Forces and the Royal Jordanian Armed Forces. press release. Iran, S Africa to establish joint technological center. He pointed to Iran and Kazakhstan joint technological center established in Almaty, Kazakhstan, last October, aiming to provide the two countries a chance to exchange latest achievements in technological areas, and said “accordingly, we decided to inaugurate our technological transactions with South Africa as well.”

“The two countries have held talks and signed a MoU,” he said expressing hope they could manage to nurture technological interactions in the near future. He noted that Iran is willing to be among the 30 developed countries in the near future. “We believe that cooperation and friendship with the Islamic Republic of Iran could be one of the most important plans to achieve the goal.” The cooperation can provide huge opportunities for the exchange of science and technology and promote various projects between the two countries, he underlined. Netanyahu offers Israeli technology to African nations - Technology & Health - News - Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday held a special event on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly focusing on Israeli innovation in Africa and developing countries.

The event, which was hosted by the Prime Minister and was an initiative of Ambassador Danon, presented the latest developments from the Start-Up Nation to heads of state and ambassadors from around the world. The Israeli companies presented their innovations before more than 15 presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers from Africa and developing countries. Dozens of ambassadors, senior UN officials and representatives from the private sector also took part in the event. Speaking at the event, Netanyahu said, “I believe that Israel can be an amazing partner for your countries.

India’s investment in Africa: Feeding up an ambitious elephant. Economic relations between India and the African continent have increased tremendously since the turn of the century. This article provides a snapshot of Indian investment in Africa. One of the key features of India's foreign policy in the post-cold war era is New Delhi's ambition to emerge as an important global player. This role, India intends to achieve it primarily by building a strong economy. As the prominent essayist and adviser to former Prime Minister Singh, Sanjaya Baru, put it in his ground-breaking book Strategic Consequences of India's Economic Performance, “in recent years, nothing has defined India's place in the world more importantly than the new profile India's economy has acquired.”[1] According to Baru, “the time has come when trade has to raise the flag rather than just follow it.”

Mauritius: A key player. Africa's future growth: Role of Asia. Weaker global outlook and the impact of Brexit have created uncertainty around growth prospects. The impact weighs heavy on world economic outlook with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting advanced economies will grow by only 0.2 per cent from 1.9 per cent to 2.1 per cent and hold steady in 2017. Against this backdrop of lethargic economic performance, some developing economies still show strong growth potential. Développer ses échanges économiques avec le monde arabe et l’Afrique.

Africa and Asia forge stronger alliances - Malaysia Sun. Africa Renewal Tuesday 30th August, 2016 The factory is a "proud symbol of South-South cooperation," Indian Foreign Minister Digvijay Singh said at the inauguration ceremony. Kenya : Kenya, Iran eye increase in import-export trade ties - The Standard. Jt Ministerial Commission of Pakistan and Kenya will be held in Islamabad.

Indian PM kicks off 4-nation African visit. COOPERAÇÃO MOÇAMBIQUE – INDONÉSIA: EXECUTIVO DE JACARTA PRETENDE INVESTIR NO SECTOR DO GÁS. Afrique-Asie : Singapour renforce les liens économiques avec l’Afrique. La carte des relations diplomatiques entre Israël et les pays africains. Africa to host Ticad - The Namibian. Carmakers in India to seek rupee trade payments with Africa.

Naija247news - Iran to invest in Nigerian energy, pharmaceuticals, others. Africa Singapore Business Forum Returns. S. Korea, Africa likely to expand military ties following President Park's visit. Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to open permanent office in Egypt. Saudi Arabia’s long game in Egypt. Korea-Africa: Emerging Opportunities. Nocookies. AfDB President leads Bank mission to Japan, Korea and China. India, Africa to ensure value addition in bilateral relations as trade hits $72b in 2015. Dev’t Projects: Cameroon-Saudi Arabia to sign MOU. Untitled. Japan to provide Egypt with ¥2 trillion business project, take in 2,500 students. BeyondCommodities. Africa: Bahrain Introduces eVisas for Eleven African Countries. Africa-Arab Partnership holds event, meetings to formulate Action Plan 2017-2019. Nigeria: Al Ghurair, UAE's Business Mogul, to Invest in Nigeria's Infrastructure, Mining, Others. Saudi Arabia pledges to support Egyptian petroleum needs for 5 years.

Hinduja bets big on Africa; to invest $1 bn in automotive, oil, chemicals, trading & infrastructure sectors. 1-billion-strong African market a new magnet for Vietnamese exports: pundits. Saudi Arabia And The GCC Are Expanding To Eritrea. Geopolitical Implications For Ethiopia  Bulk of Gulf foreign direct investment goes to North Africa. UAE- Time is ripe to invest in Africa. United Arab Emirates joining the jostle for Africa. Project finance: Asia still smitten by Africa, Barclays says- Nikkei Asian Review. How An Australian Exporter Sells 'Simple And Robust' Farm Machinery In Africa.

India-Africa co-operation in science, technology goes a gear up. Africa: Why New Order Beckons in Africa, Middle East Trade and Investment Ties - Africa: India's Compact With Africa - Africa Welcomes Japan's Quality Infrastructure Model - India urges Nigeria to develop non-oil products. Israeli gov’t to increase investment in Ghana. Dubai firm invests in plan to build African schools - Education. India, Egypt agree to step up bilateral cooperation. UAE workers and companies build bridges to Africa. Singapore's Hyflux signs MOU with Egypt's Suez Canal Authority.

Indonesia Looks to Expand African Footprint. Hong Kong's startup accelerator Nest expands to Africa. Le japonais Mitsui va s'implanter en Côte d'Ivoire - Indian Firms Building A Sprawling Land Empire In Ethiopia. The Arab world and the future of Africa - Al Arabiya News. Samsung leads the African investment charge. 2ABP: Arab African Business Portal - Portail d'Affaires Arabo-Africain. The United Arab Emirates, Africa And Angola In New Silk Road. North Korea Violating UN Sanctions By Providing Military Support To Angola: Report. Signature d'un accord pour la suppression du visa entre la Tunisie et l'Inde. Stallion Group Forges Ahead With Africa Expansion. India in Africa: Spreading the fragrance of goodwill (IANS Special) Morocco – a new land of opportunity for Vietnam.

If Yemeni refugees flood Djibouti, chaos looms - Comment. Comesa-gulf ties to flourish. Japan the biggest Asian investor in Nigeria. Japan Has Invested More Africa Project Financing Than China.